Thank-you for your interesting site and for this question/ query opportunity.

I have a question which has been at the back of my mind for a long time or since my mother died of a brain tumour in 1997 and the reality brought me face to face with a lot of questions. Ok I read that God is not within us as a body, but within our consciousness. Our consciousness is made possible by means of the human mind, however what happens to all of this when the human mind gets disease. In my mother’s situation her whole usual world disappeared – what happens in this stage we lose God because we lose the human mind and that level of consciousness where we find God?

I would greatly appreciate your response on this one please.

Thank-you very much

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Thank you for your interesting question.

I have to disagree when you say "our consciousness is made possible by means of the human mind." I say this because consciousness - including our own - can exist outside of our human mind, and thus is not reliant on it.

Though, let me point out what I consider 'mind' because I know many people exchange the word 'brain' for 'mind'. From what I have gathered in my current understanding, our mind is an interaction between what might be called our soul and our brain. It is the result of the interaction between the two.

Consider the brain like a transmitting station for the soul (along with the rest of the body). It receives and then sends out impulses received from them. Now, if the brain becomes diseased (and thus the mind) it means it is no longer "properly" receiving or sending out that information. [I put "properly" because what is 'proper' is arguable - and I don't believe many...if any...recieve completely clearly this information - thus I condemn us all as being mentally diseased! :o]

However, the body is still the body...and the soul is still the soul. Which is to say, consciousness goes on.

If some part of our consciousness is aligned with God - and if we are our consciousness (and if we are conscious we cannot argue we are otherwise)...then it does not stand to reason that we can lose God...anymore than we can lose ourselves. However, a diseased mind may lose God, because it is no longer functioning properly. But WE, that is who we are (our soul) never loses itself, never loses God.

And as soon as our brain is no longer necessary to interpret signals from the soul - including the consciousness of God - then we once again recognize our consciousness of ourselves and what we call God. (in fact, I would say we recognize even better because we are no longer relying on the brain to interpret.)

In case it isn't clear, you no longer require your brain when you are dead. :)


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