By using the LOA how DO you manifest a soulmate that ALSO believes in the LOA and uses the methods of ask,believe,recieve,gratitude,visions,action and faith as well as being in harmony and vibration with them from wherever they may be that is unknown to you?

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There are a lot of questions about attracting potential mates here on IQ....:o)!!! I guess the matters of the human heart are always a high priority.

Be yourself. Be the best you that you can be.

Stop worrying about attracting a mate, and start being friendly and kind to everyone, and I mean everyone!

Develop hobbies. I once had a single friend who just could not find a gal. I remarked to him that he used to sing in our High School Choir- had he considered joining a choir? He did, and the result was a marriage and three beautiful daughters!

Return emails to your friends. I met Wade in 2004, and I always tried to return his emails...and now, see, look what came of it! Emails turned to IMing, which turned to phone calls, which turned to Skyping, which turned to meeting in March of 2011. If I had not kept up a correspondence with him, I guess we would never have gotten together.

Be nice.

Smell nice.

Brush your teeth.

Spiff up your appearance.


Have a positive attitude.

I promise, the rest will follow.

As for the LOA--be sure to check what "frequency" you REALLY are vibrating. If the truth is that you are down on yourself and low, all you will get is that- people who are down and low. That is why I say that you have to raise up your vibrations so that potential mates will be attracted to you. Be honest about this.

Good luck!

By the way, sometimes you have to take risks. I did with Wade (I call it the "2 x 4 method").




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"Stop worrying about attracting a mate, and start being friendly and kind to everyone, and I mean everyone!" Act like Source!

"raise up your vibrations so that potential mates will be attracted to you. Be honest about this." Like attracts Like, Bucko!

(21 Apr '12, 05:00) Dollar Bill

Still can't believe you and Wade met on this website. "Miracles do happen to those who believe."

(21 Jun '12, 08:23) Nikulas

I am notorious on Inward Quest for being the hopeless romantic guy; this question sounds as if I wrote it :)

Before you read on, I feel it would set the mood better if you understand why I even came across metaphysics- I wanted to know why every other guy in my school (back a few years ago) had a girlfriend, or why every other guy was at least happy and had friends and I didn't.....Basically the majority of people embark on self-help and philosophical things for answers in their lives to the 'big things', I was just pondering why the ---- am I the one left out? What have I done that was so bad? The thing in my life was never having experienced a girlfriend or even the slightest genuine romance. Thus, this has become the 'big thing' in my life and I treated it with crazy value.

With that said, here's the formulae:

If you do a google or youtube search with the context of "soul mate" involved, you'll find a ton of things which have to do with either self-acceptance, self-love, being happy, writing down lists of qualities in a partner, meditating or visualising on being with the perfect someone....There really isn't anything anyone has come up with that is original or different from this small list.

What I can say that is absolutely, flawlessly valid is that when it comes to attracting a soul mate, ALL the work and emphasis is upon finding happiness within you. I'll dare anyone to TRY and prove me wrong when it comes to this principle. Go into the outside physical world looking for that special someone to accept and love you, and you'll get nothing. You can dress up, spray on $200 perfume, get all hyped up with the expectation your gonna meet your soul mate at a specific party or function.....And you'll get nothing. You can think to yourself "man, I'm gonna meet this person one day and then my life is going to be a fairy tale and rock!".....Again, nothing.

What's interesting is that when people do this (and believe me, they do this for years unconsciously in one manner or another), whatever path they take it always leads back to one inevitable spot- themselves. You don't need to spend years studying seemingly successful dating tips or stupid petty 'courtship rules' like the pickup artist society for males (which I did, and got nothing out of it). It honestly is about establishing peace and happiness within you first. And this seems so simple that people overlook the simplicity of it and thus go along and seek something more.

There is nothing complicated, or tricky with attracting soul mates. Millions of people in the world have done it, you can do it to. Get comfortable and happy with whatever life situation you are in and rock it out. Whoever you are as a person, embrace and love it....You've got to reach a state of happiness where you don't really require a partner to necessarily maintain that happiness. Have fun (literally) with your own company. I don't have much of a social circle in which people accept me into their 'cliques' of friends. Do I care? Nope. Regardless of what happiness I'm going to shine and be the happiest, coolest gem that God wants all of us to be.

You are amazing. You are cool. You are PERFECT!.....Just line up with it! You are already connected to your soul mate, the physical expereince of it just hasn't happened yet; it will. In the meantime, start your own adventure.


