We have already read about manifesting things which we desire the most in our reality.But now we want to ask that how can we stop unwanted things to appear in our reality?

As an example:Sometimes we don't like certain people but we feel that these people are appearing continuously in our lives.
So what should be the strategy to stop those people appearing in our reality?

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Focus. Change your focus on something else. Your perception of the world is altered by your focus.

If there's a person you don't like, and you keep on meeting them. It's not the act of meeting them, but the act of recognizing their presence (because you focus on them, or in metaphysics' terminology - you see them because your vibrational state of being is the same theirs - remember "you only see what you are vibration of"), that makes you aware of them, thus further triggering all the negative emotions.

However if you meet the same person, while being focus on something else, you don't even recognize their presence, thus remain unaffected by them as your focus is drawn onto something else. Perhaps something of inspiring and motivating nature.

And focus is defined by questions you ask, so ask wisely.

Also, these people keep on re-appearing in your reality most probably because you are in close vibrational states. Meaning these vibrations lead you to the same places. Whereas if your vibration would be completely different it'd lead you to different places, thus never meeting the person again.


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@CalonLan, great answer. I think this is perfectly expressed.

(02 Aug '12, 08:46) Grace

alt text


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@Satori :that pravsworld.com is a fun site thanks

(03 Aug '12, 15:11) ursixx

@Ursixx-Glad you like, Thanks:)

(03 Aug '12, 19:26) Satori

I love this answer.

(04 Aug '12, 00:05) Paulina 1
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I knew this quote was looking for a question..
from Abraham-Hicks daily quotes

Look for things that you appreciate where you are. It will put you in a place of perfect allowing, even when you are not yet manifesting all that you want.
"There are many people right now experiencing the dream that is coming for me, who were at one time standing right where I'm standing.
I'm right on track.
There is not anything amiss here.
Everything is unfolding perfectly.
I am perfect where I am and gravitating to something that will satisfy me even more."
That's the attitude that lets it expand.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Dallas, TX on Saturday, November 11th, 2000 # 521



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Abraham is spot on.

(04 Aug '12, 00:19) Paulina 1

Just last week I came across this exercise for taking control of your life and I think you could apply it in this situation. (It is from a book entitled New Dimensions in Healing by Tony Neate). It can be carried out with any person - alive or dead - or any situation or negative state of mind. It is non-judgmental - seeking no blame. It can enable you to deal with feelings of disempowerment and gently release them so that you take back control of your life. (In family/friendship situations it wouldn't affect any genuine love or affinity between you and the other person). It deals only with the negative unwanted ties and will free you and the other person or spirit.

If you are doing this exercise about a loved one, send the following thought to them: "I am doing this for both our sakes, with love". It will help them too.

The exercise is in two parts - do the parts at the same time - in other words do part A twice a day and make a start on part B from the get go.


Find a comfortable chair and spend a few minutes relaxing, breathing in a relaxed way.

Visualise two circles that are just touching - horizontally or vertically. Place yourself in the one nearest to you and surround yourself with your favourite colour. Place the person, negative state of mind or situation in the other circle and surround it/him/her with a colour of your choice.

Now imagine you have a laser beam that you can direct and control with your mind. Trace the laser beam round the circles in a figures of eight shape - complete the figure 8 shape nine times. So you are imagining two touching circles and then drawing/laser beam around them in a figure of eight shape.

Do this at least twice a day until the circles begin to part. Continue doing this until the circles have naturally parted and stay apart.


Write a letter to the person, situation or state of mind (IN THE CASE OF A PERSON - DO NOT SEND IT) in which you fully express what you feel on every level. It is helpful to include ten good things and ten not good things and it is important that the letter contains all that you want and need to say - however explosive! You can write it over a number of days or weeks - adding to it as you go along.

When completed, find a quiet, private place and prepare to read it out loud. As you do so, use your physical body as strongly as you can to express your anger, frustration - stamping, shouting etc as you wish - getting it right out of your system on all levels.

When you have read it aloud, with feelings, three times and feel you have released all stuck and not-OK feelings - burn it!

I think Calonlan and I are giving the same advice - it is just with this technique I feel you can let go of them and ignore them rather than that kind of attachment ignoring them. You know what I mean by that - sometimes when someone is ignoring you from the other side of the room all you see is them and all they are aware of is you. You haven't really cut any ties.

The other piece of advice is that once you understand that everything is thought and that thought is actually a thing (rather than as most people understand it to be something that just floats around inside your head) you can understand that if you think you have a protective shell around you, you have.

