Are our minds a product of electrical-chemical-biological reactions, or there is another kind of energy/interaction that is not described by mainstream physics/biology?

And the other animal minds, do they differ from ours in this aspect?

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question one i feel like we only touch the tip of the iceberg on this subject and i think their is an other source of energy ,that made it all possible ,love.the fuel for the brain,to activate the full potential we have in our brain


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So true we have only begining to touch the tip of the iceberg of the human potential of the subconscious mind. It is so in touch with God super subconscious which is link to each of us.

(30 Oct '09, 06:58) flowingwater

We are source energy, each of us a part of the Universal consciousness. Consciousness is not physical though our consciousness drives our lives and creates our thoughts, in tandem with our subconscious, and our thoughts in our mind (which predominantly resides in the brain), create the electrical and chemical reactions in our body. Mind and consciousness reside within us and create the electrical-chemical-biological reactions with our thoughts. In other words, our mind is not a product of our body but inhabits our body. Our mind can be affected by the electrical-chemical-biological reactions but is not a product of them per se. We can choose to change our thoughts, which is a result of conscious choice and will-power, and thus change the effects.

The same applies to animals.


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Nice answer Rebecca.

(30 Oct '09, 06:55) flowingwater

Our minds are more than that. Our minds are the ones who create our world, the prove is that a century ago there were no those huge airplanes, or cellphones, or computers. Someone had to think about and imagine them to bring those stuff in existence. Our reality is constantly changing, there is no limitation for our mind, whatever you can conceive in your mind can be done, no matter what it is... it's just a matter of time. You may be interested in this article


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Animals act purely on their instinct and sensory perception which has been allowed to develop unhindered by outside influences


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While I agree with what you say about animals acting on instinct and sensory perception, they also reason and learn and adjust their behavior if they can see an advantage. In some respects animals have similar thought processes as we do, and they CAN change their minds and behavior. They don't create the way we do but they do evolve which IS a process caused by outside influences. Some creatures learnt to fly and became birds, others chose to swim or live on land and water, others developed disguises (for example chameleons and tigers). They expressed a form of preference to get to this point, because of changes in environment or for whatever reason. Evolution is about running faster, hiding better, feeding better, attracting a mate better, producing offspring better and so on and so yes, I believe that animals express preferences on many levels but with obvious differences.

Anyone with pets, and who has sat and watched them work things out, or trained them, will know this too! :>)


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That's the eternal question isn't it? Because ultimately it speaks to the matter of what happens when we die. Many people choose to believe that we are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body. I hope so. It would be nice to continue on after I finish here.

What is clear is that our experience on this earth, and the nature of that experience, is very closely tied to the way our physical bodies are constructed, especially our brain. What we experience through our sensory inputs, the things we remember, the decisions we make, and the way we think (which is tied mostly to language, it turns out) all have physical manifestations in the brain. If you take away a part of that brain, you also take away a skill, memory, or cognitive ability.

If a person loses their memory due to Alzheimers or some other degenerative disease, they literally lose part of their life. Think about how profoundly memory affects who we are. Without memory, there is no frame of reference on which to base your experiences. Without the ability to imprint new memories, there cannot be meaningful engagement with the world.

In a very real sense, we are the memories of our experiences, and those memories are intimately tied to the way in which we see, hear, taste, touch and smell. We can all agree that our physical bodies stay here when we die. So the question then becomes, what happens to our memories? We already know that these memories are encoded into our brain cells, and are derived from our sensory inputs. Can we take them with us? Nobody really knows for sure; it's the ultimate mystery.


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No, the human consciousness is not physical it is spiritual and connected to God our source consciousness. This is where our source of energy comes from and we absorb it and learn how to use this energy he sends us.

Our brain is physical but not our mind our conscious or subconscious mind.

Neurons are physical nerve cells that transport messages through an electrochemical process back and forth from the brain to other parts of the body, from other parts of the body to the brain and they carry messages to each other they are the oldest cells and longest cells in the body and their is only one place in the body that reproduce new neurons cells an that is in the brain in the hippopotamus.

Now we are made up of human DNA and spiritual DNA because we are both a spiritual being living in an human being body. So we have learned to co-exist in the same body together from birth.

Now sometimes we ignore the spiritual being part of us and just drill and work on the physical but if we listen and or open minded than we hear our spiritual being talking to us and let us know there is more than this physical body or this physical world. Than we start this journey trying to find out all about our spiritual being self who made us, where did we come from and why. And so The Journey begins. Sometimes the journey begins and before we even know why are we are on it.


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Hi Guys. What a surprise that Vesuvius posted the exact very idea I was contemplating on the throne (I'm trying not to be rude) this morning. I was mulling over this very question, and if the answer I would like to throw out there would have an energy resonance to the question.

So here's what makes sense to me. It's not exactly "the" answer but it's an adventure in the same direction of curiosity.

We are taught that there are 5 senses. Sight, taste, smell, sound and touch. But there is another one that is never acknowledged. It’s Consciousness.

Science says that all matter is molecules, which are different arrangements of electrons orbiting a proton & neutron, which under closer study become a particle or energy depending on the observation. In other words everything is made of the same thing, & that thing is energy (or particle).

I guess this energy can be called Creation energy, or the Universe, or All that is, or God. But let's call this energy a field of information.

When you look with your eyes you interpret this field of information into an experience of sight.

When you touch the same thing you looked at, you interpret the very same field of information into a different experience called touch.

Sight & touch is not the same thing. But the field of information is common to both. Now you can go through the other 3 physical senses with the same reasoning. Now comes the best part.

When you interpret the same field of information with your mind you have consciousness.

I believe that the mind is our non physical counterpart. (Actually this is the real you but that is a diff issue). We are straddling this physical & non-physical constantly & simultaneously with the mind & the five senses

You often hear that consciousness & reality is the same thing. I don't agree with that notion. To say Consciousness & reality is the same thing is like saying sight & touch is the same thing.

Sight & touch are different experiences of something else that is common to both. And that something is more that sight or touch.

The same way Consciousness & reality is not the same thing but they are different interpretations of something else that happens to be common to both.

And further more, that something else is greater than reality or consciousness individually. I mean, come on, It's All that is. It has to be greater that the farthest reach of our imagination.

Now, I don't know if this is "Correct" in the eyes of everybody else. It works for me at my present point of reference. Tomorrow I may change my mind about it.

But if I did would the universe change with it? I wonder.......


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OOPS I just realized I answered a question from a month ago

(30 Nov '09, 06:30) The Traveller

That's perfectly fine. There is deliberately no time limit on answering questions because new users are always joining with different perspectives on those questions. Feel free to answer any "old" questions including those with best answers already selected.

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