This recent question on the site has triggered this question of mine.

If plants are conscious living things to which the Law of Attraction applies, then it does not make sense for people to be vegetarians because they do not want animals to be killed because they are killing plants and eating them.

What are your thoughts? Or are we saying that plants are not conscious living things and the law of attraction does not apply to them?

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Pink Diamond

If it is self consciousness that you are talking about then man is the only being to possess self consciousness, not even other animals. And perhaps that is why people consider eating animals right.

(18 Feb '11, 16:01) Pranay
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Any good book on Yoga will explain the vegetarian diet this way.

We get our energy primarily from the Sun. So some direct sunlight especially in the morning is very beneficial for the body.

The plant kingdom, for the most part, converts this energy from the sun & stores it in a chemical and material form that is easily converted back to energy by our digestive system. So a vegetarian diet is one step removed from the direct source of this energy.

When you eat meat, you are consuming the energy of the sun that is two steps removed from the direct source. The energy is stored in the plants, which is consumed by the animal and now stored in its flesh but it is two steps away from the direct source.

This is why we eat animals that primarily eat plants. If you eat animals that eat other animals, now the energy is 3 steps removed from the source.

In spite of all this I really enjoy the taste of meat. I restrict my self to fish, eggs, chicken, and goat as much as possible. Many years I wanted to give up meat but it tastes soooo gooood, what to do! Maybe I'll start tomorrow. (So long as it's not NOW)


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The Traveller

I believe animals have a higher consciousness and awareness than plants do. Also, often times the fruit and vegetables can be removed from the plant without killing it and would actually drop off naturally anyhow. Whenever we can eat without causing much harm, this is good for our karma.


answered 03 Mar '10, 13:29

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LeeAnn 1

Well said LeeAnn! thank you

(03 Nov '10, 10:08) daniele

I agree with you. It doesn't make sense from a metaphysical point of view not to eat animals because you somehow want to save their consciousnesses.

Abraham have even said that many animals specifically come forth knowing they are going to be eaten.

But that still doesn't mean that everyone should or should not be vegetarian. Each has to find whatever they are comfortable with (given their beliefs), and then just allow others to do the same.

The problems only arise when one group tries to impose their beliefs on another group as being the right beliefs...when actually there is no such thing.


answered 03 Mar '10, 13:46

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With this said I bet you eat close to veagan, or organic.

(12 Sep '12, 09:34) Nikulas

This was going to be my next question, Rani! :D

Well thanks for asking it. I've always wondered about plants especially after Roald Dahl's The Sound Machine. It could detect the sound of plants crying and screaming as gardeners pruned them. Quite a horrific image for me at that little age, as you can imagine.

Let me venture an answer, but my guess is as good as anyone else's.

Perhaps plants don't have complex thoughts like we do, but they might know at a basic level what they need e.g. sunlight, water. In that sense they are simply alive but may not be conscious, if we define being conscious to be "self-awareness". I doubt if they can be aware if they do not possess sensory faculties.


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Pat W

Let's hope you get your answer then.

(03 Mar '10, 21:28) Pink Diamond

Apparently the law is that that which is superior will 'eat up' that which is inferior.

Mineral is taken in by plant.

Plant is taken in by animal.

Animal is taken in by Man.

Man is taken in by Earth (interesting :) )

Earth is taken in by Sun

Sun by the Black Hole at the centre of the Galaxy etcetcetc

And everything will eventually be taken in by God...

Also of interest is the FACT that an embryo passes through the mineral, plant and animal stage before it is born as a human.


answered 03 Mar '10, 22:59

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Inactive User ♦♦

Hmm, interesting, Lorraine. This is the first time I'm coming across this bit about embryos passing through the mineral, plant and animal stages! :) Definitely something to think about.

(05 Mar '10, 09:45) Pat W

Yes, interesting indeed! thank you

(03 Nov '10, 10:11) daniele

Food-wise speaking only: Plants and Animals manifest physically through Group Consciousnesses - Divas. All are equally valid and valuable expressions of the All.

