I've been listening to the Getting Into The Vortex meditations now for about six weeks and although I almost never stick with things like this for this long I do like my fifteen minutes of 'time out' every day.

However I don't feel I'm in the Vortex while listening to the meditation or afterwards, it just seems to be quite a nice experience. For me getting into the vortex happens when I paint, so I know what it feels like, but I really wanted these meditations to have an effect!

A lot of good things have happened to me recently but to be honest I put that down to my own efforts, and also there have been some sad/difficult/annoying things too, just like 'normal' life.

Does anyone else who is using these cds find it doesn't really seem to be doing it for them? Or am I expecting too much? I'd be interested to know if anyone else is enjoying them but not feeling very vortexy with them.... And also, does that mean I would be better off finding a different and perhaps more obviously effective way to meditate?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Consciously Connected Breathing gets me faster and easier into the vortex. once inside, do your affirmations or vibrational work there. for reference, The Presence Process, Edition 2 can be downloaded here. This goes well together with releasing techniques.

(03 Feb '13, 06:41) don
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Sounds like everything is just fine.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that being in the Vortex should be some big experience.

When you are genuinely habitually in the Vortex, it won't feel like anything special at all actually. In that situation, it will only be when something happens that kicks you out of the Vortex that you may realize just how habitual being in the Vortex has been.

An analogy might help to make the point clearer.

Imagine a plane on a runway getting ready to take off. As it speeds up down the runway, a passenger within might feel the acceleration and the bumpy runway. It can be an uncomfortable ride because of the resistance of the wheels on the runway.

alt text

But after the plane has taken off and it is now cruising at high speed through a clear calm sky, the same passenger would probably feel nothing at all...despite the high speed.


Because there is now no resistance to the travel of the plane. Yes, there is air resistance but that is negligible to the resistance on the ground.

So don't expect being in the Vortex to be some amazing experience...it will only be that when you are initially leaving resistance behind (the plane taking off). After that, it will be a smooth and barely noticeable ride.

To answer your question, I've been using the meditations everyday for a few weeks now and I think, once you master the breathing pattern, they are spectacular :)


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Stingray, I'm happy to hear your are finding value in the CDs also, as I respect your opinion especially when it comes to Abe's material. I've had a hard time in the past simply meditating in silence, although my mind does wandering I found the records help me to better focus on my breathing. I'm also getting really good at the breathing patterns :) Thanks for the analogy!

(27 Jan '11, 22:21) Chris 2

You're welcome, Chris. I had been experimenting with Lifeflow and Holosync before these meditations were released so I guess, at some level, I was looking for a more satisfying meditational experience. Even though it can sound at times like I'm a salesman for Abe, I do find these meditations to be genuinely excellent...but mastering that breathing is so important! As I've mentioned to Michael, it took a while to really "get it" and I think a better job could be made of explaining exactly how to use them. But it's definitely worth persevering with, in my opinion

(27 Jan '11, 22:42) Stingray

Yes thanks Stingray, I appreciated the plane analogy. I have to say though that your last sentence seemed to be in complete opposition to the rest of your answer! I've got the breathing sorted but I wouldn't use the word 'spectacular' unfortunately. Just 'nice'.

(28 Jan '11, 12:29) aquamarine

@Aquamarine - That's clumsy phrasing on my part. I don't mean the word spectacular to refer to any emotional state generated by the meditation...it's just my opinion of the cleverness of the idea of the meditations - combining the deliberate breathing pattern (both as a distraction from resistance and a way of energizing the body) while blending in carefully-worded affirmations that lead to a change in vibrational setpoint on the topic of the meditation. It's a spectacular idea...seems too simple to work but it does. :)

(29 Jan '11, 19:46) Stingray
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I've been doing the Meditations since about Dec. I stopped keeping track and just made it a part of my daily routine so I’m not really sure how long it's been.

I understand what you mean as I've felt the same way. It's like you're so excited to see what changes will occur as a result of the meditations. However I would encourage you to continue the meditations and just enjoy the 15 mins. Not looking for external changes.

I think it's just like any other process, when you put too much pressure on yourself or the process it affects the effectiveness or your awareness of the effectiveness of the process.

I love that 15 mins a day and I feel slightly off sometimes when I don't do the meditations.

In your statement you said it feels nice when you listen to the recordings. If that's true then you have successfully entered your Vortex, enjoy it! :)


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Chris 2

Thanks Chris, I'm glad you put your thoughts down as I think we started using the meditations at around the same time. I am laughing as I write this but if entering my Vortex is just 'nice' (I am still thinking/worrying/chewing over other things while listening), then I feel kind of disappointed! Perhaps I was putting way too much expectation on it!

(28 Jan '11, 12:33) aquamarine

I feel I am slowly moving away from AH. I bought the CD and started using it. I immediately felt uncomfortable with it and felt that it took away from my already effective meditation technique. I like to give everything I can a chance/try. For me personally it is not for me and I feel it is gimicky. For those that are having success, I am thrilled for all of you.

This is just one mans opinion.

California dreamin'



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jim 10

How many days did you try it for, Michael?

(27 Jan '11, 22:05) Stingray

Two weeks. I have a hard time meditating to someone elses words :)

(27 Jan '11, 22:23) jim 10

Fair enough. I had trouble at the start too because I had evolved my own method of meditating over the years... http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/9625/has-anybody-tried-the-new-abraham-hicks-getting-into-the-vortex-meditation-cd-y ... and actually gave up with it for a while. However, after a short break, I felt inspired to try it again and the idea behind it "clicked" i.e. deliberately breathing out "resistance" as a way of taking your mind off whatever is bothering you while the statements shift your vibrational setpoint. After that insight, I've found the meditations tremendous :)

(27 Jan '11, 22:36) Stingray
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I haven't found any spectacular effects from the meditations after using them for several weeks, but only that when I listen during that time, I'm feeling relieved of my daily cares, and I feel the breathing really relaxes my body and so I enjoy the escape and spending time in a "nice" place. Listening to the meditations also seems to immediately put me to sleep in the evening, so it's a nice "side-effect" even though I know it's not meant to be used that way...


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Inner Beauty

Through meditation, the vortex is an experience, where it comes upon you at any moment from the universe. It is invisible to see, yet felt, as if an energy field were joined in with your own. You will feel, as if the surface below you we're spinning at high velocity speed,as it continues to accelerate,the universal field allows you to lean against it. It feels like something is holding up with your back against, it while this is in process. Then,there is the tilting effect of while you sense the spinning, the leaning back in lotus position and as if sitting on a platform tottering to one side. In my experience of many years of deep meditation, I can say it comes upon you at a universal, spiritual connection? I discovered it in darkness. It is not learned, it is within. Do not seek it, for it shall find you. There is so much more to this beautiful amazing energy! The first encounter, will astound your belief,ability, and conscious awareness.

Peace be in the light!

Author: Jose Bazan of "Awake to the Awakening"


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Awake to the awakening

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