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I was responding to a comment when I realized that Inward Quest is like a Great Collective of Minds (with a nod to the Borg, of Star Trek:The Next Generation fame). So this got me to thinking about what each of us contributes to the "collective"....And that led to this question. I am making this a Community Wiki Question, so I get nothing out of this---I was just thinking it would be interesting to read what each of us considers our special gift to Inward Quest. Where would we be without Vesuvius or Stingray, or Michaela? So I was wondering if you would share what you think your very own personal specialty is on this site.

This puts me on the spot! I guess I would have to answer that I have posted 247 questions here, out of 2,640 questions total. I guess I would have to say that perhaps my questions are my strength, but in all honesty, some of them are not so great! Anyway, I have posted 233 answers as well...So about one-tenth of the site has come out of my questions...that is mind-boggling to me.

I also am Christian, and like representing Christ here on the site.

Enjoy writing your answers, and please be upbeat and honest! Enjoy!

Love and Blessings, Jai June 10, 2011

asked 10 Jun '11, 13:52

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I have asked only 19 questions since this first started but I have answered 557 answers not including this one now. I enjoy answering questions not just for helping people but, myself, as well. Seeing the questions on here sparks up something inside me. It makes me feel like I never thought of that before. When I feel like that, I feel answers coming from me I had never given any thought about before. This means this is as much as a joy to me as it is to others I am helping. When I vote I also feel good. I feel like when I vote that I am giving that recognition of something I agree upon and I know this makes others feel good as it does for me when I receive votes myself.

It is a good feeling to be recognized for my thoughts and it is also a good feeling to recognize others for their thoughts on subjects as well.

Sometimes I just enjoy reading and voting without commenting because I feel I needn't answer since it has answers very similar to what I would have said.

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answered 11 Jun '11, 01:43

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Wade Casaldi

I find at times I too just like to sit back and read and vote ( although looking at the number of questions I've answered, it may not seem that way lol ):)

(11 Jun '11, 12:59) Michaela

Yes I know what you mean, me too. lol

(12 Jun '11, 16:08) Wade Casaldi

Group Mind is a fascinating topic to me. And I think it is a topic that will become more and more relevant to all of us as people wake up around this planet and realize that they are all aspects of one collective consciousness, expressing itself in different ways.

One thing I have always found helpful is to think in terms of any group (such as Inward Quest) as having a distinct personality. The occult name for this would be Egregore.

When you view it that way, you start to see that the group personality uses different people to express itself at different times. Different people represent different moods that the group personality is going through.

Sometimes the group personality is a bit jokey and eccentric, sometimes caring, sometimes frustrated, sometimes loving, sometimes angry and so on. It is fascinating to watch it all unfold and, anyone who's been coming to IQ for a while, can probably get a feel for the various phases of that "IQ personality" in action from day to day.

When you view it this way, you start to see that everyone plays a vital role in expressing that group personality even if they don't actively participate. Even those who watch silently from the sidelines are still contributing their wisdom and thoughts to that personality through their focusing of consciousness upon it, even though perhaps it might be others who express those thoughts on the site on their behalf.

Because the wisdom and inquisitiveness of the group speaks through different people at different times, one could argue then that we are all in this together even when few of us know who the others are in real life. Each of us here plays a part in fulfilling the desires of that collective group personality even if we are not consciously aware of what role we are playing out.

Just another way of looking at it :)

As for me, I'm really just an ordinary guy that finds all this metaphysical stuff fascinating - it's my hobby, you could say - so it's just nice to be able to share with and learn from others that think the same way.

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answered 10 Jun '11, 14:39

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"Ordinary" is not quite the word I would use to describe you :)

(11 Jun '11, 12:56) Michaela

IQ is my friend. I usually start my day by opening the site with my mobile phone while still in bed at 6am. Don't ask that many questions.Not to say they don't roll around in my head all the time.
I guess I am just a man that likes it short and concise and to the point. Maybe with a quote or an analogy to make the point stick.If it works with kids it sure to work with questers.
So maybe just the consistency of being here and growing with everyone is my contribution to the collective.

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answered 10 Jun '11, 15:05

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"IQ is my friend"... love that :)

(11 Jun '11, 12:55) Michaela

Honestly I guess I'd just have to say that I provide questions and answers from a Michaela perspective. Although more often than not I can answer something and then ask where did that come from? So the answer is for myself as much as anyone else. It seems that IQ is the facilitator that allows me to tap into my own higher consciousness at times, adding clarity to my own life and hopefully someone else's. So thank you to everyone who is a part of this. And thanks for asking Jai :)

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answered 11 Jun '11, 13:06

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Yea I'm with you there.A lot of times it's like did that really come from me? And deep down I know it did. Still kinda cool that we can help!

(11 Jun '11, 23:26) ursixx
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