I wanted to specifically look at how doing the "Inward Quest" changes our behavior: our reactions to events; our goals and accomplishments; even our outward appearance changes. I think that this site has helped me grow spiritually because it makes me think about the fact that I am completely responsible for my life and what happens in it!

What kinds of behaviors have you seen in your life change as you have pondered the subjects on Inward Quest?

Blessings, Jaianniah

asked 12 Feb '11, 21:18

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Nice question Jaianniah :)

Being here (IQ) is just a piece of a much larger pie/puzzle and a great part of EVERYTHING. And I can not deny its place in my growth, and that being said...

Since coming here I can say my mindfulness has increased and following my inner feelings and letting them guide me more has also increased.

I actually feel less "practical" and at times less "logical"

And more relaxed than I ever have been. As I think more (and type) about it, elimination and the work towards eliminating worry and anxiety is a very important part of my work. I think its safe to say that it would be hard to experience "greatness" while being anxious and worried :)

Thanks J



answered 12 Feb '11, 22:24

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jim 10

Thanks, Michael, for a great answer! I think the very same things are true for me, also! :) Jai

(12 Feb '11, 23:59) Jaianniah

People keep telling me I look different, that my whole vibe is happier and lighter, which definitely feels true (most days!).

I've definitely been taking more responsibility for myself and my life, which includes making hard decisions like letting certain people go. But then I find that every time I let something go, something new and better-for-me rushes into its place. It all balances out.

Some days I feel I'm taking steps backward and have somehow 'lost' everything I've learned, but it always comes back. So the good things are growing and the 'bad' things are diminishing, or I'm just learning to see them differently. And learning to trust myself and the process, which seems to be a big one for me.

I was already on my 'inward quest' when I found this site, but it has definitely added an interesting and challenging (and often comforting) dimension to it for me.


answered 13 Feb '11, 10:09

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You put it so well! Thank you! Blessings, Jai

(17 Feb '11, 01:35) Jaianniah

I was led to this site by reading thru the books on the Psitek website. I was reading anything I could get my hands on that said "yes there is a possible way to change you circumstances. anything is possible". I was going thru a major breakdown and all I had to turn to was information like that or any spark of hope in me would have died. But those were just books, and I was on my own with not many people around me to bounce ideas off of. A few friends would listen but generally would just indulge my "crazy talk". I had only one friend who encouraged my quest. This site has connected me to others who firmly believe in all this and try to implement it in their lives. it gives me hope that indeed anything is possible, especially when I have some really down days.


answered 14 Feb '11, 07:55

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Thank you, Eve! Welcome to IQ...I am sure you will be a great addition to the site. Thank you for your answer. I have found much in the way of positive encouragement here, and it has helped to change me (and that is really an understatement!!! LOL!). Blessings, Jai

(17 Feb '11, 01:34) Jaianniah

I have become more understanding,more empathetic, less judgemental, and less defensive on an emotional level towards others. These were traits that I did not achieve overnight but over many years and am still each day open to improvement and expansion. Physically I am less stressed and more at peace with myself. The quality of my life has improved with my shift onto positive thinking and the acceptance of responsibility for my own creations. Over the past 2 year I have been learning detachment to form.....not an easy one, but trusting the process

All in all LIFE has become more of an adventure and less of struggle.


answered 17 Feb '11, 00:53

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Susan 1

Yes! Life is supposed to be The Great Adventure! Thanks for your answer! Blessings, Jai

(17 Feb '11, 01:36) Jaianniah

I love this site! So many insightful views! The fact that we can all come, share and grow together is amazing. The way everyone is helpful and sincere touches me deeply. Knowing that there are other selves that do ponder life and its meaning and being able to interact with them makes me rest easy that I am not alone doing this. This has translated into me feeling less out of this world, therefore, not needing to defend my views.

So thank you, for each and every single one of you, I love you, namaste


answered 17 Feb '11, 13:57

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No I believe it is great, it inspires me to let answers flow forth that I never gave thought about before or that I only thought about and wrote for my self hidden away in a journal of ideas and enlightenments.

When I see questions about many topics something I am attracted to reading I find myself answering in my head before I even decide to answer in type. It feels good to find these answers within that where waiting for the right catalyst to pull them forth. When I answer something and feel like I never thought of that or I didn't realize that myself and yet I just answered it. It is like "Wow this wisdom was in my right brain that is connected to all space and time and now it flows forth by the attraction of the opposing question!" Like a magnet or a coin the question already if it exist as a question it as well exist as an answer.

The funny thing is it is really like God is talking to himself through each of us, one half is the passive questioner the other half the active answerer, but this can be reversed if we look at it. We can call the questioner active and the answerer passive depending of what parts of the brain are being used. I actually now as I think of it prefer the later to the former. The question comes from the active left brain the answer comes from the passive right brain. this is fun I am finding out stuff even right now as I let my thoughts freely flow.

As we grow in happiness not only does our outlook on life change but as well our outward appearance to life changes and is noticeable to others by how we seem to be a happy positive people. That is the soul beauty that shines through as stated in the bible, we all have that, it is a reflection of our true selves in the physical body.


answered 18 Feb '11, 07:42

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Wade Casaldi

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