Harvested (killed) with reverence and gratitude (actually, sending the energy of that plant or animal back to its Diva) you contribute to the Diva's continued existence (plant or animal) as well as optimising the value of the energy you then consume. This is not the case with the meats and plants you find in the supermarkets. Best is to grow your own and educate your local farmers about how you want your food 'harvested' with conscious reverence and gratitude. :-D


answered 07 Mar '10, 13:48

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im sorry to say the farmers i know, who are the small local ones, and if you want to try to tell them how to do their job i dont think that they would appreciate it, im not saying that the plants dont have a life source im just saying most farmers arn't the tuchy feely tipes. as for the diva, i think more along the Gia theroy

(05 Jan '12, 10:44) dorain448329

Certainly there are vegetative beings with consciousness, beings once planted in the earth who have now managed to evolve from rooted beings to beings unrooted and capable of movement. There have been substantiated reports of these plant beings from spelunkers, from rain forest denizens, and from others. Communication from these plant beings is suggestive rather than literal, a form of telepathy. Among humans, only sensitive ones can hear what they say. Some classified reports leaked from the military indicate that the American government not only knows about these vegetative beings but are actively attempting to recruit them for espionage and warfare-related enterprises. By nature, however, the beings are pacifistic and vegetarian.


answered 03 Nov '10, 01:10

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The Big Al

um, what? Ok im gona rant here for a while. From were i stand, all living things need sustenance; plants use water, minerals, and sunlight to make sugar, herbivores eat plants, omnivores eat plants and other animals, carnivores eat almost only meat, finally Fungi absorb decaying matter. These 3 pillars make the base of ecosystems. We Humans, though we like to think of ourselves as, are not above the food web. We are a species with huge potential, we are able to leave this world to space, we can fly without wings, we can do so much."we are only human" to me this means we can progress technologically, we can shape the world, but the traits of human nature will tag behind reminding us that we are another animal in the world. What do all living things need? Fuel, food, energy.We need to eat. We are evolved to digest and process both plant and protein. Regarding ethics to each their own but in regard to plants i see it this way, if we were supposed to eat only plants then why cant we digest cellulose? yes we do get most of our vitamins from fruits and vegetables, but in order to get all 9 amino acids you have to eat a wide variety of plants. why neglect something that is already made and can be put to use. Americans used to eat allot more meat then they do now and i have noticed over the years people have been becoming smaller in stature, but i am going off topic. oh ya and i dont know about the manafestations of dryads and ents, but a studdy of plants has shown that they are aware of their surroundings, if a naboring tree is attacked by a pest or a desise surrounding trees have been shown to boost their defencive systems be it natural pesticides or antiinfection systems.


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sry to answer the question more directly, why do people eat plants? because if you dont eat plants or eat animals,then you sort of starve. then i guess we can all eat mushrooms, their not plants or animals, eating only supplimants dosnt work. and i found out that if you eat over 3 pounds of dirt you start to vomit.

(05 Jan '12, 10:55) dorain448329

Plants are conscious living things. It has been proven by a series of experiments by a scientist named Backster who was doing some intensive polygraph research and, on a whim, hooked up the plant in his office. He was surprised by the reading, not expecting to find anything of note. After a few minutes he noted that the reading appeared to follow a human pattern. He made the decision, in his head, to burn one of the leaves of the plant. Just as he thought this thought, the polygraph recorded intense emotion from the plant. This was in the mid sixties!

I've read lots of differing opinions about diet - meat or not, vegan, vegetarian etc ... not sure there is a definitive one size fits all answer to it. However, several channelers have suggested that giving thanks for your food and appreciating it - whatever it is - is the way to go. It is, of course, part of most faiths to give thanks for your food and to bless it.


answered 11 Sep '12, 13:43

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@Cathrine, I do that - I say a silent thank you to my food before I eat it. It isn't something anyone ever told me to do, I really didn't know anyone else did it. I just truly appreciate the life that is clearly on my plate that is being given over to me to sustain my own, so I started saying thank you. :)

(12 Sep '12, 09:48) Grace

@Grace The Plaedian Collective say - prepare food yourself more and infuse it with unconditional love whilst preparing it. PS: Do you find it quiet without Calonlan and Xoomaville? :] Good to see some of the old regulars are still around - Lol.

(12 Sep '12, 10:03) Catherine

@Catherine, oh I do. I miss the pair of them, troublemakers both. :) So much life and energy, they wake me up and I love it, even if they do wear me out! I really hope both of them come back to us soon. I still have you, my friend, thank goodness! :)

(12 Sep '12, 10:23) Grace
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People that are self conscious because they are eating living things have to face the fact that no matter what they eat it was alive. Even CANDY was once alive! Jai just pointed out to me that fact. The only thing I could think of if you wanted to eat something that was never alive is eat the cardboard box the food came in! Oops that is made from trees which were alive too!


answered 11 Sep '12, 14:11

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Wade Casaldi


Actually these days, there are many 'foods' or phoods that are chemically produced in a lab from non living sources.

