What is the Value of the Human Soul?

The bible says there is an Book of Life that will be open on Judgement Day. Should we even consider that any of this could be true? Maybe we should just throw our soul away anyway put it in the garbage somewhere; does it even matter to us or anyone else? I mean just what good is it to each one of us anyway?

I just ask the few others questions to help you answer the main question of what is the value of the human soul?

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Most Christians believe that life is essentially priceless. If the soul is the fundamental basis for the expression of life then it, too, must be priceless.


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Vesuvius do you believe this as well if this is too personal than please don't answer.

(29 Nov '09, 03:28) flowingwater

Yes, that is exactly what I believe.

(29 Nov '09, 03:38) Vesuvius

Thanks for answering my comment Vesuvius. I am glad you do believe that the soul is priceless. Have an nice day.

(29 Nov '09, 11:52) flowingwater
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I call the soul my inner being. It is of value to us as it is an extension of the eternal conciousness we all come from. It is our point of connection with eternal conciousness. It is the connection through which we can also communicate with eternal conciousness. We would be lifeless physical bodies without the soul.


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Pink Diamond

I like the way you phase that we would be lifeless physical bodies without our souls, lets guard them well. Rani Oberoi have an nice day. –

(30 Nov '09, 01:36) flowingwater

For me the soul is the part of our being that exists beyond the physical, impermanent, self conceptual me that resides here on this physical plane called Earth.I can't envision wanting to throw it away or dispel with it for any reason. I think each of us here is trying to make sense of our physical existence and most especially our impermanence as human beings, I think for each of us our soul will be our saving grace ( at least that's what I hope :) )


answered 29 Nov '09, 22:49

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The soul will for the soul is whom we really are housed in an human body creatd just for us through the power of God.

(30 Nov '09, 01:34) flowingwater

Have an nice day Michaela.

(30 Nov '09, 01:35) flowingwater

Thanks Flowingwater. You too:)

(30 Nov '09, 12:58) Michaela
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