We have the Bible, which proves to many people that God does exist, but unfortunately, it has many inconsistencies and other issues which people non-Biblical people use to argue that the Bible is an untrustworthy book.

We have mystics who contact God directly, but people not of faith use everything from right-brain studies to downright deliberate harassment of these people to debunk and/or make fun of their experiences.

Even some people on Inward Quest say that God is "within" us, that we, in essence, are God. We may be a part of God in some way, but what I am referring to in this question is a God who exists of His (or Her) own accord, who uses humanity to get His will done, and who loves us, and takes us to Him when we die. Many on IQ say that God is completely and solely within ourselves and does not exist anywhere else at all.

But what if we had absolute proof that God is a Supreme being, who resides in the Spiritual realm, and that we are connected to Him, but are not Him in any way?

How would this absolute proof change our society?

How would it change you?

Please do not take this question as an opportunity to argue that God is solely within us and nowhere else. I want to focus just on the premise that God is a real being, not just a neat idea, okay? Please consider how knowing that there is a God and it is a fact (my premise) would change society, the world, and in particular, your behavior and mine.

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful answers,


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asked 25 Jul '13, 19:54

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It wouldn't change the world. The human mind would still come up with ways to refute that proof. Faith requires no proof. The evolutionary impulse that drives the Universe ( whatever you chose to call it...I choose Love) has no personal agenda. The mind that holds itself apart from God/Love will continue to create self endured suffering until it realizes that it Is, always has been and always will be an integral part of the Whole and thus an integral part of God/Love itself.

The only way the world will ever change is when each individual fully realizes their own divinity. We each experience the world through the filter of our own mind and the beliefs we create from our experiences. But every human being has the power to change those beliefs simply by questioning and choosing not to believe every thought that enters their mind. We all have the power to create our own Heaven or Hell.

As above so below. As within so without.


answered 26 Jul '13, 20:59

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Beautiful question but, tell me why u need proof that God exists.., try to listen ur heart beats n within seconds u l feel directly connected to God.

What i feel is..that God-pa is everywhere, he is with in us, so above us,so below, n all around us, he is in each n everything ..may it be living or non living.

I read book 'autobiography of a yogi' by respected swami yogananda paramhansa, it clearly says, that God is sitting in spiritual world, controlling each n every thread of our lives. It says,that he is present there..lik..shivji ,bhamha dev n all other Gods are sitting somewhere watching all of us. But,that doesn't mean that he is not withih us., remember we are made in his image. We all have that God gene within us so,obviously he is within us also.

I hope i hav made things little clear to u..

Lots of love,light n blessings ur wayyy..

Supergirl :))


answered 26 Jul '13, 01:54

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"God-pa" that is sooo cute - very cool @supergirl. I mentioned God-pa to several people & they all loved it. Did you mean to say "controlling'? I have the book, I haven't read it - only leafed through it.

(07 Aug '13, 02:54) ele

ele..thank u so much :) i meant..yah he does control us.., along with us.., means along with God we control our lives ..not without him.

(08 Aug '13, 08:16) supergirl

Thanks for clarifying - I didn't think you meant we didn't have free will. God is always present..

(08 Aug '13, 09:01) ele
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It wouldn't at all Jai in my opinion.

Firstly I know God exists because im sure I do. Im not sure about any "outside entity" but I know above all else that " I AM" and that is..ness is God. So to me God must exist...because im Him...along with the rest of humanity I might add.

If an outside god did appear and did a bunch of seemingly impossible miracles and claimed He/She /It was god we would treat this in a number of ways.

  1. Many would believe this entity to be the anti christ...they just would.

  2. Some would believe this entity was an alien of some description that was made BY god.

  3. Others would believe it might be god, but after a little while of this entitys rule would doubtless become a little resentful of its ministrations.

There may be dozens of other scenarios but I hope you get the point. Life would carry on much as normal. Bear in mind Jai that there are the neck end of one billion catholics who fairly much believe in a deity, add to that 7 to 8 hundred muslims who are pretty sure too. Then theres the evangelicals,hindus,sikhs etc. Theres already a large chunk of humanity that to "some extent" believe to some degree in a god.

Its not made a massive difference. I know many who are " sure" theres a god that live their lives just like the guy next door whos an atheist.

Im sure in my own heart and mind that God and I are one and the same person. This hasn't turned me into a super saint, its not made me loose my physical flaws, faults and failings.

That's my take Jai.


answered 26 Jul '13, 02:04

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Monty Riviera

you ask an oxymoron
for our material form
to percieve and define
its divine progenitor

that It exists


answered 26 Jul '13, 06:59

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If God is "A" being in a spiritual realm, then what is God made of? This being called God would be made of energy just as everything else in existence. We are all ONE because as Energy we are all connected.

Now, if there was some separate God, then yes, of course it would influence the society.

Some will accept it as God, others will call it a deceptive being or spirit wanting to control.


answered 02 Aug '13, 22:12

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IMO, you have to identify absolute or definitive proof better for the question to have a viable response. I am one who is certain that there is no absolute proof for existence of physical universe, and instead argue that it is an intersubjective proof that is firmly established for its, so called, reality.

I realize that might be a bit too philosophical/technical for some, but I see it as obvious considerations when debating / discussing the nature of reality.

If I were to pretend that is not necessary and skip to point that says physical world is real, and respond to the question in that way, I would say proof will never be definitive because what I call 'God' another could, just as easily call 'Flying Spaghetti Monster.' Which would matter as both of us would be coming in with preconceived notions. As in, 'wow, that's just like Flying Spaghetti Monster to move that stone. This means there will be a good pasta season in the spring.'

Also, to nitpick on the question a bit more, I would be very interested in understanding how I am connected to God, but am not God in any way. I find that to be an unreasonable assertion and one in discussion that I feel would be overcome through reason.

With all that said, and responding in to the (ahem) spirit of the inquiry, I think if some magical definitive proof was established for God's existence in our physical reality, and all reasonable people accepted this in same way we accept the world is round, then I think for the vast majority it would change how life is lived. We'd be aware of the 'supreme watcher' for our actions and for sure our collective actions, which I think many would stop with lies toward others.

Yet, I think a loop would be created, that exists now, where a certain segment is wanting to test the parameters of this God. If little lies were seen as permissible, then bigger deceptions would certainly be entertained and if God did nothing about these, then who would there be to say those are 'wrong?' Along these lines, I think there would be a good many who would be tripping over themselves to show up as 'God's favorite' or 'God's Messengers' and thus perpetuating an advantage for themselves, while also plausibly perpetuating a grand deception.

It would take a god that is 'not me in any way' to allow deception to 'work.' That's not easy to explain, but if you look at the way in which deception currently 'works' it isn't exactly alien to how things are now set up. People, includes me, think that a little white lie told to another is not self deception. As long as that is at work, the denial around 'who am I in relation to God' would still be prevalent.


answered 08 Aug '13, 12:33

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