Consider: But more important would God allow any one to see into his mind?

Issues addressing: I was having a conversation with some people, and the subject of God came up, and I happened to mention to them what Jaianniah had said in one of her questions she had posted about seeing into the mind of God. So, I and these people had a long conversation about the possibility of any one seeing into the mind of God, and I promised these people that I will post the question that they have asked me on Inward Quest to get some more answers, on this subject matter?

So the answer that I am looking for is: How can any one know what inside the mind of God looks like, and how can any one be sure that it was the mind of God they saw?

All answers are welcomed!

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I will share your answers with my friends, and I like the fact that everyone’s approach to answering this question was unique, and insightful. Thank you!

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I think when one comes into a full realization of their own being, they are tapping into the mind of God. In other words when one knows thyself fully, they are operating from that God perspective. And I think it's more a way of being rather than a visual.


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like your answer +1 (not an easy question to answer)

(26 May '11, 20:58) The Traveller

Thanks Traveller :)

(26 May '11, 22:01) Michaela

I believe that the mapping of the human brain (nerves and their connections) that scientist can show and "prove" is a physical mirror of the Mind of God. The physical brain certainly has a relationship to the non-physical mind. We as humans are made in the image of an Intelligent Creator. I do believe that we are all connected physically and mentally to God... just like a parent is physically and mentally with its child....Even if that child "dies" before the parent, the connection lives on (and vice versa). Why ? Because the connection is more than just physical. As above, so below...the duality in all things. What we see in the physical realm, is merely a reflection of what is occurring in the non-physical realm.

So, having said that, I think a person can see into the Mind of God...I think that you would get a snap shot into the Mind of God...from your human, very unique perspective. But I am not sure if you (we) see the entirety of God"s Mind. God is All things ...and No thing.

I think of the fact that astronomers can prove there are billions of stars (that means there are more uncounted). I instantly get lost in the concept of such a large amount of space, energy, matter contained within that. The Power and Intelligence that holds Galaxies together... effortlessly. How could a Human Being See feel creation from that vantage point? Perhaps that is the object of this virtual reality game we call life on earth :)

alt text


answered 26 May '11, 15:11

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"...this virtual reality game we call life on earth :)" Allowing for that possibility goes a long way to bringing you closer to oneness my friend :)

(27 May '11, 02:42) Eddie

thank you Eddie...

(27 May '11, 13:12) streetsanto

@streetsanto: Brilliant answer and I can relate to the scientific findings, thank you!

(28 May '11, 20:31) Inactive User ♦♦
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It’s a bit tricky and challenging answering this question, without first considering a question I asked previously How do you define god?

There's his god, her god, their god, your god and my god or if you're an atheist, no god. I’m just wondering how people define god? And as a bonus question, does god have a god? In other words is there such a thing as god of god?

If we do not view god in the same way, then it's unlikely that we'll be in agreement when considering this new question. Nevertheless, I’ll offer my perspective.

Can any one person actually see into the mind of God?

Your very question implies separation and as such, in your own estimation, places you outside of the realm of god. However, in truth, I question the assumption that there is something, anything, outside of your own psyche; outside of your own projection of reality.

As streetsanto points out, and I see also, life actually is a virtual reality game that we call life on earth. And it’s a game of remembering who we really are, which at a fundamental level, and based on the idea and, if you go into it, the actuality of oneness. There’s no real separation, there’s only the idea of separation caused by the artificial concept of linear time.

So the mind of god and your mind are one and the same thing. Can you see how freeing this is and that once you allow for the possibility of it, how these questions can be answered by you, without the need of any outside (non-reality) influence?

Consider: But more important would God allow any one to see into his mind?

The above answer applies here also, S/He is you and you are S/He.

All wonders and magical realities are always there waiting for us to allow ourselves to step up and thus, tune in to whatever reality feels good to us. How much love will you allow yourself to feel? How much love can you imagine for yourself? How much better will you allow yourself to feel? Do you believe there’s a limit to infinite love and feeling good? Those limitations are our illusory limitations and once they’re removed; we’ll experience love in full which is ourself.

All realities occur and exist within infinite consciousness, which is the mind of god. There’s no thing and no place outside of the here and now. There are only different perspectives of the one here and now moment. Can you allow for the idea, can you visualize one being, us, eternally moving at infinite speed and thus experiencing itself/ourself as separate, but always now?

And you may say that’s impossible, but again that’s a self-imposed limitation which you’ve applied to god and it tells you that you believe god has limitations, where there are none. Without the illusion of separation, no experience of All That Is would be possible, that seems clear.

Of course what all this implies is that you are me and I am you. And that we are both the questioner and the question answerer :) And I’ve seen questions raised and asked, such as: if we’re all one and we, obviously, already know all this, what’s the point? For me the point is to have fun. It excites me to do my best to put the things I’m remembering into understandable words using this (from an infinite perspective) arbitrary language and sharing with arbitrary people on an arbitrary planet…

Sure, I maybe wrong about everything I say, but as long as I’m having fun, who cares? :)


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nicely laid out Eddie :)

(28 May '11, 16:05) streetsanto

Thank you Eddie and I welcome your answer with great respect for your insight, and great wisdom!

(28 May '11, 20:28) Inactive User ♦♦

According to the Bible, God is everywhere. The Bible also says that there is no new idea under the sun. So, my thought is that in the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, He also created all the ideas we would ever seek. So all ideas are in the 'mind of God' for us to reach out and grab. There is also a universal law of as above so below, as below so above, as within so without, as without so within. Therefore, all ideas are already inside us to reach in and grab. Since everything is energy, which is vibrations, then when we are seeking, and our vibration matches the idea, they connect and we get new ideas. So in this way, we have access to the 'mind of God.'


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Interesting point, and indeed the Bible is a reflecting of seeing into the mind of God, thank you!

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god is light counscient awareness the creator eternal the father! the answer is that he could tell you anny think you ask the though would hit you at the speed of light you would fall on your knee from the weight of that knowledge! example: you ask him lets say how motor works? and you would see all the different kind of motor when they where created by who the evolution through time of all those motor! all that in a flash!so imagine if you ask him what is the meaning of all this? you could not contain all of it you could retain so little! it is not because he does not want to tell you it is because you are not ready for all that yet!


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white tiger

Your answer resonates well with me, thank you!

(09 Jun '11, 03:27) Inactive User ♦♦

in our present state of existence we are able to see only those things/forms of like density or vibration that we are in.
there is beingness all around us, yet we only percieve our own 'kind',
knowing thyself as a part of the eternal, may be as good as it gets for this round


answered 27 May '11, 10:21

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I agree that there is being-ness all around us, yet we only perceive our own kind, thank you!

(28 May '11, 20:26) Inactive User ♦♦
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