Dr William Braud in his scientific experiments in the 1960s demonstrated that thoughts could be transmitted between humans. He also found that we aren't helpless against remote influences - we can shield the ones we don't want. If you visualise a protective shield, a barrier or screen - whatever you feel comfortable with - you can stop these influences from affecting you. In experiments he showed that the remote influencers (in one room) did not know which participants (in another room) were trying to block their thoughts, but the people who did try to shield themselves were successful. The best protection he discovered is ..... "a positive attitude". His conclusion was that "the highest coherence wins".

My second recommendation is to visualise a protective shell around yourself.

Good luck Zee.


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@Catherine, wonderful answer, I can't wait to try this. Actually, I automatically focused on someone I would like to stop thinking of, and started drawing circles around us as soon as I started reading your description. I tend to have a lot of success with visualizations like these, and could just feel this is a very effective one. Thanks for sharing it!

(02 Aug '12, 08:59) Grace

This is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

(04 Aug '12, 00:15) Paulina 1

@Catherine - Thank you! I will give this a try. I like the figure eight shape part :)

(03 Jan '13, 10:25) figure8shape
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This is an interesting thing, when you pay for something it is given to you, you receive it. Now think of attention like money what you PAY attention to you receive, you have bought it with your attention to it.

If I think of someone I hate and and do not want to see, guess who I will end up meeting or seeing at some point during the day? I am paying attention to what I do not want, and since I am paying for it with my attention to it I am buying it with my attention. It is similar to pointing at something on a menu and the waitress brings it right to you. She can not hear you saying, "Don't bring me this!" She just sees what you are pointing at and brings it right to you, you already paid for it with your attention to it so she has to bring it to you!

Remember these rules

What we pay attention to we have said I want this and I paid for it so give it to me.

What we pay attention to pays attention to us.

What we pay attention to grows, whether it be a solution or problem if you pay it attention it will repay you back with more.

What we pay attention to we are saying, "I like this give me more of this."

What we pay attention to amplifies.

What we pay attention to magnifies.

What we pay attention to multiplies.


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Wade Casaldi

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Wonderful and true answer Wade and it is the reason to pay attantion to the good and beauty in life for than you will attract it into your life.

(04 Aug '12, 00:23) Paulina 1

Exactly Paulina, always pay attention to what is right in the world. I could look at a garden and notice weeds or I could notice the flowers. The choice is mine to make. :-)

(04 Aug '12, 00:44) Wade Casaldi

Hi Zee, You have some wonderful and varied answeres here but the truth is what you think about you bring about. If you see someone you don't want to see and think to yourself "Oh no, not them again" while feeling negative emotions than you will see them or people like them again and again.

Remember how if a person has a sore toe and you keep bumping that toe time and again and it is painful and you think to yourself "why is this happening now"? How come I don't bump this toe so often when it isn't sore. Because your attention wasn't on your toe before but now it hurts your attention is on "I have to be chareful I cant bump this toe it hurts" and what happens is that you bump it more often than usual.

Sometimes it doesn't have to be a specific person but certain type of people that one attracts into ones life and I think CalonLan explained that beautifuly. This used to happen to me as well and I realised that whatever I was paying attention to at that time I would attract people who also paid attention to the same or simmilar subject.

The best way to attract good positive people into your life is to be good and positive yourself and after a while you will notice a differance. Also see beauty and what is good and positive about others, or in your surroundings and soon you will change your circle of life to a better and more positive one.


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Do Two Hands Touching then say, "Oh God don't let me hate __." Then do THT again. Then say, "Salute the Divinity in ___ and send him/her love." then do THT again, then say, "I am identified in love with the spirit of everyone connected with ___. Let the divine idea come out of this situation." Then do THT again. Do this every day until the situation clears up. These affirmations are from Florence Scovel Shinn.

Meanwhile, only look for experiences you want. For example if you get your car washed and they ask how you like it, say, "It is great," don't even look for spots they missed. Just accept that it is great.


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Fairy Princess

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@Fairy Princess - When affirming or doing any type of body work, it's best to speak affirmatively. So, instead of saying "Oh God don't let me hate ." Try: I choose to feel differently about _." Or any statement directed in a positive tone. The word "hate" tends to be bring about a heavier/dense vibration. Just a thought.

I love two-hand touching as well. Thanks!

(03 Jan '13, 10:33) figure8shape

@figure8shape Yes, if I had written the script, I would also keep it possitive. This is from Florence Scovel Shinn, as explained in the link. I will clarify that.

(03 Jan '13, 10:53) Fairy Princess

we like to intellectualize
the way we wish it to be
discounting that the course
today is reciprocal of prior
decisions made lives ago


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Acknowledge them as valid creations, recognize that they are manifestations that you now know you do not prefer, and use that knowledge to focus on manifestations that you do prefer.


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