Dear All,

In the past few discussions about meditations, it has been clear that the ideal time to meditate is 15 minutes a day and also that there are better ways to raise your vibration than meditating.

As much I have read about soundwave meditations, they claim that there are significant benefits if practiced in the long run. I personally have been practicing it since the past few months, although not so regularly, but I do see some slight benefits. I hope I can see a substantial benefit in the coming months and years.

I was also introduced to the Abraham's Getting into the Vortex Meditations around December 2010. I did practice it regularly for a few months, it surely is a feel good factor, however I am not able to clearly identify its tangible benefits.

May be the reason I have not been able to isolate the benefits / give credit to any one of it is that I have been practicing both these type of meditations together on most of the days and only each one for a few days.

I did realize that practicing both of these takes up a lot of my time because of which I am not able to practice both very regularly. I now want to stick to just one of it and hence want to know which would be a better option considering and evaluating the benefits each one would provide.

If I practice only sound wave meditations is it fine if I do it just for 15-20 minutes rather than 30 / 60 minutes as advised in the packages.

Also if there is a significant cumulative benefit of practicing both, in that case I will carve out the required time from my schedule.

Need your help and advise about the above.

Thank you so much :)

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Here's my view on this and, judging by reactions I've had in the past, it may upset some people here because it sounds self-centered (and it is) but ultimately I don't really care what those people think, in a nice way :)

If one is not selfish enough to take care of one's own self first, you will not have anything to offer the self of anyone else.

So I'll state my view here fairly directly since I think it may provide you with a different way of looking at your dilemma.

I think the only true value with all spirituality lies in its immediate, practical application to you.

Everything else is just theory - though, just to confuse the situation, one person's theory may still be another's practicality :)

It's all very well spending your time doing this or that with the hope that one day you might experience some kind of benefit or enlightenment (or even achieve some higher purpose or mission) but then all that tends to lead to is endless debates with others about what those benefits, higher purposes or missions are, or how you know when you are enlightened.

Effectively, you end up second-guessing what you think your Higher Self is up to.

That's not your job.

Your only job in this life is to find ways to feel good because then you are perfectly aligned with that Higher Self and then you can follow its impulses and inspirations with confidence, and any Bigger Picture for your spiritual unfoldment will naturally take care of itself.

Abraham's "The Vortex" analogy for representing a state of alignment with that Higher Self (and therefore a state of alignment with everything you want in life also) is about as good as it gets right now for me as regards everything spiritual I have yet come across so far.

So my practical approach to spirituality, and spiritual unfoldment, is simply this...

I have two practical objectives in my day-to-day life.

  • Practical Objective 1

    If I feel I am outside the Vortex, my sole objective is to get inside the Vortex

  • Practical Objective 2

    If I feel I am inside the Vortex, my sole objective is to do what I feel inspired to do

That's it - that's the whole of my life in a nutshell and I can tell you that it works very well :)

Anything that falls outside of these two objectives can be happily discarded, in my view, because it doesn't serve you.

Everything else that doesn't immediately help with these two objectives is just abstract theory.

I don't mean that in a bad way, I just mean all of that other stuff just isn't something that I need be concerned about right now otherwise I would feel inspired to look into it more deeply (from a state of alignment with the Vortex).

So applying this approach to life to your dilemma, I would ask myself...if I was outside the Vortex:

  • Does listening to Sound Wave Meditations put me immediately into the Vortex? ("Immediately", for me, means about 15 minutes at most)

    For me, the answer is No so I don't use them when I'm outside the Vortex. For you, it may be a different answer, of course.

Then I ask myself:

  • Does listening to the Abraham Vortex Meditations put immediately into the Vortex?

    For me, the answer is usually Yes so I use it to get into the Vortex. Focus Blocks also does this for me in a very effective manner so I use that too when I feel like it. For you, it may be a different answer, of course.

Once I am inside the Vortex, I would now ask myself:

  • Do I feel inspired to listen to Sound Wave Meditations?

    For me the answer has always been No so I don't listen to them. For you, it may be a different answer, of course.

