Here is the whole quote, from an answer posted by Liam about New year's Resolutions:

The key then, would be to get people to think smaller - and consider every second a 'new fresh moment - I have a whole second ahead of me!' But that is harder to do because people think "what can I do with a whole second?"

I thought of a few things that can happen in a second:

A baby can be born...

Your last kiss ends

A guy hits you going 60 mph, and changes your life forever

The sun goes from just above the horizon to just below it

You say "Yes!" to a marriage proposal

And so on...

What can YOU do with a second? Let's show Liam that a lot can happen in a second....

Chuckling, Jai

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This is pretty interesting but is very true any start starts with now, that could be when ever the decision to start is but in that moment in time is now, (when I say now I am referring to a gap of time between the infinite past and the infinite future less than a second or even quadrillioneth of a second). With this in mind all existence is being created now this second.

One second could be the difference between life and death, you swerve and just miss being in an accident imagine if there was a second less to swerve out of the way?

You are running to catch the bus you get almost to the point of the drivers view as you wave your hands "wait for me!!!" The bus pulls away and the driver doesn't see you, maybe if there was just one second more he had stayed he would have seen you.

You are in a gold mine digging for gold and decide to give up, and right behind your last strike of the pick ax is the biggest gold vain you ever saw that you will never see since you didn't stick around just one more second.

You are in a bad accident and hurt badly because you didn't feel you had time to take an extra second to put your seat belt on.

One Second could be extremely important, and could change your whole life.


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Wade Casaldi

You can change your mind.

That could mean making a decision about something, or it could mean changing your state; i.e. choosing to feel better. Or you could simply discover something about yourself.

I think the most profound thing you can do in a second is have an insight, a profound eureka moment. A moment that changes your perspective about life. Because, from that moment on, you will feel, act and think differently. That moment of insight can have a dramatic effect on the rest of your life, because it is amplified by your remaining moments.

That said, most of my "eureka" moments are more like "aha" moments. ;)


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EUREKA!!!! (Guess what? I meditate every day now!) LOL + Love, Jai

(07 Jan '10, 20:45) Jaianniah
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