There's his god, her god, their god, your god and my god or if you're an atheist, no god. I’m just wondering how people define god? And as a bonus question, does god have a god? In other words is there such a thing as god of god?

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I may answer this but for now, it says in the bible that we are Gods. It also says in the ten commandments we should have no other God before the all God the Alpha-Omega God.

So this answers do Gods have a God, yes. Are there other Gods, yes. God is the creator, this is an infinite now creation.

(22 Jan '14, 02:50) Wade Casaldi

"God is more than the sum of all the probable systems of reality he has created ,and yet he is within each one of these, without exception. He is therefore within each man and women , he is also within each spider, shadow and frog, and this is what man does not like to admit.
God can only be experienced, and you experience him whether or not you realize it through your own existence. In the most inexpiable truth, he is not human in your terms at all, nor in your terms is he a personality. Your ideas of personality are too limited to contain the facets of his multidimensional existence,,"
................Seth Speaks, The Eternal Validity of the Soul......
Channeled by Jane Robberts Recorded by Robbert Butts Material by Seth

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Nice, aside from the gender aspect :)

(21 Jan '14, 23:21) Eddie

I define Him as being all that there is.

Nothing in or outside of creation being outside of Him.

A complete totality,complete intelligence,complete power and complete benevolence.



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Monty Riviera

IMHO This answer is also correct :)

(23 Jan '14, 04:34) Eddie

I don't think the human mind can define God.


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:) :) no wonder my head hurts.

(23 Apr '11, 18:53) you

@ OM ... I think we all get a headache trying to define it :)

(23 Apr '11, 19:01) Michaela

I'm really slow today... welcome back Michael :)

(23 Apr '11, 19:20) Michaela

Yet, what you say is a self-imposed limitation Michaela :)

(24 Apr '11, 11:59) Eddie

@ Eddie - Maybe, but it might a limitation that I choose to live with... I don't want to 'define' God, I want to KNOW God :)

(24 Apr '11, 17:52) Michaela

I just watched a movie (Netflix instant queue ) called The Quantum Activist. It (he) does a pretty good job explaining it. I actually recommend it to all IQ-ers.

(24 Apr '11, 17:52) you

@ Michael... Thanks, your timing is 'perfect' :)

(24 Apr '11, 17:54) Michaela

i agree the best description that ui have heard is in my comment and even this saays that our ideas of personality are way to limited to comprehend the fasits of the multidemensional aspects of him/her/it lol .

(24 Apr '11, 20:08) TReb Bor yit-NE

Michaela- I agree with you.

(25 Apr '11, 10:54) Zee
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Quotations . If you will try to accept the idea that your own existence is multidimensional, that you dwell within the medium of infinite probabilities, then you may catch a slight glimpse of the reality that is behind the word "god,"But the time has come for mankind to take several steps further, to expand the nature of his own consciousness by trying to comprehend a more profound version of reality. You have outgrown the time of children's tales. When your own thoughts have a form and reality,it is not difficult to understand why other systems of probabilities are also affected by your own thoughts and emotions - nor why the actions of the probable gods are not affected by what happens in other dimensions of existence. seth speaks "seth"

another insight on the matter by seth !!'

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

God is a machine that cannot feel. It is a work of perfection unable to choose. That is our job. We are the reflection of the whole. We are free to kill, maim, torture and love. But we create our own wake in the process. We create our universe whichever way we choose, but it comes with a price. All choices are recorded. And debts created must be repaid no matter how many lifetimes it takes. We hold the Universe together as a whole. Duality is the poles reflected in this fractal reality. The levels are infinite. But you have to have both. Perfection and imperfection makes the complete circle. Each in reference to itself to hold the world together. Ying and yang. You cannot harm others without hurting yourself. You cannot love others, without loving yourself. Everything in this hologram is connected.


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The Knights Alchemy

the discussions on your concept of god is tied into youre concept of humankind,
if you are not sure why you are here now your god will most likely be pieced together to give a cause,
twentyfirst century man, with his overemphasis on material form trys to define god through his senses.
should you see a composite being of man instead, the concept of hierarchy may shed light on a multitude of gods,
do you have to feel him, see him, hear him or just know that you are in the core of your heart a splinter of him


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I do not have A God.

We feel so alone and think there must be something or someone who is responsible for this.

And that gnawing of responsibility tears at us for eternity.

I WAS created. It happened TO me. This forever feeling of separateness and aloneness that binds us to BELIEVE that something somehow OUTSIDE us created us.

We cannot ask about god without asking about faith. To get deeper, we must first answer "What is faith?" Since nothing is fully known, it might be safe to say we live fully on faith. Do I know for sure the sun will shine tomorrow? No, but I have faith that it will. But that is faith based on a proven track record. The sun has shown so it must again.

