I have the new Abe Meditation CD. And although i have studied and come to agree with the idea of the vortex and of all my potential and so on, when I listened to it for the first time i couldn't help but feel as if the comunications from the Vortex thru Esther were calling my consciousness toward it for their own benefit. It was as if an alien life form wanted to suck our souls up a vortex vacuume. Silly I know. Any thoughts?

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Trust you instinct! Even though in this case you may question it due to criticism.

(31 Jan '11, 14:34) The Traveller

I feel incongruous with their breathwork and melody. Consciously Connected Breathing gets me faster and easier into the vortex. once inside, do your affirmations or vibrational work there. for reference, The Presence Process, Edition 2 can be downloaded here. This goes well together with releasing techniques.

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Maybe your feelings are telling you this isn't for you at this time. I have had no interest in somethings and come back later (maybe even years) and been interested. There are many different roads going to the same place. Take the one that feels comfortable to you.

By the way, nobody can make you do anything you don't want to do, even if there were subliminal messages (not that there are w/ Esther Hicks), if that is what concerns you. Just to illustrate the point, nobody can make you rob a bank unless you already thought that was OK to do.

If anything ever creeps me out, I state that only love and light may enter herein. I visualize white light spreading out to all corners of my home, pushing anything negative out. Sometimes I thank Archangel Michael for protecting me.

I agree with the previous poster, everything is already inside you. You might even keep a journal on what results you find. Trust you.



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Not silly at all all2gethernow! If you feel this way, I'd suggest you discontinue using these cd's. It has nothing to do with your lack of trust but more an indication from your higher-self to rely more on yourself instead of outside material. Me personally, I don't use anything while meditating. I switch off all electrical appliances, close my eyes, take a deep breath and ask to recieve whatever I am supposed to recieve during that meditation now.

Best of luck on your beautiful journey, namaste


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What is your real reason for feeling mistrust, and what is it that you are afraid of?

Know that you are your own best judge, and if you have doubts, or negative feelings about doing the Meditation, then perhaps this is not the right Meditation for you to do!

There is other Meditation CD you can try, if you wish, perhaps it will make you feel more comfortable about Meditating. But it is always wise to keep an open mind, to clear your mind, to focus, to relax, to feel calm, to be the silent observer, to let things come and go, to be yourself, and do not be too quick to judge, when you are doing your Meditation exercise!


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I used to feel that way, but found that I was naturally drawn to the five minutes at the end of each segment which had no words.

I started to replay the music over and over and focused on my breathing. Within a couple of days only, I was able to sense the usefulness of the music to flow me into the vortex.

Now, I am starting to listen to the words and breathe at the same time and it is a lot more natural.

This is a late reply, hope it helps someone!


answered 20 Oct '11, 20:11

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