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Dollar Bill


@Nkkulas - you have wisdom that goes beyond your youth! Very well said! It all comes from within. As you complete yourself, love yourself, you "shine"!

Complete people attract complete people. Incomplete people looking for another person to complete them can only attract incomplete people.

(21 Apr '12, 04:54) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill- I am cocky and selfish enough to say that all my knowledge is now being tranformed to wisdom; which is knowledge applied.

One thing I'd like to add is that it's not just about looking to another person for inner happiness....There is a huge trap in todays world, especially the advertising industry, which labels other things to grant this happiness. Again, if you are after things these things it's just a long self-discovered road of emptiness.........

(21 Apr '12, 06:16) Nikulas

.......I myself, whilst I never really seeked out another person to prove my self-worth, I had to prove to myself that I was worthy, or rather, I had to make myself worthy. I did this via taking a bad approach to gymnastics and freerunning, thinking, "after I learn this move I'm gonna be so cool, I don't need anyone, expect this backflip..." This premise is flawed; you are already worthy. I thought for a long time until I do, have, or be a particular something then I am less of a soulmate.

(21 Apr '12, 06:20) Nikulas

@Nikulas - The Advertising World may try to tempt you with things that they say will make you happier. But the more complete you are in yourself, the more their 'trap' is ineffective. If your self-worth comes from outside yourself you have a problem.

Things outside yourself can never fill the space inside yourself. They become trite and meaningless. If you look carefully, there really is no "outside yourself."

(22 Apr '12, 09:27) Dollar Bill

And just to add up, when it comes to romance, a key thing is to effortlessly enjoy being you. People say, "appreciate and love yourself." My mind finds it easier if I can just like who I am. Like your values, like your personality, like your characteristics, body, mannerisms, beliefs, where you are in life.

To all the people on IQ looking for their partner, just know that, wherever you are right now, you are on the path to getting them. Truely :)

(02 Sep '12, 10:40) Nikulas
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You can find others who deliberately use the LOA and these methods, but it isn't necessary. I, personally, wouldnt mind either way if they intentionally used the LOA or not.

If that trait is ideal to you, then you manifest them the same way you have manifested everything else. You can think about them and visualize or write out a description on a piece of paper. There are some Manifesting Experiments here written by Stingray if you want some detailed ways of going about this. The box method is what I used to get the car I have now. I enjoy simply visualizing. I imagine a person I love, smiling, happy, laughing with me... I see us doing things together, eating, movies, talking... you dont have to be specific when it comes to what they look like or act like. Just enjoy the process. Remember: It won't be the method you use that brings this person, it will be the vibration you send, which is how you feel. So do the method that is the most fun to you and feels the best.

Manifesting new relationships is fun to me, and its easier for me than getting new things like a tv or phone or something... Once, I said I wanted a new friend. I wanted her to be very understanding, relaxed, but very fun person. I, for no particular reason, would see her as light haired and short, and her name started with A. I met her about a month later (which was a year ago last January), and she's one of my best friends. Light brown hair and her name starts with an A... I started a college class that most younger people don't take. It was funny because we both considered choosing a pharmacy class before we chose that one, so either way I think we would have ended up meeting each other. :) There isn't any particular method I do besides just imagining the person for awhile.

Stay positive, try to find reasons to be happy as often as you can. Do things you enjoy just for the pleasure of it. Learn to be happy without this person now, and they will come into your life very quickly. Trust and believe things are going to work in your favor and you have nothing to be upset or worried about. Make this a fun experience and don't let yourself stress over it.


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Hi five to you!

(21 Apr '12, 02:30) Nikulas

Hi five back to you, too! :)

(21 Apr '12, 12:08) LapisLazuli

Easy answer, by understanding, believing and using the Law of Attraction!

Just like everything else in your life. You become self-assured, self-confident, congruent and more complete.

I don't think you can ever become completely complete, there will always be contrast, but consciously understanding and using the LOA will make you a lot better!


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Dollar Bill

First of all, hang out with those people. Proximity is one of the strongest predictors of who you will become involved with. Go to MeetUp's, New Age or New Thought churches where people like you tend to gather. Join dating sites for conscious singles.

Second, use some technique, like EFT or PSYCH-K to remove all the barriers standing between you and your SoulMate. Often times, those are unconscious, so they are outside of our awareness. That's when it helps to work with a therapist or coach.


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