(12 Sep '12, 09:42) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess Ah there is an answer for people that do not want to eat anything that was ever alive then! Hum Phood??? I am not too sure I'd want to try it. But if there are people that do not want to eat anything that was ever alive it is an option. On the other hand since it is man made maybe it would be made to taste good? This is the first I have heard of it. I know I have heard of imitation cheese but not sure if that is the same thing as phood.

(12 Sep '12, 14:07) Wade Casaldi

I call it phood because it isn't real food. I made artificial pineapple flavor in chemistry in college.

(12 Sep '12, 14:25) Fairy Princess

Also, it wouldn't be sustainable for life because it doesn't have the nutrients real food has.

(12 Sep '12, 14:35) Fairy Princess
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@Catherine - appreciate you mentioning Clive Backster. He did some further experiments with plants, leaving the plant hooked up to the polygraph, actually the GSR (Galvanic Skin Response).

In documenting events, he found that "his plant" reacted, while still in his office, when an airliner, carrying Backster took of, and again when it landed and whenever there was severe in-flight turbulence, as these were considered "dangerous conditions" to Backster.

He further noticed that sometimes the plant responded dramatically, but at seemingly random times while he was home. As he began to work on this, he found out that it was responding to him breaking an egg and feeding it to his dog. He did this because he felt the raw egg helped keep the dog healthy.

BUT the plant did not respond every time he broke and egg. Sometimes it did and sometimes it did not. The difference was that when he was thinking, "I should give an egg to the dog, make him feel better, and then broke it", the plant did not respond. But when he just broke and egg, thinking of other things, it DID respond to what appeared to the plant, random, senseless destruction.

The egg is technically alive. Breaking it "killed" it.

So Backster began other experiments. He set up a device to destroy a leaf with an electric current at random times, he was not aware of when this would happen. The plant reacted. So he began to talk with his plant, saying, I am performing experiments to further understanding of plant/human consciousness, to help humans better understand plants.

Gradually, each time he did this, the plant reacted less. After a while, as long as he did his talk, the plant stopped responding.

Next, he acquired some animal blood. Randomly destroyed it with electric current. The plant initially reacted more violently than the destruction of a living leaf. He continued talking with the plant telling it he was performing necessary experiments to help humans better understand. It took the plant MUCH longer to stop reacting.

So, Backster acquired some human blood. Randomly and purposely destroyed it with electric current. The plant reacted MUCH more violently than the destruction of the animal blood, off the scale!

He continued talking with the plant telling it he was performing necessary experiments to help humans better understand. But the plant NEVER accepted his talk! He NEVER got less than an off-the-scale response to the destruction of human tissue!

This would indicate to me that the taking of vegetable life and animal life, for the betterment of humanity is MUCH more in line with nature, than the destruction of human life.

Plants and animals support human life. But, and I think this is REALLY important, we should have a blessing on whatever we eat, being thankful that it is there to support or lives and consciousness.

alt text

Plants convert the energy of the Sun with a few nutrients and a lot of water into plant life. Animals eat the plants, we eat the plants and animals. I hope for the day when we humans can do the same.


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Dollar Bill

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One other Backster comment. A murder took place in a high security building. about 200 people worked there. One of them had to be the killer. So Backster put his plant near the entrance where everyone passed. It reacted violently to five people. Upon further investigation, four of the five were "black thumbs", i.e., every plant they tried to raise, died. The fifth turned out to be the murderer.

There is an old saying, "Daisies don't tell." Backster proved that saying was wrong!

(16 Sep '12, 10:03) Dollar Bill

the vegan life may be worth looking at, eating of but not killing the plant.

also worth condidering is that plants have an exceptional ability to store prana,

and yes, plant life is considered a more primitive level of evolution than animal, yet more advanced than mineral


answered 03 Nov '10, 23:15

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How about this ... we are supposed to be "higher" forms of existence so in eating plants and animals their bodies become part of ours and in so doing they rapidly evolve to a higher plane of existence ...

have fun eating :)


answered 05 Jan '12, 11:08

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blubird two

This is the belief of cannibals I once saw on television they believe that by eating their enemy they gain his abilities. I highly doubt if somehow Einstein was captured and ate by one that he would be super intelligent after eating Einstein. I don't feel I have ever gained the abilities of a cow after eating a cheese steak or cheese burger or a chicken after eating a chicken sandwich. But I do understand the idea that we evolve from what we eat it just seems flawed to me.

