When having sexual relations with female or male, does the energy of either one transmit to the other? If the answer is yes, then if a male or female has many relations, apart from the fact that they might get diseases like STD and AIDS, does positive spirituality increase?

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Welcome to the site sanjay. That’s a nice bold question, I like it, thanks :)

Does having sexual relations enhance positive spiritual growth?

If you believe it's a good thing and you feel ecstasy from it every time with every person, then it's a highly beneficial experience. The pleasure, ecstasy and love you feel comes from within you and there's no end to how much and how good it can be. And the better you feel the happier you become. And being in a happy place that feels good most of the time nets you all good things, including clarity and positive spiritual growth :)

When having sexual relations with female or male, does the energy of either one transmit to the other?

No. There's no transfer of energy because your world is you reflected back to you in the Universal Mirror. Due to the holographic nature of the Universe, whereby the All is contained in the One and the One is contained in the All, everyone in the Universal Mirror is a facet of you, they are you; and you are not separate from the mirror either. Everything comes from inside. The love you feel is self love or love
of self.

The way to get any disease is by believing it exists to begin with and thereby, buying into collective agreements that are either already existing or are being introduced by, let’s say Western Pharmaceutical companies :) Once you remember, you realize that there is no Out There, other than what you are willing to believe in through your own discernment and thus agree that it exists as a reality.

In conclusion, if your belief is strong enough you will remain disease free and can have as much sex or anything else you want to. Enjoy 8 D


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Totally agree Eddie- nice one!

(07 Feb '11, 22:30) realityVSimagination

Thank you realityVSimagination :)

(08 Feb '11, 01:18) Eddie

Having sexual relations may enhance your experience of life, and having more sexual relations may cause more of that enhancement...

But no guarantees! If you force yourself to have more sexual relations for the sake of some abstract, unmeasurable and hypothetical benefit, it is unlikely any growth will occur--except to the insatiable beasts of should, consequence, and attachment.

Spiritual growth only occurs as it does. Spiritual growth cannot be planned for, and there are no actions guaranteed to "cause" spiritual results.

If you are extremely uncomfortable about sex, having more may undo some of this tension. If you are extremely attached to having sex, perhaps abstaining for a bit may undo some of that tension.

Let each unique, special, beauty-full situation guide you, and forget about comparisons of "more" and "less" with regard to your past and to what "other people" may or may not be doing.


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Sexual intercourse with some one who you already have a deep spiritual connection can be incredible and very helpful to both parties. I am about to study/learn about Tantric.

What an incredible gift it is. And like all of our other gifts, taken care of with deep love and appreciation will grow and last forever.



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jim 10

not really, it's just fun.


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agreed, minial spirit and much earth

(09 Feb '11, 01:52) fred

agreed, minimal spirit and much earth

(09 Feb '11, 01:57) fred

Sexual energy is a most potent creative energy! When sex is done appropriately there is an energy exchange that takes place. The male gives out strength while the female gives out blessing and inspiration. It enhances positive spiritual growth for it brings you close to another-self in the sharing of one-self.In becoming one with another.

Like the rest, I don't believe in STD's and AIDS; However, having lots of relations with many stops you from having lots of good sex with a special one. It is something like practise makes perfect. It is something you have to learn for yourself that random sex isn't all that hollywood makes it out to be. The spiritual growth from such behavior though might be that in the final analysis is that the positions and the person may look different but it is all the same! which in a roundabout way might bring you to the realization of Oneness.

Thank you, namaste


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yes energy can transfer from one to the other when the feeling is true!


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