Why does a female of a higher worldly status than myself (I know i'm going to get something about that one) taking interest in me, doesn't have to be romantic, just in general, fill me?

It makes me feel more at peace with myself, more complete, makes me feel more connected.
Is the power of being liked and belonging that strong? Stronger than LOA, mind power, etc?

I can't seem to reach that level of fullfillment by these methods. Experience seems to be stronger than me....

My explaination of higher worldly status: She is more attractive and desired by men, than I am by women.
I'm a minority, she is mainstream, fits better in most situations where we live.
She has a higher social status within the "clicks".
I might actually make more money yet I still consider her higher worldly status.
It's like the saying "she is out of your league".

Sorry about all the spelling mistakes in the comments, I thought I could edit it after I posted.

asked 16 Jul '10, 20:29

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Your question is a bit vague. (what does higher worldly status mean? Is she wealthy and you're not?) However, I'll give it a shot.

There could be a number of impulses being satisfied. Are you an Amiable social style, and she a Driver? If so, you are of complementary (opposite) styles. Opposite social styles are generally compatible with each other; generally speaking, one fulfills what the other lacks, and vice versa.

This is generally true of all relationships, especially romantic ones. When you find someone who has strengths that you lack, and vice versa, you complete each other. If the relationship is a healthy one, over time both of you can begin to acquire the positive traits of the other person.

Of course, maybe her money just makes you feel more financially secure. :)


answered 17 Jul '10, 04:06

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@Vesuvius: Thank you. I redefined what I was trying to convey up in my question about status. When you mentioned things I lack, that kind of hit home. Maybe those are the things I want for myself...? Also, this is not even a sexual or relationship type thing, that I am focusing on, it is just the act of someone like her, wanting to be my friend.

(17 Jul '10, 19:48) Back2Basics

....it's like that action of her wanting to be my friend boots me up. I am guessing this is just common confidence ego stuff, but it does make a difference, is that so wrong??

(17 Jul '10, 19:52) Back2Basics

Sorry, one last question, I thought it is like energies that attract accoring to the LOA, not opposite?

(17 Jul '10, 20:17) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics: I would say that it is compatible energies that attract each other. An employer attracts employees because they have mutually agreeable goals: The employer wants financial leverage and is willing to assume the necessary risk, and the employee wants financial stability, without assuming the risks. Although they have differing goals, the employer and employee can work together because their goals are compatible.

(30 Jul '10, 23:17) Vesuvius
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Could it be possible that it is just your ego that is being sated or is that feeling of peace at a deeper level?

Quite possibly, as Vesuvius pointed out, you may be two different personalities who bring out the best in each other.

My only caution would be to make sure that you are not looking for some sense of fulfillment from your relationship with her ( in other words,you're not looking for her to make you feel complete ) because if this is the case then just be aware that it is definitely coming from ego.

When we look to other people or things to fulfill or complete us, it can only ever end in disaster because no-one or no thing can ever give us that sense of completeness or fulfillment. The only way to attain that is to go within and connect with Higher self and Source.

This is not to deter from the fact that this relationship could possibly have a great influence and impact on your life and indeed may turn out to be a very genuine connection. Only you can know if it is ego looking for fulfillment or the peace and completeness you mention are at a deeper level. I hope it's the latter. And remember that everything that happens in your life is the LOA at work - whether you're aware of it or not. Good luck!


answered 17 Jul '10, 13:03

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Yes, I have experienced in my life before and really felt it when I said I am the only one that can make me happy and fulfill me. But I just couldn't help but notice the effect on me in this situation. I am guessing it is probably ego. =( how can I reach this without the ego?

(17 Jul '10, 19:50) Back2Basics
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