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What people don't seem to know is that they chose to come here so there is nothing to escape!If they really did meditation and went out of the body to god(samadhi) they would know that! You chose to come here and experience this world to grow and learn new stuff so stop trying to escape, and do something good for yourself and others from this experience! Know that you are here by choice and when you really make the choice at 100% to leave from here you will go... that is called death!That is why suicide is bad, it is destroying the body and stopping you from doing what you came here to do! There is no escape from your own choice!Here is an example of samadhi and what it looks like when you exit the body:

If you want to know who showed me that we made the choice to come here, it was the biggest light the one at the far end or in the middle when you get there! For me he is the source the one name I am that I am!

like a moth to a flame everything can be reveled to you but it will burn you. how can you retain the universe from the alpha to the omega?

asked 23 May '11, 17:30

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

At a fundamental level, everyone knows they're eternal. Thus, maybe some people have decided to come here on an ignorance is bliss holiday because it doesn't matter. There's no rush and there's no schedule and no one can get it wrong. Is that OK with you? If not, ask yourself: who is it that cares? Then maybe you'll be able to relax :)

(24 May '11, 04:18) Eddie

eddie i am relax!it is just the truth of the matter! am i the only one to know this in this world? no one else as been there to know that yet?

(24 May '11, 05:18) white tiger

if ignorance is bliss then why are we on a site call inward quest sharing knowledge together and learning from each other?

(24 May '11, 05:45) white tiger

Are you asking a question, or making a statement?

(31 May '11, 16:38) Vesuvius

both vesuvius! ia m saying the truth of something in question!

(31 May '11, 18:48) white tiger

I both agree and disagree.

(02 Aug '11, 20:21) Asklepios

and why is that asklepios?

(03 Aug '11, 00:17) white tiger
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it may be a combination of a lack of understanding on who we are and how we percieve what we percieve,
as we were as a child the same person yet undeveloped in bodily adeptness and self-consciousness,
some of us grow up objectively, while most do subjectively and as we develop is what we continue to see and hear,
sometimes loosing or distancing ourselves from the truth and our truth,
we can continues to look outward for sense or make more effort to take an inward quest

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answered 15 Jun '11, 07:46

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yes i agree fred lots of people have a lack of understanding!

(16 Jun '11, 02:54) white tiger

white tiger, it may be a difference in the pace of development. we are all evolving, yet some find their path and proceed to find the core of universal consciousness while others are still taken up with their material form, not realizing that it is only the reflection of their true being.

(17 Jun '11, 21:28) fred

yes it might be or as it was said there is no worse blind then someone that does not want to see! or worse deaf as someone that does not want to ear!

(23 Jun '11, 01:38) white tiger

put aside the judgement and look for the similarity,
as the step is fully understood then only is the next within grasp, some of 'blind' are yet too self-obsessed, when it is not yet ready for their spiritual seed to sprout

(25 Jun '11, 01:11) fred

no judgement fred only observation! even jesus could not cure some people and that is what he said about blind and deaf.

(26 Jun '11, 23:35) white tiger
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You can escape this world anytime you want to, simply by turning inward.

Remember, this world (as you experience it) is your own mental construction. Don't believe me? Close your eyes for a moment. What is in front of you? Your computer screen? How do you know that, if you don't see it? It's not just because it's still there; it's because you remember that it is still there.

The way we perceive our world is heavily influenced by our beliefs about the way the world is. Some of these beliefs, like the reliability of gravity, have been forged by experience. But others have taken shape because we made decisions about the way the world is.

Einstein once said, "The most important decision a person can make is whether we live in a friendly or hostile universe." Decisions like that can have a profound effect on the quality of our life. We control the way we respond to things; nobody else does.

Now, it is true that there are some things like depression that have a strong biochemical basis. There are sensible treatments available from doctors for such people that can improve their quality of life. But many people get chemically imbalanced because they have stinkin' thinkin'. These people can be helped temporarily by medications, but solving the core problem requires that they make a decision to change the way they think.

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answered 31 May '11, 16:30

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it is still there even if i don't remember it! you can still sense stuff around you with eye close even if you don't remember what is there! did it not happen to you once that you are sleeping and then you fell the room around you or people around you and you did not see them or ear them! but you feel them and your surrounding!

(31 May '11, 18:52) white tiger

It is still there, alright. But if you don't remember it is there, it has no relevance to you.

(31 May '11, 20:15) Vesuvius

it as only relevance to you if you experiance why it is so and what it means!

(01 Jun '11, 02:14) white tiger
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Are we agreeing or disagreeing on the one fundamental truth, if so, is there a truth for everyone, or is this another case of a power struggle between the sexes?

Naturally, no one gets to leave by choice, since our Book of life events are crafted, and created in time, before our time here, and we therefore have to attend and live each day as it present it’s self to us as a story in our life, and a journey from our past, present, and future, for there is no truth in death, but a soul lost in time, to reappear again, and again one more time!

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answered 16 Jul '11, 05:45

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Inactive User ♦♦

well vee you could leave by choice but it would not give you annything. you came here by choice. so experiance and enjoy.

(16 Jul '11, 15:24) white tiger

No one can take my life from me. I sacrifice it voluntarily. For I have the authority to lay it down when I want to and also to take it up again. jesus knee this.

(25 Jul '11, 06:25) white tiger

@white tiger: Yes indeed Jesus was a very wise man, and he knew the truth. Personally, I believe, when you hear the voice of God calling you, you experience the truth of his words, as you experience the anointing of the Holy Spirit from within, and without.

(25 Jul '11, 22:55) Inactive User ♦♦

yes you do you see it all. and you know it is the truth. experiance and enjoy.

(30 Jul '11, 01:19) white tiger
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Maybe they belong to a different perspective where one believes that we are here against our will.

This idea goes something like this.

We are being imprisoned here (our souls) against our will trapped within this dimension instead of the natural evolution that should have allowed us to move out of this trap long time ago.

According to this theory the ones who trapped us here are an alien civilization who genetically crossbred the existing (early man) with their own "intelligent" DNA to produce this Human form and then they contained us within a matrix of predictable & programmable field of information called consciousness.

You can see this exact story explained in the History Channel series called the Ancient aliens except they leave the "trapped against our will" and the consciousness part out of it.

Here is a link below if you are interested.

So if you accept this perspective as being true, then by escaping one chooses to not re-incarnate within this same situation.

However, as far as I know the "escaping" in this context is to be achieved after one's natural death and not necessarily to willingly bring one's physical existence to an end while here. (Like the heavens gate cult)

It is more a process of awakening one's senses to as much of the "truth" of what is going on so that at the point of a natural end to one's physical experience, the individual is fully aware of the true picture of how things are and has a greater freedom of choice to decide what happens next.

Of course, this whole thing depends on if the entire explanation above is actually true.

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answered 02 Aug '11, 16:56

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The Traveller

if i tell you that i made the choice to return and experience this world. and not stay there that would have been the equivalent of mahasamadhi.

(02 Aug '11, 18:45) white tiger

as for the escaping part the man that though he was trap and see that he is not trap but is free is he not free to escape is delusion?

(19 Aug '11, 03:15) white tiger
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