I believe that sex can be a highly spiritual experience with the right person. Are there ways to render sexual experiences more spiritual and in doing so I guess even more enjoyable?

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Pink Diamond

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For me personally falling in love with a woman is the one most spiritual thing that can be. Does it mean that I fall in love with ALL women? Not at all. But if I'm attracted to a woman, if I FEEL that their is something their, that their is the chemistry with that person, I WILL GIVE MY ALL WHEN I'M WITH HER. Does it mean I'll be needy for affection? Will I buy her expensive gifts just to "buy some time" form her? No. It means that when I'm with her the whole world doesn't exist. I'm 100% in-tuned with that person. I'm giving her all my attention, in every wasy possible. I rejoice in every moment we spend, I cherish it cause my life taught me that every moment can be the last.

How does that translate in the bedroom? Well for example I look for signs on her face how does my touch affect her mood. What is it that she likes. What makes her oopen up more to the Infinite energy, to God. In fact that is my mantra as you say or my intent: How can I open this woman to God? Then every action I'm making is bringing me closer and closer to the goal. Of course I don't share it to her but she knows I will take her places that no man has ever taken her before. And she just can't wait.

I tease her. I give her some, then take it away. It's a game, but NEVER an emotional game. I never play with a womans emotions. I tell her right from the get go who I AM, what I'm about, what do I expect. I'm always honest. Always. People might think I'm lying but I learned that I don't have nothing to hide. I just don't care anymore what people think about me. I comunicate that to her. And when we're together she's the most important person in the world but when we part I'm ready not to see her again, ever. If one day she comes to me and says that she wants something diffrent, something that I'm not ready to give, I will thank her for all the beautiful moments, I will cherish her and embrace her and walk away, without the feeling of guilt, without remorse for anything, because I know that I always acted from my highest perspective. I always gave my best and I never lied to her.

Is it an utopia? Is this some "bullshit" I try to sell you people? No it's not. In fact I don't care what anyone thinks. If I feel that our relationship prevents anyones' of us growth, I will end it. My heart will cry but I will know it's for the better good.

You can't sacrifice your path for ANYONE. Nor should you expect anyone to do it for you. That's how you serve people, but BEING who YOU truly are. That's the only thing you HAVE to do in this life. Everything else is arbitrary.

When you have that connection with a woman and she knows that your genuine, your true she will open up to you. She will let you in into places she never thought existed. She will challenge you because she is the changing like the wind, every moment blowing in a diffrent direction. But when you get every challenge right. When you conquer all the obstacles their are rewards beyond measure. You will create something magical, something so profound that every breath will be like infinity. It's a great feeling when you give yourself in FULL to someone not expecting ANYTHING in return. And that's where the paradox takes place.. if you don't expect anything you get so much more of it.

I thank for my inspiration to David Deida and Zan Perrion for being true lovers and true men of vision of world filled with unconditional love.


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Just curious. I'm assuming you're the same Wildlife that has the 600+ reputation points and the same green symbol. Why two different users? Two different computers?

(09 Nov '09, 08:55) John

Yeap. I'm just here not for points, just for pointers ;-)

(09 Nov '09, 11:52) wildlife

Thanks for your insights.

(09 Nov '09, 20:25) Pink Diamond

So, you mean as long as you are yourself all the time, the experience will be a more spiritual one?

(09 Nov '09, 20:27) Pink Diamond

@John - just to explain (and in case anyone else is puzzled)...Wildlife chooses not to be a registered user of this site - and that is fine with us - so his points balance is tied to his computer only through a web browser cookie. So whenever he uses a different computer, he starts with a new points balance and a new account. Being unregistered is also the reason he doesn't show up in the users list despite his large points balance.

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In reference to Rani Oberoi comment.

The thing is we are always ourselves. The thing is that more often than not we incorporate other peoples belief systems that don't really belong to us. That's why teenagers tend to rebel against their parents. The kids FEEL that what there parents are teaching them is somehow wrong, but the parents do only the only thing they know to do, what they parents did. So after a while the kids give in or not, depending on their character, and either go thru life with damaging belief systems or not. If they do it's very likely their kids will inherit them too. It's a vicious cycle. Once you clear away the belief systems that no longer serve you you will become more of who you are. That presence will start to "speak" more and more thru you, until one day you wake up living your dream life :-)


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The world within is truely a mind blowing place. When you dwel there whilst making love, the intensity of feelings will just take your breath away.


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My first answer to my own question.

I have come accross this method. Basically, find and think about lots of positive things about your partner and get them to do the same about you. This will uplift your vibration to a really good feeling place, a place of happiness and of appreciation of your partner.

I think the spiritual experience after that will definitely be worth the while or the wait.


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Pink Diamond

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