(05 Jan '12, 11:46) Wade Casaldi

"the belief of cannibals", thanks for expressing your view Wade ... however my meaning is this ... it is the plant that takes on our abilities, it is the plant that is ingested that evolves to a higher plane of existence ... to us humans eating is a simple necessity to keep our bodies alive and well :)

(05 Jan '12, 13:32) blubird two

Oh I see it is the reverse, the plant evolves to a higher plane of existence. That is quite a different idea there. It is hard to say, it could be. Only God knows for certain. :-)

(05 Jan '12, 17:44) Wade Casaldi

if you read the gospel of thomas it is said that you eat the carcass and make it become alive. so in the same way when you die the carcass is the body what is alive is the spirit(or light energy). hope this helps you. experience and enjoy.

(05 Jan '12, 23:02) white tiger

@white tiger ... 'the dead carcass is food for the spirit' ... yes it certainly fits in to the whole, thanks

(06 Jan '12, 00:18) blubird two

what i am saying in this is that, we are 'not' higher forms of 'existence', we all exist on this same plain from lobsters to cats and dogs, what you are confuseing is we are able to comprehend while many other animals do not

(06 Jan '12, 11:05) dorain448329
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He saw a Samaritan carrying a lamb and going to Judea. He said to his disciples, "that person ... around the lamb." They said to him, "So that he may kill it and eat it." He said to them, "He will not eat it while it is alive, but only after he has killed it and it has become a carcass."

They said, "Otherwise he can't do it."

He said to them, "So also with you, seek for yourselves a place for rest, or you might become a carcass and be eaten."

  1. Jesus said, "Whoever has come to know the world has discovered a carcass, and whoever has discovered a carcass, of that person the world is not worthy."

  2. Jesus said, "Damn the flesh that depends on the soul. Damn the soul that depends on the flesh."

  3. Jesus said, "This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away.

The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. During the days when you ate what is dead, you made it come alive. When you are in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?"

  1. Mary said to Jesus, "What are your disciples like?"

He said, "They are like little children living in a field that is not theirs. When the owners of the field come, they will say, 'Give us back our field.' They take off their clothes in front of them in order to give it back to them, and they return their field to them.

For this reason I say, if the owners of a house know that a thief is coming, they will be on guard before the thief arrives and will not let the thief break into their house (their domain) and steal their possessions.

As for you, then, be on guard against the world. Prepare yourselves with great strength, so the robbers can't find a way to get to you, for the trouble you expect will come.

Let there be among you a person who understands.

When the crop ripened, he came quickly carrying a sickle and harvested it. Anyone here with two good ears had better listen!"

  1. Jesus said, "The heavens and the earth will roll up in your presence, and whoever is living from the living one will not see death."

Does not Jesus say, "Those who have found themselves, of them the world is not worthy"?

if you eat animal or plant are they not dead?

then you make what is dead come alive in you it becomes your energy does it not?

as for vegetarian or meat eater is it not their choice? then why judge one or the other? will they not do the same? and when they do they will be judge to the same mesure or even more. as for the one that judges(cast stones) how can he hope to find the living one in is presence? he should stay in truth with understanding and discernement then he could hope and be set free could he not?

let there be light,be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


answered 11 Sep '12, 19:10

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white tiger

When we did a session with Treb in one of the first sessions I shared, he said that he would connect to Plants ( or other versions of planets ) and connect and communicate with them to help them grow. Not physically, but in raising levels of consciousness. When he was asked why he said that it is a great connection to them because all entities have consciousness in varying degrees and it is just as important to connect to them as a rock or humans. And when he asked how he connects and helps them, he said he raised their vibration, just so they would know it is possible and stimulate quicker growth within them. This is truly amazing to me. I feel so resonate with this idea.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Dollar Bill

A man, at his interview with God:

"Why did you die?" asks God.

"I starved to death," replies the man.

"Why did you starve? Were you poor?"

"No. I refused to eat plants because they scream when they are pruned or cut."

God laughs. "So does a two-year-old when he gets his first haircut. I have decided that in your next life, you will be a gardener, and will spend your life pruning plants. I made plants to nourish you and keep you alive to do good to your fellow man. Next?"




answered 12 Sep '12, 10:59

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