I can also ask myself:

  • Do I feel like listening to more Abraham Vortex Meditations, or using the Focus Blocks Method?

    When I'm inside the Vortex, the answer is also usually No because I'm now usually inspired towards getting involved with a whole load of other things that didn't occur to me when I was outside the Vortex. Those alignment methods have served their purpose in getting me into the Vortex and's time to live some life! :)

You can spend hours and hours listening to something that someone tells you will help you reach deeper parts of yourself, or you can spend a few minutes daily (probably about 15 minutes) getting into the Vortex and then just listen to yourself (your Higher Self) telling you what is uniquely best for you to right now get involved with.

Basically, what I've summed up above is Abraham's wonderful idea of Vortex First, Any Way You Can, Then Everything Else.

Given all of this, you'll notice that I've not really told you which is the best option for you. Only you can answer that for yourself.

But what I am suggesting is that you give some consideration to trying this life pattern for a while...

Outside the Vortex --> Inside The Vortex --> Make Your Decisions

...then keep on repeating that cycle whenever you find yourself outside the Vortex again, which all of us focused physically always will from time to time :)


answered 13 Apr '11, 11:20

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Stingray: As always I have received much more than I had expected as an answer from you. Thank you :) You explain things so simply which clarify the concepts in my mind so well and which leads to a deep rooted learning. You didn't answer the question directly but your answer has given me much more than my answer. Thank you so much. Truly appreciate!!

(14 Apr '11, 04:22) Sourabh

You're welcome, Sourabh. I guess my basic point is that no-one can really answer the question directly except you (from a place of alignment) since your "needs" are going to be unique to you.

(14 Apr '11, 09:26) Stingray

Nice answer,splitting things down to 2 objectives is simple and easy to follow.People often confuse issues by making them so damn complex.I like it when people keep things simple.

(14 Apr '11, 14:04) Monty Riviera

wonderful answer!

(03 Apr '13, 04:43) abrahamloa
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my only input for this is that when we use the tools that are given to us, i believe that it will beinifit you as much as you TRULY want it to, i do not belive that there is a "right" way to do it. i think if you are getting the bennifits from both ,but in diffrent ways ,then you should consider which bennifits come from which. then when you need one of these bennifits at a certian time, then use the practice in which that spicific bennifit is needed. if that makes any sense? lol :-) what i am getting at is there is no right way to use these tools, it is an individual thing just as much as our own personalitys, use what works and if you are putting the max of your heart and mind into both of these, you will reap the bennifits fully! i used the sound wave as you know , and when i started i used the guided ones from hemi-sync (gateway experiance) and it was greater but i have found that it is all tecnique and if i mix and match teh dfirent kinds of tecniques i adventualy found an even better way ! i hope that this helps but it probably clouded it more (if it did i am sorry) love n light, rob


answered 13 Apr '11, 12:29

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TReb Bor yit-NE


Rob: Thanks for your valuable insights, yes you are right that I need to try out different things and choose which works best for me. Thanks a lot!! I will certainly follow what you have advised.

(14 Apr '11, 04:29) Sourabh

well i am VERY happy that some of my advice is usefull to someone, i get so exited that others can take from my experiance and what have been taught by my source ! love n light 2 u n good luck,, keep it up!@!!! :-)

(14 Apr '11, 14:06) TReb Bor yit-NE

wow, i have been here over a year. great job

(16 May '12, 10:06) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Well I do not use any of those meditations! I focus on a point in front of me that is not there and just stay aware. That way you will master the body and then the mind and hen awareness!

If you do it right you will get benefit of a sharper focus and mind, and you can reach enlightenment! The mind is the longest part to master. There are so many things that are not in order in the mind. Things that you have been putting in there for years and years!

Well good luck!


answered 12 May '11, 07:11

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white tiger

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Dollar Bill

My opinion is that only you can answer this question since different things resonate with different people. I definitely understand the time factor. I would ask myself this, "Which one do I most look forward to doing?"


answered 13 Apr '11, 06:38

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LeeAnn 1


Thanks so much for putting it across with such simplicity and clarity :) Really appreciate!!

(14 Apr '11, 04:17) Sourabh
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