I don't know if what I'm thinking of is called Vivid Dreaming or something else. It's when you basically bring your waking conscious mind into your dream. I've had a few of these and one where I went from the dream to fully awake immersed in a total state of ecstasy for an hour and a half! I apparently tapped into "Universal Consciousness/All That Is/God" or whatever you want to call it. But I knew EVERYTHING! Don't ask me to explain, but I did, hahaha.

asked 10 Mar '10, 12:54

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I think you are referring to Lucid Dreaming.

Check out this question:
Have you ever been aware of being conscious while you were sleeping?


answered 10 Mar '10, 13:36

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Ah.........that's it! Thank you.

(10 Mar '10, 15:44) maxfan
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