I try and visualise being with my soulmate but as much as I want to believe it will happen and be excited about it, my natural thoughts imagine the future on my own

For example, I try and imagine being with a soulmate....how that feels etc. Its very hard. I find it soo hard to imagine and also my natural thoughts when someone asks for example so I want to go on holiday next year, or talks about the future, I just automatically think of me on my own....not in a sad way but Ive been single so long, sometimes I just cant imagine my life changing.

How do I work round this???


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Michelle, it's been a few months since you posted this.....I honestly just would like to wish you goodness, please tell if your soul mate has arrived yet....I am in an exact situation of yours, and hearing you have united would make me, and many others, feel just amazingly electric.

(20 Feb '12, 06:15) Nikulas
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Hi Michelle,

I feel that if you take your time and read this, whilst you're in a relaxed state of mind it will help you,


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excellent website. Thank you.

(19 Feb '12, 05:18) Inner Beauty

You could start planning to have another person in your life. Park on just one side of the garage, sleep on one side of the bed, purchase more dishes and utensils...little things like that, and each time you do, make a silent affirmation about preparing for your soulmate. You can also write letters to him or her once in awhile, telling him that you know he is out there waiting for you just as you wait for him, that you will recognize each other and about the wondeful times you will share. By doing things in the physical realm you will change your mind as well and your habits. And when you meditate or do your mental work, just imagine yourself with a soulmate...feel the joy at doing things together, feel the weight of a ring on your finger if marriage is your goal and so forth. You don't have to actually see a specific face in your visualizations. How do I know all this? It worked for me! Best wishes.


answered 31 May '11, 01:44

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LeeAnn 1

Great answer, it seems Florance Scovel Shinn influenced?

(15 Jul '11, 02:04) Wade Casaldi

An old book called "Write It Down Make It Happen"--Henriette Klauser, combined with The Silva Method of working at something wanted during your meditations. I suppose I amalgamated many things I have read, learned, heard....thanks Wade.

(15 Jul '11, 03:31) LeeAnn 1

so nice to hear it worked for you.

(19 Feb '12, 04:46) Inner Beauty
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Be the best person you can be, in whatever ways you define "best."

In time, as you do this, you will attract a person that is compatible with your best self. And it will happen without much effort on your part.


answered 31 May '11, 02:30

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Most of us spend our life looking for the king or queen of hearts. However, when we go within and realize that the Ace of hearts resides there, the others will naturally follow suit :)


answered 15 Jul '11, 01:35

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profound, and cleverly phrased :) Have added this to my favourite quotes.

(22 Jan '12, 08:39) cassiopeia

The opposite of love is fear. Ask yourself what you are afraid of. Then start exploring the fear itself. Make friends with that fear and it will dissolve.

You do not truly desire a partner...yet, that is why you revert back to the other feeling. (I think) :)

Most of al you have to be comfortable with NOW. When that happens, your later 'nows' will always be comfortable.

I am living a similar situation by the way.


answered 30 May '11, 23:27

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Nice answer except 'love' doesn't have an opposite and when 'fear' is fully explored it will be revealed for the illusion that it is :)

(30 May '11, 23:31) Michaela

Newman!! :)))))

(30 May '11, 23:32) you

I quess, Your only soulmate is You. If You are comfortable with Yourself and love yourself with all the faults, then thatś the bliss.

We are not separate, we are all from one source in my mind, so there´s no so named exact soulmate. Since the person with whom You are together who makes You feel like you have found one is the reflection of You. He/She mirrors it back.

I might be wrong, but its is my idea.


answered 07 Jun '11, 21:31

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Just work on your self.relaxe and do what makes you happy.spend time for your own beterment and happy feelings.Dont be concern about your soulmate.he will pop up on its on.


answered 01 Jun '11, 05:52

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I cannot tell you how to manifest a soulmate, as I am not looking right now, as I am raising a child and don't want the drama and distraction from my highly important task. However, I have also tried to imagine having a mate to do things with and in my pictures, I too am alone. Actually, as I type this, I do have an image of two people. I don't know if one is me though. Some ideas that come to mind though: 1. Do some EFT tapping on your limiting beliefs, fears, etc... that are keeping you where you are. 2. Instead of imagining a person (I think for me to picture them is too limiting) to be with, imagine feeling loved, feeling surrounded by love and happiness 3. Find pictures in magazines, online, of people you know, who are in love and doing the things you want to do with your soulmate. You can either put your face for one, or not. Put the pictures where you can see them often. This will help you to have a visualization of two people in love. (I made a board awhile back and put some pics of couples doing fun things. Now those images came to my mind when I tried to call up an image of myself with a partner.)


answered 30 Jun '11, 13:48

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Fairy Princess

Your soulmate is yourself. Your Source. It is NOT another person. The more you connect with your Source, the more you can connect with other people. The more you look outside yourself, the more you lose your power, your focus. You put your happiness in someone else's hands.

The momentary bond you feel with another is your expression of the deeper bond you feel with your Self. The more you look at other people with Love, the more you see them through the eyes of Source, because Source loves all people. God is Love.

This is not to say that it is necessary to go be a hermit in a cave, though that reality is available to you.

Certainly making room in your garage is good. Making room in your bed. Extra utensils. This changes your vibration to attract a person in your life. BUT thinking you will find another person to "complete" you will only attract another person thinking you will complete them.

Have a look around. You HAVE and ARE attracting people, things that match your vibration.


answered 18 Feb '12, 06:58

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Dollar Bill

Look at my answer to this question, you can use the technique to change the way you think: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/15260/how-can-i-develop-thick-skin-i-feel-that-i-am-too-sensitive-and-it-interferes


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well very good question michelle maybe that person is not for you that is why you lose interest in seing him as potential mate. or maybe he could be the one but you do not try to discover if he is. you most have face some pretty tuff time to have been alone for very long or you did not fine a perfect match and are tired to invest your self in relation that will not work.i do not know you enuff to say what it is but i am sure that if you observe your life you will know. with more info it is more easy to know.


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white tiger

Automatic thoughts can be changed using techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique or PSYCH-K. They reflect an unconscious belief that needs to be changed. You can try affirmations, but you'll be at it a long time. Either of these 2 techniques are much faster.

Rather than trying to "picture" being with a soulmate, can you imagine how you want to "feel" when you're with them? Maybe you're more kinesthetic than visual in your imagination. If you can imagine what you will feel, try basking in that feeling 5 minutes in the morning and the evening. That puts you in emotional and energetic alignment with your soulmate and speeds their appearance. Plus, you will recognize them by how you feel, as it will be so ingrained in you that bells will go off when you meet that person.


answered 19 Jul '14, 16:36

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