Last night i was using zpoint clearing method. After some time i felt different parts of my body get loose and limp. I felt movements on some points.

Had i done it properly? does vibrational work of any kind shows its effects on physical body as well?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Certainly. If you change your habitual thought patterns (i.e. do some "vibrational work"), you will feel it in your body as well, if you are sensitive to how your body feels.

  • Your beliefs are your habitual thoughts

  • Emotion (e-motion = "energy in motion") always comes in response to those thoughts

  • You feel your emotions in your physical body

Doing vibrational work = Changing your beliefs = Changing your thoughts = Changing your body


answered 24 Jun '11, 09:21

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simply put and very well explained, thank you Stingray

(24 Jun '11, 12:42) Susan 1

Thanks stingray for a nice answer..

(27 Jun '11, 05:57) Zee
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