Consider: And have you ever thought about whom you are in essence, and your awareness to everything that affects you?

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Is our intuitive insight into life’s situation accurate, and helpful, and is our intuitive insight a trait build into male, and female, and is it the connection between the Soul, and Conscious mind? Should you look within for life’s big question, to connect to your true essence, because you are what you are deep within?

The answer that I am looking for is: is our Soul our Immortal Essence that connects and communicates with all other life, but is it still the real you in the sense of your identity, and personality?

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I asked a similar question got some great answers.

(30 Mar '11, 11:42) ursixx

@ursixx:Thank you for the link!

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Most certainly our Soul is our Immortal Essence that connects and communicates with all other life. It is the real me in the sense of my identity but not my personality because I am playing a specific role that is learning and evolving. Eventually, through all the decision-making and learning, my personality will reflect my true essence of Love and Light :)

thank you, namaste


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Like your answer Daniele

(30 Mar '11, 10:28) Susan 1

Inspiring Words, thank you!

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yes it is. it is the real you. but in this life you are only aware of a minute portion of your soul. alot of people i have talked to say that they are afraid of death, that in the afterlife they will loose all that they are. this is NOT true! you do not loose ANY THING in the after life. more is added to what is already ther. even in this afterlife you are still not aware of your "complete" soul just the portion of the previous life and the added "advantage" of being in contact with your higher self without nearly as much of a filter. once you no longer have the need to remain in pysical existanc then ALL of your TRUE SOUL will be revieled to you, all of the parts that in pysical reality you see as good or bad ,, every existance you have ever expeiranced in every density,demension, planet, or any other diffrent places or entitys you have ever been WILL be fully availible to you., your WHOLE soul,,"the REAL you"
love n light, rob


answered 30 Mar '11, 17:55

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TReb Bor yit-NE

Your answer is very deep spiritually, and insightful! Thank you.

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thank you so much vee, i allways love how happy and possitive you are ! thank you so much for being such a great person, as well as thanks for the comment!

(02 Apr '11, 17:52) TReb Bor yit-NE

the real me, my stage of individuality and character is what i know at this time.
yet who is the real me is often questioned,
just how many parts(aspects) do i have and which is eternal


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I can relate to the fact that you may have more questions than answers! Thank you.

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This flesh brain thinks it is me. But I now know different. When I leave this world, I will be absorbed into the whole. These bodies are representative of the infinite amount of choices being experienced of a dream from this whole. We are truly all one and the same in spirit.


answered 30 Mar '11, 13:25

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The Knights Alchemy

Your last sentence speaks for it self, thank you!

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Everything about YOU is the real YOU. There is absolutely nothing unreal about any aspect of you. Your true essence AND the acting parts you play are both very necessary. The outer you to function in the physical world and the inner (soul) you to connect with the non physical.


answered 30 Mar '11, 18:37

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Great answer, intuitive! Thank you.

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