If we manifest events and material objects into our lives with our thoughts, then Isn't Faith the ultimate form of manifesting? Why wouldn't our thoughts then affect God? Is He not part of the total reality of the Universe? Or are there different laws concerning God?

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Hi Jaianniah, the way I understand it is that we do not create or manifest what we do is allow the creation/manifestation to occur. Only Source energy has the ability to create. That is how Abraham explains it and it makes sense to me.

(16 Feb '11, 23:05) Drham

Jaianniah, be careful of human hubris, though it is possible to think any thoughts. you would have to surmount the rules of nature first to attain your proclaimed vision and that may just not be.

(16 Feb '11, 23:52) fred
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Emotionally the strength of our faith does effect God but it is on a emotional spiritual level. In other words it will make him very happy to see and feel us strengthen our faith which leads to developing our personal relationship with God so that we will know that we know that he is real and that he does exist and that he knows us, has all power and loves us. So, yes we can make God happy, sad,jealous, angry but only because he loves us not because we are so good at manifesting and creating like we NOW have power over God that is where we are begining to make a serious mistake in judgement on our part; if this might be our line of thinking.

Now we might think that we have power over God than that is wrong for God is all powerful and we will fall into the mistaken concept like the devil thinking he was as powerful as God and you see where that got him.

So, NO we have no power over God we can not make him do anything but through his love for us we can make him real happy, sad, disappointed in us, or angry with us. Like maybe your children could put a smile on your face or make you angry for the moment for whatever they have done. Lets not think that we can ever be higher than the CREATOR we cannot I don't care how good we get at manifesting. But manifesting and faith or two different things as Vesuvius said and explain very well.

I personally don't think the laws apply to God for whatever God speaks that is what it is. Others may disagree but this is just my personal opinion.

But he has given us the ability or gift to be a co-creator along with him as his children of God as we awaken too the fact that what we speak and think does effect our own personal reality. We must not forget that we have free will to choose God gave us this ability. He allow us to co-create along with him. All we have to do is ask anything in his name and it will be done and don't doubt or don't think negatively. He said if you have as much faith as a mustard seed you can move mountains.

He all so said that life and death or in the power of the tongue. So, he has given us an awesome power and we must be careful how we use it if we are truely the children of God according to our faith. For than we will act more like God and Christ with our ways and actions the way we walk, talk and think and how we treat other people as well as how we treat our selfs and how we hold on to our connections to God through Christ Jesus who stregthens us as we continue on our spiritual journey of connecting more deeply with God or finding out just who God is wherever we are on our quest of life.


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Faith is the act of releasing your resistance so that manifestation can take place.

Recall that the manifesting process takes place in three steps:

  1. Ask
  2. Believe
  3. Receive

The faith is in step 2.

Faith in and of itself does not change God. Rather, faith strengthens our connection with God or Source energy. It is our acts of creation that change God; God expands His consciousness through our living creative, abundant and expanding lives.


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I like the way you explain that very good answer Vesuvius. If you celebrate the Christmas Holidays than you have a very Merry and happy Christmas Vesuvius.

(25 Dec '09, 09:23) flowingwater

I would venture to say, that God is, was, and always will be. God is. I think our faith changes our concept of God. But God just is, was, and will be. We are unable to describe God because as soon as we do, we just limited God to our description, Where God is onmiscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. Can't be described. Therefore, faith only fits and changes with our own individual concept of God.


answered 25 Dec '09, 09:26

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If you were a grain of sand upon the beach and you had a thought what would it be? Or who would it be?

Would the grain think I am the grain or would it think I am the beach?

Which would be correct?

Or would the beach think I am the grain?

When the grain thinks, is the grain thinking as the beach or the beach thinking as the grain?

Or is the grain listening to the beach and interpreting that as its own thought?

Who is the "I AM" in the grain?

Is it the portion of the grain in the beach or the portion of the beach in the grain?

What is inspiration with reference to the grain and the beach?

Now what is Sand in this picture?

