I say no.

This is why: I believe in God, in Heaven, in satan, in evil, and even in a particle so small that accounts for the energy of prayer and why it works...

In other words, not everything can be explained in a rational, logical way. Some things require what is called: FAITH.

At the beginning of the movie, The Song of Bernadette, there is a saying: "If you do not believe in God, no explanation is possible. If You do, no explanation is necessary". I guess we will always be divided into two camps...What do you think about this? Where do you stand?

Blessings, Jaianniah

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I remember a story; LeeAnn will recognize this story.

There was once a physicist and a guru. They each had their own group following. They agreed to meet for a meeting. They decided that they were both going to put an end to these battles once and for all. Both men determined to show that their own side was solely right and that the other was wrong. They both went behind closed doors while their followers sat outside, waiting. After a few hours, the doors were opened, and both men came out of the doorway. The physicist said to his group, "Everything I know, this man sees!" The people on the guru's side cheered! He had won!... But wait! The guru was about to speak! The guru said to his followers: "Everything I see, this man knows!"

Then both sides cheered, because they realized this: that one was observing experience, and the other was experiencing observing. Both were looking at the same thing from two entirely different angles.

With all of this explained, I still know science is only as good as its present and past beliefs based on its present and past findings from its present and past technologies. In other words, science is "right" until proven completely wrong by new discoveries.

I don't believe spiritual experience needs to be "right"-just experienced. So instead of saying: this is how things are, we might instead say this: it is just an experience of how things are. We do ponder, though, because if we didn't, this site would not exist.

To paraphrase William Shakespeare: "There is a whole lot more to the earth and heaven than a man could ever imagine."


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade-nice explication

(14 Aug '11, 04:07) blubird two

We don't need to. Some people feel a need to see that everything is logically coherent (in their model) and explainable, but even that is really unnecessary.

Logic is one primary way we humans attempt to understand our universe. It is methodical, step-by-step reasoning and is deductive (if "this", then "that.") The process of logic is usually centered (in the US anyway) in the left hemisphere of the brain. We humans are also inductive (an instinctive.) We perceive quite clearly and instantly all manner of things in our world in a way that is non-logical. Usually with areas of our brains other than the left prefrontal cortex. We smell, hear, sense, and know much--instantly--that is neither explainable nor rational. (Read "My Stroke of Genius" for a wonderful look into what the non-logical parts of our mind are capable of.)


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Richard Johnson

it may be possible to rationalize what is going on,
but one would need to start with an accurate premise.
there is little agreement on why and how we are here,
and what it is that we are supposed to be doing while here.
science, philosophy and religion each with their champions,
looking only at their side of what they believe to be truth.
so is it all relative or is there a design, a purpose and destiny for each living thing


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logic n intellect have a limit. they may grow the more u broaden ur horizon but it will end at ur horizon. if u hadnt known abt the LOA, u wd not have believed in manifesting ur wish. but now that u do, u can explain it in terms of words. still there wd b things we hav not read abt or have not been exposed to. so there intellect acts as n obstacle. afterall what we believe is nothing more than what we have read, seen, heard, smelt, felt, thought, visualized, imagined, touched, tasted. then Is it not possible that there is something we have not read, seen, heard, smelt, felt, thought, imagined, visualized, touched and tasted? this is the limitation of rationality. Obviously intuition, spirituality and faith are beyond rationality, but once u become more n more wise, u realize that nothing really rejects rationality. even God's existence becomes rational, but u need to experience it 1st. but what is beyond the area of rational approach needs faith/belief and surrender on ur part if u need to witness it. this is y faith comes 1st, and experience comes later.


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abhishek mishra

well if you have experience it then you know it is true and your faith is much more strongh and it is rationnal and logical for you.

(29 Aug '11, 04:21) white tiger

the only limit you have is the one you imposse on your self.

(29 Aug '11, 04:23) white tiger

well i say yes everything can be explained by rationnal mean and logic. but we lack some info or means to grasp some stuff. but when we can grasp that it becomes rationnal or logic. example it might not be rationnal for someone living in a small village in africa that as no link with the rest of the world that you can put information and knowledge and the world in a computer. for him you are a shaman or a demon that is the rationnal that he will have. but for us knowing how the computer works it is logic and rationnal. one day we will have more discovery made in some field that for now are obscured or not much explored and it will become logical and rationnal. as for faith and belief it is 2 different things.experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

A Ferrari is a beautiful thing.

Its engine is made with very precise tolerances and operates at very high speeds with great predictability bringing a childish grin and much joy to those who can afford one.

This feat of engineering was possible because of mathematics, geometry, science, and the collective pursuits of many brilliant minds.

The kind of mind that put man on the moon.

Tomorrow you are told that you have a terminal illness and the most rational and brilliant minds in medicine tell you that there is no cure for you.

Will you turn to God or will you say, "The most rational thing for me to do here is to die"?

Everything that is rational came from an irrational place called inspiration.

However, we cannot confuse the two.

When you build a house, you want your architect to know the building code and you shouldn't care what church he or she belongs to.

At your church, you want the pastor to practice what he/she preaches and it is irrelevant if the pastor can understand Einstein’s equations.

Not everything can be explained by rational means because it has not happened so far.

They are both necessary, but it seems that only one is irritated by the existence of the other.


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The Traveller

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