Has anyone had lucid dreams where you're in the future? Example: Two weeks before the revolt in Egypt I was there looking at what was happening and reading people though in the city!
Has anyone had lucid dreams like that?

asked 24 Apr '11, 05:11

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white tiger

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I don't know how. How do you do it? Thanks!

(24 Apr '11, 12:22) Fairy Princess

well fairy princess i add wrote as anny one done lucid dream in the future but barry as re wrote the question! when it hapen it happen i don't know if there is away to make it happen it just happen!

(24 Apr '11, 16:30) white tiger

same as the bible and anny book it does not take much to change the meaning!

(24 Apr '11, 17:17) white tiger

but one needs to read between the line and lift the veil of the mind to understand the meaning!same as the truth many truth can exist in the absolute truth!

(24 Apr '11, 17:19) white tiger

I changed a word in the title that I think better reflects your question. Am I right?

(25 Apr '11, 14:34) Fairy Princess

fairy princesse if you grasp that you can correct things with out changing the meaning to stay pure to the original statement you have all ready made a progress!

(26 Apr '11, 05:14) white tiger
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problem is the future is always fluid, in our perspectives we can concieve the future. a lucid dream in the future AT BEST is a reading of the energy of the presant and a best or most likely possible outcome. That is it! Many times when you "think" you are lucid dreaming in the future you are only using your ability as a co-creater and mannifesting what the "you" wants the future to be or what you fear the future is, depending on what emotion you are mannifesting in this prosses.

love n light,



answered 24 Apr '11, 21:19

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TReb Bor yit-NE

well rob when you know stuff about think you don't know about or have no emotion on like being in the egypt revolt 2 week before it happens and reading every body mind at the same time why they revolt who agree for what reason and why some person have hatred for stranger! and you don't find anny thing in them apart from jealousy and them thinking that stranger are the root of the problem because they have been program that way over the year!i really think that you are not in the present but in the future present over the mirroir!it is not like the future line life of someone!

(24 Apr '11, 22:09) white tiger

or incomplete future one part done and 1 part not set in stone existing only as probable future!

(24 Apr '11, 22:10) white tiger

no emotion belief or concept existing just observing and experiancing!

(24 Apr '11, 22:12) white tiger

i wasnt saing that yuo didnt acuratly predict it i am saying it is never set, you seen the energy as it was and then you predicted the greatest possible outcome. you are just better at reading the enrgys than some, your soul is realy the only thing at work here. nothing more or less. your soul is EASILY capable of doing this to an extrofanary percentage of acuracy. If somthing hjas more varibles, the lower the percentge is,

(24 Apr '11, 23:48) TReb Bor yit-NE

rob i did not predict anny thing i have been there everything was set all ready no other probability to change the course of event if not i could not have been there i would have seen it with symbole as future event coming with line of probability as symbole!

(26 Apr '11, 02:44) white tiger
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