The grain is Sand but Sand is "all that is" to the grain.

Event to the beach, Sand is "All that is" and it's more than what it can express.

But where is Sand?

It is the intangible totality that is greater than the individual expressions.

It includes every variation of expression known to the grain.

Therefore it must include the expression of the grain as "itself" for the grain is "Sand"

It may be wrong for the grain to say "I am Sand" not because it is not so, but because the miss-understanding of this relationship is too far and wide.

So a better way to say it is "I am a grain of Sand, and I think as the mind of Sand as seen from the point of reference of this grain"

But the lease offensive way it can say this in public is to say "I am a grain of Sand"

It offends no-one because everybody gets what they want out of that statement.

So how much faith must the grain have in Sand for it to experience the Power of Sand?

That all depends on how much the grain believes "I am not worthy enough to be Sand"

While the grain can never be "unworthy" to be Sand, it does have the free will to attract whatever effect that is consistent with what it believes.

It can believe "I am beautiful golden sand upon a tropical beach" and be moved by the ocean currents till it lands upon a tropical island.

Or it can believe "I am Un worthy of being sand" and end up at the bottom of a muddy river bed.

Whatever the sand believes, it must be expressed is some physical way.

As long as the sand suffers, its suffering must also be expressed physically.

And it does this because the grain always possesses the power of sand within it.

Even in its lowest moment of suffering, the grain possess the complete power of Sand within it, and it is with this power that it is able to express it's suffering in a physical expression of sand, which in this case maybe as silt and mud at the bottom of a river.

Its driving force is its own expression of self-worth as an expression of Sand.

And whatever that expression is within "NOW" is always what "IS".

What the grain believes within "NOW" as an expression of "I AM" is the expression of Sand that the grain will attract forever, for it is NOW forever.

If that expression is "I am suffering NOW", then this will be its expression as Sand forever as long as it is NOW forever.

It will never change until the expression within the grain's mind as Sand or the "Worthy expression of Sand within NOW" changes to a new expression of Worthiness.

It all comes down to "What does the grain believe that it is worthy of?"

It is the grain's measure of its own self-worth.

Whatever the grain's measure as its own self-worth is what will always be expressed as an expression of Sand within NOW, for as long as existence is expressed within NOW.

The only place where the grain can express a different expression of Sand is by changing its own expression of Worthiness as Sand or "Self Worth" within RIGHT NOW to something else as the NEW EXPRESSION OF SELF WORTH RIGHT NOW.

But it has to be RIGH NOW and RIGHT NOW and RIGHT NOW for it is forever RIGHT NOW.

It is the grain's expression of "I am RIGHT NOW WORTHY OF BEING (fill in the blank) and RIGHT NOW this is the expression of my SELF WORTH, and therefore RIGHT NOW I AM (fill in the blank with the same thing).

And because the grain's mind is the Power of Sand as expressed through this and every grain, new events of change will invade the muddy river bottom until the physical expression of the grain reflects its new expression of SELF WORTH AS IT EXISTS WITHIN NOW.


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In case you are wondering what the beach reference is, I have no idea either, but as I pondered upon it after I figured that it is a good representation of the role of religion in the life of a grain of sand. So maybe the beach represents religion. (I know it is not a good fit. the beach was supposed to be the tangible "all that is" until the Sand as the intangible "all that is" showed up and I didn't want to edit out the first substitute).

(20 Feb '11, 15:34) The Traveller

From hermetic point of view, it is not possible to change God. Any magician would not even think about changing God, as we are only mere servants to Him/Her.


answered 25 Jan '10, 19:19

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I finally realized that I truly believe that God is like a Father (and Mother) to us. Just like a Father, He is pleased when we change, when we grow, and when we forgive.

How do I know?

Because I can feel His Blessings through my friends and my life. I cannot put it better, but I definitely feel Him now! I praise Him for the healings I have received and for His Love.

My Blessings, Jai


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In the end... Every profecy will be addressed.


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