The brain and the body or limited but the mind is unlimited? Do you believe this?

Example you have an computer and it is limited to where you go with it and what you put on it but the internet is umlimited because it goes through out the whole world and is compose of information from any and everyone who uses it all over the world. So the mind is used by our brains but is connected to our creator God through our spirit and therefore if it is connect to God our creator and he has all power than it is unlimited according to our own thinking an beliefs. There is an story about an boy that was late for class and when he enter the math class he didn't hear the teacher say this problem is unsolveable so when he enter he saw the problem on the board and with his mind went to solving the problem for his mind wasn't clouded with the fact that is was unsolvable and he answer or solve the problem. He worked the equation. The teacher was dumb struck and said how did you do that and the student said do what the teacher solve the unsolveable problem and the student simply said I did not know it was unsolvable it was easy for me to solve for I didn't know that I couldn't.

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I believe that the brain is unlimited in the sense that there is constantly more mind being summoned to it by its desire for knowledge, and it is hence forever expanding into more.

That was a great story!



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Thanks I appreciate carlo.capocasa

(19 Nov '09, 10:05) flowingwater

That's wonderful. It reminds me of the bumblbee..nobody told it that engineers drawing boards say it's impossible for it to take off


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It's a nice anecdote, but the only reason people have said it was impossible for bumblebees to fly is because we didn't know something about their aerodynamics; the flapping wings create vortices above them that greatly increase their lift; see for a more detailed explanation.

(03 Nov '09, 22:28) Vesuvius

The 'Bumblebee' answer was submitted by me (Penny), I'd answered without logging in.


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I agree whole heartedly!! Oh to have unlimited access to the only really real & most powerful part of ourselves!! The mind that is.


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The brain is matter. It has weight, but no limit of mind. Mind, is the creation of the brain/being. Only the body is limited, but other than "time" those limits are self imposed.


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As long as the mind can conceive of something more, the mind will pursue understanding it. So how could there be a limit? Look at the growth curve of the quantity of human knowledge. In the past century, the past few decades, even the past few years, knowledge has multiplied exponentially. This is because the knowledge we gain, raises our sights to even more questions and we begin seeking more and more answers.

Isaac Newton is credited with saying: "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants." So we continue to step up and see further and further. I can't conceive of an end to it. We could pose a similar question regarding our physical potentials and limitations. Before 1954, it was generally accepted, and supported by doctors and scientists, that it was impossible for someone to run a mile in four minutes. It was believed that the body would break apart before that speed was reached. However, in 1954, Roger Bannister of England ran the mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds. Soon, several runners had broken the four minute "barrier". Part of the miracle about the human species is that as the challenges continue to increase, so does our ability to meet them, whether they be physical or mental in nature.


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We must carry th heart along with the mind for their must be care in all that we do and progress mentally toward others and what can our knowledge do to help or hurt others. We must always be the ones to carry the touch but be always wise with Solomon's wisdom from God know how it will effect ourselves, others and this planet we live on. As Solomon was wise about the two women saying they both were the mother of the baby. He said I will cut him into. The one it didn't belong to say fine but the real mother said No let the other woman have him for she loved him to much to let him die. He knew.

(14 Oct '09, 19:17) flowingwater

One of the best explanations, if not the best, I have come across so far about God was written in the Kybalion where God is described as being Mind. God is mind. The Universe is mental, a creation of God's mind. The Universe, as far we as know, is infinite, limitless. Therefore mind should be infinite as well. Our brains are finite and therefore limited. Our minds are not but might be limited by our brains. That's what I think.


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I'm revisiting your question with another answer that takes a different approach from my other one. Another reason why I believe the mind is unlimited is because at some level of consciousness (whether it be the subconscious level, or at our creative/imaginative/inventive level) we are in contact with Infinite Intellegience. As long as our mind is open to these inner promptings and inspirations, the well of creativity will never run dry and we will continue to learn and grow. I can't see how there would be any limit on that.


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Correct as long as we are connected to God through our conscious and subscious minds which God is unlimitless in our boundaires of everything. Jesus says all thins are possiable through him all we have to do is ask. There might be an limitation on our brains but not our minds only our beliefs, thoughts, and doubts can limit us we are limitless John in our minds.

(19 Nov '09, 10:10) flowingwater

Glad to have you come back and give an different answer John I appreciate and it means we can look at things from different angles, different prospectives, and through different lens as we see the world we are looking at and the things we are looking at.

(19 Nov '09, 10:13) flowingwater
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