I am confused about how to go about serving GOD,due to all the different organized religions. Every religion say their religion is the right religion.I would just like to serve God and not be part of an organized religion but don't know if this is the right thing to do.

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Jesus asked his desciples, "Who do you say I am?" So, who do you say God is?

(28 Jun '11, 19:01) Fairy Princess

Well, those religions can't all be right, can they? Do you really need a church to serve God?

(28 Jun '11, 19:12) Vesuvius

you serve god by doing the right thing for you and other. action speak louder then words. even if you go to churc often and sing or pray god. if you do not do the right thing for you and other you are not serving god.

(02 Jul '11, 05:32) white tiger

take care of my sheep. i tell you take care of my sheep.

(02 Jul '11, 05:35) white tiger
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I would say, The only way to know God is through a personal relationship. Not one that is defined by any religion or even by you yourself. The same goes for knowing Jesus, Buddha, or any of the other well known teachers of the past". The problem that most people don't realize with defining the relationship is, you no longer allow the other person you have the realations with, to be anything other then what you defined. For example, when we define what our relationship is with God, we are no longer open to allowing God to guide us and work through us. We have defined the relationship as saying it is this or that and in doing so, we shut off any other possibilities. Religion has done an injustice to God and people by trying to say they have the inside scoop on the truth of what God wants or doesn't want.

The real problem is that they try defining it through language that puts limitations on everything. By saying God is (this or he is that) we no longer allow God to be anything other then what we defined. We try using abstract language to define things and think that it will provide absolute truth.

I could say so much more but it is late. Sorry for any typing errors as well. I would correct them but I need to retire for the night.

On a final note, just remain open and don't attatch yourself to ideas or beliefs as absolute. Because as history and people have proven, they are always becoming.


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Thank you very much,please continue to share.

(30 Jun '11, 02:41) terry

So do you have any suggestions as to how to go about growing spiritually and serving GOD.What do you study if you are not part of an organized religion?

(30 Jun '11, 02:51) terry

Well said Tod :)

(30 Jun '11, 09:54) Michaela
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In my opinion if you believe and have faith your already serving him,you don't have to belong to any specific church or organization


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Day after day I walked passed the begger on the street giving nothing and receiving nothing in return.

And day after day I passed the begger on the street and gave him my small change and he gave me a smile and a thank you.

And day after day I passed the begger on the street and I said good morning and he returned the gesture with a smile.

And day after day I stopped to give the begger on the street a coffee and some food and he was grateful and it warmed my heart.

And day after day I stopped to talk to the begger on the street and he told me about his life and I felt less separated.

And day after day I stopped to talk to the begger on the street and he told me how his life was changing for the better and my heart opened more.

And day after day I stopped to talk to the begger on the street and he told me how he had found a room in a support centre and was being helped to find a job and I felt excited.

And day after day I stopped to talk to the begger on the street and we got more and more excited as it got closer to his going into the centre.

And then the day came.......And day after day I looked for the begger on the street and I was happy that he was no longer there.


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Simple and profound.

(06 Jul '11, 15:57) terry

I love this...thank you :)

(19 Aug '11, 22:32) Michaela

The first thing is to ask yourself who do you say God is?

The next thing, is to answer the question, what does it mean to serve God?

According to my understanding, God is everywhere. Jesus said that when we do these things (give a drink to the thirsty, etc...) we do it to Him. So for me, to serve God means to love others. I don't need to go to church to do that. Actually, I found less loving people in the majority of my church experience. Jesus said that they would know His followers by the love they show toward one another. I am not seeing this in churches today. So, I think that it is possible to serve God where ever you are. Peace and blessings,


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Fairy Princess

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have you taken the time to research the basic statements of dogma from each 'organized religious group', especially since all sages and seers had expounded the same riddle, 'know thyself'. this can be done in quiet thought and in reading recorded history. it is your spiritual development take control and learn, until you are of it when in new decision making events,
i believe it is OK to be understanding and compassionate to others outsides the confines of 'a church'.


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Serving God has nothing to do with church. Jesus never mentions anything about organized religion. If anything he tells the high priests that their temples and works they do to be recognized by other men is worthless. He throws over tables and says you have made it into a house a thieves, perhaps some churches today are that with the amount of money take from their followers.

Here is an example of serving God and not being associated with a organization.

The next time you see a loner eating lunch by themselves or someone who looks like they had a bad day, keep your boundaries but perhaps do something to make them feel good inside, to re-kindle their spirit. It may not always be appropriate to do that in all situations but perhaps you can find one. Maybe just start with a hi and move on with some peopel... but there are small opportunities everyday. Also, no need to get carried away with it and think you are God, just small steps.''Jesus ate and hung around the lame, the outcasts, the tax collectors and prostitutes, he was where help was needed.

If you can be where help is needed and you don't even have to mention anything about God or religion while you are doing it, I think you are serving God.


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yes i agree it is said do not beg. or take what is not yours.

(02 Jul '11, 05:40) white tiger

WOW!Thanks,I will definite put this into practice.

(02 Jul '11, 22:01) terry

Well said B2B :)

(19 Aug '11, 22:33) Michaela
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Standing alone is a scary thing. Most of our years are spent doing things as others do. Being a part of a group is a secure feeling. If you believe in God, go to him, ask him to give you an understanding…ask him to guide you, not man. God does not approve of all beliefs as many would have you believe. If he did…his laws would mean nothing. Religion is a tool of Satan. You are not alone…there are others who are not a part of a religion, and are serving God. All religions say they have the truth. I have never found one that speaks the truth. True, some may have 70-80, even 90% truth. It only takes 10% to set one on a wrong course. I will give you a simple step to start with…please, show me the three wise men in the Bible.



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You have a divine, intimate personal connection with God. No one can tell you whether it's ok or not to serve him in different ways, only you can know it. By the way, if I were you I would check why you wrote the word "serve" - which is an idea that is taught more in religion, rather than in metaphysics/spirituality. Why would God want you to serve him? Only you can know the answer for you, of course.

My personal opinion about this - religion is based on some amazing concepts and wisdom, there is no doubt about that. However God is presented there as a mass murderer, who hates any person who believes in a different God, and forbids people from doing many things as it is a sin. Religion has lots of feelings of hatred, fear and guilt in it, and I do not believe that the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent God who is a source of unlimited and infinte Love, would ever act in that way. For me, that is not God's way.

If you do choose to serve God through religion, I recommend you only follow the parts that talk about love and giving, and not the negative parts, which can only take you furthur away from God.


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Terry, if you want to serve God and humanity, you can be a Hamsa (which means swan). Hamsa does not follow any religion. Watch videos on these channels:



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Peace. i wont say alot to you, because i got the feeling thatyou are probably a Truth seeker, and this phase is a normal phase to undergo as part of your journey. Now, i will leave you with a line from a Sacred Hadeeth:

(( O My servants, All of you are astray except those who I guided, So seek guidance from Me and I shall Guide you )). May Allah help us all and guide us to His straight path and make us of His sincere and humble servants.


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ear the message of the son of man and you will know what message to follow.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

The Messianic attributes of Isaiah 11:2-5 are referred to him: in him dwells the spirit of wisdom, and the spirit which gives insight, and the spirit of understanding and of might...(1 En. 49:3). The Son of Man is often said to be sitting on a throne of glory.


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white tiger

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