Is faith in God the same? I would say no. Faith in God is an idea brought by mans mind and created solely by man himself. God did not create man in the likeness of himself, man created God in his likeness.

What seems to bind us, at closer look might really divide us. As Traveler says we believe in what we do not fully understand for otherwise it would be knowing. We were given things to ponder of the "unknown" since the beginning of time. God, ET's mysticism etc and these unknowns created beliefs. There are no beliefs of 2+2=4 it is known. These faith based ideas, since they have no proofs, lend themselves to beliefs. As many beliefs as there are people in some cases. Are beliefs not ego based then. Is a belief just an idea of the ego. I do not need to believe in food, I need to eat it. So beliefs are the one thing in common that is also responsible for our division.

What would I need a god for anyway. A god serves me no purpose. A god does serve the purpose of those who try to control others through a fear based system. I do not need an idea of a god to know what it is that I am here for because I have the proof of what it is that works.

Loving kindness is beneficial to all sentient beings. I did not need a god to tell me that. I see the results of that loving kindness daily. When I do not practice loving kindness, I see the results of that also. Again, no need for a god to tell me that.

What does the concept of god serve? Does it matter where we came from? Does it matter where we go (afterlife). This need to have unanswered (and mostly irrelevant) questions answered is by far an exercise in futility. When all of our most important questions can be answered right now through the practice of understanding, tolerance, mindfulness and loving kindness to all sentient beings.

God is a concept. I am reality. You are reality. We are Love.

What we do not know unites us, then divides us.


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My definition of God is: God is the force that connects all life. God is also the eternal light which is all life. God is perfect. God is harmony. God is all.

Love and Light


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god is god the light source of the universe! and the universe at the same time! as a light source we are created in is image! as is body form the universe we have been given physical body! hope this solve your question! why we are not able to have godly power on this planet we are not at that stage yet!each things come when it is the time for it to come!no belief here just knowing!

God the source of absolute awareness from the alpha to the omega(beguinning to the end) the creator of everything that was that is and that will be. the father of all the awareness that exist in is divine plan. source of light brighter then a thousand sun. that is god.

experience and enjoy


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white tiger

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God the source of absolute awareness from the alpha to the omega(beguinning to the end) the creator of everything that was that is and that will be. the father of all the awareness that exist in is divine plan. source of light brighter then a thousand sun. that is god.

experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Thands for the answer White Tiger.

(06 Sep '11, 07:01) Paulina 1

thank you Paulina Giao i could have continue for many pages but the words are missing to describe it all. experience and enjoy.

(10 Sep '11, 08:27) white tiger

defining God, this is a tough definition, for example i just know and feel that there is a super power over my abilities and control.


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Long time back I had read one article on web which I had saved on my hard disk. Here it goes ....

"One girl came to meet me. She asked me, 'Tell me, is there really a God?' She was ready to argue that there is no God. I looked at her face, her eyes. She was tensed, filled with argument; she wanted to fight about the point. Really deep down she wanted that there is no God, because if there is God you can not be in trouble. If there is God then you cannot remain whatsoever you are; then a challenge comes. God is a challenge. It means you cannot be satisfied with yourself; something higher than you is possible. A higher state, an absolute state of consciousness is possible. That's what God means. So she was ready to argue, and she said, 'I am an atheist and I don't believe in God.'

I told her, 'If there is no God, how can you not believe in him? And God is irrelevant. Your belief and your disbelief, your argument for and your argument against is related to you; it is not related to God. Why are you concerned? If there is no God, why have you travelled so long, and why have you come to me to argue about something which is not?

Forget and forgive him. Go to your home, don't waste your time. If he is not, then why are you worried? Why this effort to prove that he is not? This effort shows something about you. You are afraid. If God is, then it is a challenge. If God is not, then you can remain whatsoever you are; there is no challenge to life.' A person who is afraid of challenges, risks, dangers, of changing himself, of mutation, will always deny that there is God. The denial is his mind; the denial shows something about him, not about God. I told her that God is not a thing which can be proved or disproved. God is not an object about which we can take some opinion for or against. God is a possibility within you. It is not something without; it is a possibility within you. If you travel to that possibility, he becomes real. If you don't travel up to that point, he is unreal. And if you argue against him then there is no point in traveling; you remain the same. And this becomes a vicious circle. You argue that God is not, and because of it you never travel towards him - because it is an inner travel, an inner journey. You never travel, because how can you travel towards the point which is not? So you remain the same. And when you remain the same you never meet, you never encounter God. You never come to any feeling, to any vibration from him. Then it is proved more for you that he is not. And the more it is proved, the more you are far away, the more you are falling, the more the gap increases. So it is not a question of whether God is nor not. It is a question of whether you want to grow or not. If you grow, your total growth will be in the meeting, your total growth will be in the communion, your total growth will be in the encounter.

With Love Dave


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