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i read in a book named "practical hypnotism "by Dr.Narayan Dutt Shimali".., that by using few techniques you can easily conquer time and can go ahead of time., where time loses its dimension. has anyone tried this, where they have found that they are ahead of time ?? i would love to here such experiences and the suitable techniques also that they have used to conquer time.

hope to hear the answers asap..

love,light and blessings ur wayy..


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I used to do a thing I called "Time Looping" when I was in Mississippi. I'll explain.

I-10 runs along the Gulf Coast just north of many of the mouths and rivers that spill into The Gulf itself. They were smart there- they put in the Interstate before the growth came.

Now, I am terrified of bridges. And as you head east towards Pascagoula, I-10 is all bridge, and there is a four-mile causeway just before you get to Pascagoula, over the Pascagoula Delta. You could see the shipyards where Ingalls builds big ships for the US government off in the distance to the south, about six or seven miles away.

To deal with my fear of the causeway, i would play a little game with myself. I would mentally "wave" at myself ahead ib time, already on the bridge into Moss Point, which arched into the sky as you came down the causeway. I would say, "Hi, Jai, glad you made it safely over the causeway and onto the next bridge!" When I got onto the bridge into Moss Point, I would wave back at myself on the causeway, and say, "Thanks for the good wishes, Jai!"

I would also do the same thing in reverse as I headed home, waving to myself ahead in time from the Moss Point Bridge. Once, I forgot to wave. I was rear-ended by a guy going about 80 over the bridge...I was nearly cut in half by my seat belt, and thus started my back problems. I found that fact interesting, indeed. If I had remembered to say hi to myself, would I have been hit? Hmmm. You can ponder that one a while.

Anyway, this habit has helped me many times when I have been anxious about the future. I just mentally picture myself already there, waving back at myself, saying, "I made it just fine!"

Good question!




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love this story @Jai, especially the "bridge"(structure providing passage over a gap or barrier), arched into the sky(rainbow bridge), "causeway"(cause=the producer of an effect and to speak in french), arch(horse shoe magnet shape, universal symbol of magnetism and the arched doorways of churches and cathedrales) and "time looping"(boomerang effect) ... seems to me like a great way to describe how the law of attraction works :)

(05 May '13, 03:08) ru bis

it's interesting to note that you're terrified of bridges ... are you afraid of channeling (the art or practice of serving as a medium)?

(05 May '13, 03:10) ru bis

i loved it tpp @jai, n the method is realy great to keep ur in feelong good place. thank u so much fr sharing :)))

(12 May '13, 05:11) supergirl
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Whenever we go into a meditative state, when we day dream, experience lucid dreaming, or simply have a premonition, a hunch, a feeling that we know something is going to happen, then we enter into communication with that place where time and space are abolished and thus can "travel" so to speak, in the mind to far away places, both far in space and far in time.

Simply speaking, it's easy to imagine yourself at a place that you know well. Wherever you are you can easily imagine yourself sitting in your favorite chair or laying comfortably in your bed. Again it's easy to remember something you've done in the past, you can easily remember what it was like last weekend when you enjoyed the company of friends for example. In other words you're placing your thoughts in a past time frame. With a bit of practice it's possible to project your thoughts into to a future time frame to discover what is most likely going to take place. Personally when doing this i use a pendulum, it's makes things easier and certainly gives more accurate results. If i want to know the result of a particular event i center my attention on that event and ask myself precise questions and the pendulum indicates yes or no. The pendulum is often used with a radionic graph to deal with much more complex situations.

The Servranx graph no.25 "Prévisions radiesthésiques" (forecast by dowsing) is designed to be used in conjunction with a pendulum to give an astrological horoscope forecast for a day, a week, a month, a year and can be applied to a person, group, region,state etc.

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ru bis

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@ru bis- thank u fr the wonderful answer...God bless...:))

(04 May '13, 08:40) supergirl

@ru bis- i wanna learn much more from u.., specialy abt the graphs, m vry much interested in it. if u dnt mind ,can i get ur email id or fb id ?

(12 May '13, 05:03) supergirl

yess.., :)) thanks a ton :))

(12 May '13, 07:51) supergirl
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