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did you ever dream about the future of people you know? and saw it happen? did you ever try to prevent it?(in life or in dream) and if so did you succed?

asked 13 May '11, 02:55

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

White Tiger I keep seeing all your questions anymore have bounties, you do realize you are giving all of your points away?

I have no idea what 100 community wiki points will be worth but anyway I just was wondering why you keep posting bounties? I hope this does not mean you are leaving us sometime soon.

(16 Jul '11, 18:50) Wade Casaldi

i have no intention of leaving wade but i told you before point are not my main concern. i came here to share with you. but some see me as i am not and do not concern them self with me so i decided to put bounty to see what will happen. that is the only reason wade.

(17 Jul '11, 02:55) white tiger

Well you know me I would be answering your questions with or without a bounty. :-)

(17 Jul '11, 05:23) Wade Casaldi

i know wade i did not say it was you. and i do not need to say name either. people that the hat fits will know it. you will probably see them make comment saying you think you are jesus or god etc. it is because they did not understand annything. and do not judge them they judge them self.

(17 Jul '11, 05:41) white tiger
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This happens to my brother much of the time, he hates to go to sleep because he has dreams of the future.

I remember my father told me it happened to him once. As a kid my father saw in his dream in the mirror his mouth all bloody and teeth missing. The next day he went to school and was elbowed in the mouth by some other kid. He looked in the mirror and saw what he had seen in his dream.

I can't remember this happening to me unless some of the moments I had DejaVu were memories of previous dreams I had had.

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answered 16 Jul '11, 18:17

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Wade Casaldi

lately wade i have dream of someone loosing is 2 foot i have told him to check where he put is foot. it seams that he as put is knee somewhere and got bacteria in the legs. and is in hospital now.

(17 Jul '11, 04:28) white tiger

at least he did not loose is 2 foot. so there is progress there.

(17 Jul '11, 04:29) white tiger

No this is not good he could get his legs amputated! Since he is a friend of yours I'll pray for him.

(17 Jul '11, 05:21) Wade Casaldi

well at least is foot where not chop off. like in the dream so there is still hope. i see it that way. it as fall in the knee and he is not walking and is in hospital getting treatement. so yes he did not completely stop it from happening but at least it seams to be bad then the first outcome.

(17 Jul '11, 05:45) white tiger

less bad then the first outcome.

(17 Jul '11, 05:46) white tiger

well thank you wade for your prayer. and it is familly. i see him once or twice per year. will have to go see him soon to see how it is going.

(17 Jul '11, 05:52) white tiger
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It may sound silly but I had a dream in which I saw myself finding a few four leaf clovers in a specific place near my house. After I woke up, I decided to check if this will happen and everything indeed went as in the dream.

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answered 16 Jul '11, 18:25

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My 7 yr old found 4 four leaf clovers within the space of a few days...turns out there was a little cluster of them on my front lawn :)

(16 Jul '11, 18:36) Michaela

No, I don't dream the future of other people but I dream the future of myself though. Only that I can only remember the dream the time the event is actually happening and most of them are places where I first gone to.

It started when I was at grade school. I was standing on top of the mountain when I hike with my neighbour (relative) to their mountain farm (they grow corn, mung bean, coconut, and abacca). The view below is spectacular, it was my first time standing there but the scenery is so familiar. I know everything what I saw and I felt I was exactly in that place before. Then I remember, I dreamed about it and it came to me when I already forget that dream.

There are many accounts that I do have a dream similar to that. I go to a place for the first time (I am sure to that) then it comes to me that the place is very familiar like I've been there before. Then I realize I dreamed the place.

I lost that ability when I was in college until I land a job and raised a family. I actually miss those things because all of them are good memories.

When I found IQ however, seems like that ability in me came back. I started meditating to connect to my inner self and to manifest financial abundance then there it goes. A drizzle of what I ask, I was granted a grand vacation with my wife and my 3-year old son... for only P2,000 (about $50) money I have. Our expenses are all shouldered by friends and relatives from Hawaii (I am from the Philippines). There we go, literally free from everything. I was actually amazed with the result of connecting to my inner self.

It is a different story, so back to the dreaming.

We go to a place, north of our country, it is too far from our place. It can be reached by 1 hour plane, 6 hour bus ride, and 15 minutes motorcycle. It is a different region and people there have different dialect, absolutely it was my first time to go there. When we arrive, I saw that place and wow, I've been here before. I can recall everything, the color of the floor, the sound of the gate, the owner of the house who will about to greet us, the sound from nearby basketball court, the heat of the sun. I just know what will happen next. And yes, everything that I recall really happened in exactly the same order in my dream. Yes, I already realized I've been in this place in my dream. We are still in the veranda but I exactly know which room they are going to accommodate us.

So there it goes. I still wait for the next one but none so far. I think I did not answer your question but I am excited to share my experience. Thank you for reading.


answered 28 May '13, 13:09

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i loved all ur experiences..romel, strt journaling ur dreams..,ur life wil becme more interresting.. :))

(30 May '13, 11:02) supergirl

Thanks @supergirl... really thank you.

(30 May '13, 22:13) Romel

I've had quite a few dreams like this, since I was very young actually, some that I can remember now:

I once dreamed that my brother was standing at a crossroads - in reality he was faced with having to make a decision

Once I dreamed that a friend was distressed as someone had died, I woke up thinking that maybe his mom was ill - In reality, a few months later his sister died, it was a pretty bad blow to him

I once dreamed that there was a frog in the bathroom and that my husband killed it, I woke up at the same time having to go to the bathroom and actually saw the same frog on the same place on the wall as in the dream... and my husband killed it...

and many more that I can talk about added to the premonitions, signs, visions etc.


answered 28 May '13, 12:04

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