Regarding homosexuality and LOA:

Does this mean that the church is right to say gays are "consciously choosing" (by LOA for us) to live that life?


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Read the question carefully, folks. One interpretation of the LOA is that we choose everything that happens to us. The question is about that interpretation of the LOA.

(17 Nov '10, 00:20) Vesuvius

Maybe this Abraham video on gay rights might help :

(17 Nov '10, 03:08) kakaboo

That's a really good video.

(17 Nov '10, 03:57) Vesuvius
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I know that this is deviating from the strict instructions set forth by Vesuvius.

However, I believe that the Church is not the best yardstick of measure when it comes to the question of sexual preference.

I went to an all-boys catholic school till grade 6.

I accidentally stumbled upon a situation where I saw things with my own two eyes that I choose not to elaborate here.

On occasions, some of my own classmates were victimized by the catholic priests.

All I can say is that they don't practice what they preach.

Having got that off my shoulder let me try another answer to the question.

To associate the Law of attraction with sexual preference is an interesting twist.

Because with regards to the sexual preference, as far as I know, one arrives at that knowledge by either knowing their choice as a natural extension of themselves or they stumble upon it by accident; but I don't think it is arrived at through experimentation or curiosity, although these two ideas are often blamed for one's choice.

I think by the time, someone is engaged in experimentation or curiosity, that individual is at the stage of testing out what they already know to be true.

To associate the Law of Attraction with this idea, on one hand confirms the "coming into alignment with yourself" phenomenon, but on the other hand seems to suggest one can attract this characteristic towards oneself.

But the Idea of attracting this characteristic is a miss-understanding of the Law of Attraction.

The whole problem is that the Law of attraction is called the "Law of ATTRACTION"

Maybe we should re-name the Law of Attraction to THE LAW OF REFLECTION.

Because that is exactly what is going on during the so-called The Law of Attraction.

What really happens is that YOUR REFLECTION which you interpret through your five senses as reality is constantly catching up to who you already are within your point of reference, which you interpret through your sixth sense known as Consciousness.


So you are Constantly Becoming Yourself.

If part of that "becoming" requires you to interpret that unfoldment of yourself within the context of "Judgment" then you may incorporate the "Theatre" of religion within that experience.


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The Traveller

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The video Kakaboo linked to is a really good one. I got from it a few things:

  1. It is a choice (made before you are born)

  2. People who make this choice do not need my or anyone else's approval.

  3. Nor should they be fixated on forcing that approval from others.


answered 17 Nov '10, 04:03

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Gays, just like everyone else have the right to make their own choice. Nobody should need anyones approval. Let each soul walk its own path.

(22 Nov '10, 05:25) Hitesh

The church is actually quite wrong. I don't like to relate the Law Of Attraction to church as it is not a religion and the churches already feel it is 'their right' to condemn with or without the LOA. A lot of heterosexuals who spend their own lives trying to understand other humans we call homosexuals, seem to think it was laid out on a table with a sign that said 'pick one'. That is not at all the case. If that were true than everyone meaning heterosexuals as well would have had that choice. Think back, is that how it happened? If you remember correctly it wasn,t. It is a biological factor for the fact that it creates the whole personality.


answered 23 Jul '11, 03:15

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Not sure who the church are! Not sure i would be that bothered.

Im 6 feet 1 inches tall....cant ever remember choosing to be that height. IF and its a big if,they chose to be gay,then whats the problem?

Evangelical Christianity do themselves and others no favours with the anti gay stance. I dont personally know a gay man who CHOSE to be gay.

Now if they did before their appearance on this material plane then fair enough,but who can prove that.

If there are any gay men or women on this site who have actually made a conscious decision to be gay i would be interested to hear their views.



answered 16 Nov '10, 22:19

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Monty Riviera

If the country you live in is has freedom of religion go to the church that supports your views. If you can only believe one way because there is no religious choice. Then your stuck. Go to church or don't.


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Yes, the church is quite right in saying gays are "consciously choosing" (by LOA for us) to live that life; however, the purpose behind its stamtement is to judge and condemn. Gays suffer of such blame because most are unaware of the concept of pre-incarnative plans let alone of predispositions to being gay (those who spent the great majority of previous incarnations as one gender deciding to be the other to expand their knowledge; however, once in the physical, they find it hard to reconcile their current physical body with the used to energy of the opposite sex.)

Thank you, namaste


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I often enjoy reading your responses.

(17 Nov '10, 14:34) jim 10

No the church is not right. No Gay person chooses to be gay. Gay people are eather born gay or become gay due to no choice of their own for it's simply the way they are. What they do choose is sometimes to be open about the way they are and all should respect and accept that. Yes that includes the church.


answered 30 Jul '11, 07:39

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Paulina 1

I would love to know the coments about this answer from the gay comunity as I'm not gay myself but the answer simply come rom the heart. Am I right or wrong on this?

(30 Jul '11, 07:42) Paulina 1

the church itself is based on a human belief system and is therefore subject to interpretation,

the law of attraction is the most powerful eternal universal law in existence.


answered 23 Jul '11, 06:22

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blubird two

every one as free will. experiance and enjoy.


answered 30 Jul '11, 07:59

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white tiger

@white tiger-nicely put

(30 Jul '11, 08:56) blubird two

what does this mean? If you could elaborate please...

(11 Aug '11, 23:44) Back2Basics

every one as free will and make the choice they want. even when you die if you believe with your free will that it stop there then for a while you will experience that. same for the gay it is their free will. so experience and enjoy. you came here to experience this world and this life. so experience and enjoy.

(12 Aug '11, 02:10) white tiger
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