Feng Shui is a Chinese art wich is said to be helpful for attracting positive vibration of health,happiness and prosperity into home/office .

Is it really helpful? Any tested method applying this?

and is there any method for body Feng Shui which could be applied personally instead of home/Office?

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"is there any method for body Feng Shui which could be applied personally?" yes @Zee absolutely, energy always follows the path of least resistance, you can program it to do so using a personalized template ... here's a short introductory video of feng shui principles


(02 Nov '15, 04:27) jaz
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I studied Feng Shui for a year or so back in the 1990's and implemented many of the principles in my house at the time.

Everything in your reality vibrates and that includes all the furniture, buildings and possessions you have. So I would say it is valid to at least give a bit of thought to the objects that you interact with and your living spaces, which is what Feng Shui does.

From my observation, there seem to be two broad levels at which you can implement the ideas.

One is the "common-sense" kind of level and the other is the "superstitious" kind of level.

For example, Feng Shui ideas like having your chair and desk facing towards the door in the room (i.e. not having your back to the door) make a lot of sense because it saves you having to constantly turn around and see who (if anyone) is entering the room. Having your bed oriented so that you can see the door from within it is another similar idea - it makes you feel more comfortable and secure. Having lots of mirrors around in strategic places does brighten up a room and make it feel bigger and expansive.

Those seem like common-sense kinds of Feng Shui ideas to me.

Even in my life today, I've naturally implemented many of those common-sense Feng Shui ideas and I find them beneficial.

Other ideas seem more superstitious (to me) such as placing a photo of a happy couple in the far right corner of a room in order to have harmonious relationships, or not allowing the toilet to be in view of the front door. In the spirit of open-mindedness, I did actually try out some of these ideas but never really came to any definite conclusions.

alt text

So is Feng Shui helpful?

Yes, I think it's worth considering when structuring your living spaces because there are many common-sense ideas within it that do make a difference to everyday living, as mentioned above.

It is a very old Chinese system of aesthetics that has survived to the present day so it is probably worth at least knowing a bit about, if nothing else, simply for expanding your general knowledge.

But I personally wouldn't (and don't) go down to the superstitious level of not allowing corners of tables to point at people, and all that stuff, because even if it really does have a noticeable effect, I view it as a background effect and thereby nothing to be concerned about in your life if you are generally aligned.

I'm afraid I don't have any experience (or knowledge) about "body" Feng Shui.


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Thank you Stingray for sharing your precious knowledge/Personal experiences.

(27 May '11, 09:16) Zee

You're welcome, Zulu

(27 May '11, 10:09) Stingray

I can recommend a book I find pretty useful: "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life" by Karen Rauch Carter. It's sort of halfway between really traditional feng shui and common-sense "don't have a bunch of broken old stuff in your face all the time, it will bum you out" advice. It's a quick little book full of immediately useful ideas.

I think feng shui is useful just as a system for thinking about organizing the flow of your living situation, which is something that does not otherwise come that naturally to me. I also think it can function as a sort of support structure for your intentions - ie if you put a plant in your Prosperity corner with the intention of boosting the energy there, every time you see and water and care for the plant, you're likely to be thinking "I am amping up my prosperity energy", and vibrating a little bit differently about the role of money in your life, and so on.


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Hi @corduroypower I too can recommend a book "Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston, In chapter 2 of the book on the subject of "What is Feng Shui?" she says "whatever your description, realize that what you are looking at is the outer manifestation of your inner self. Everything in your outer life - especially your home environment - mirrors your inner self. Conversely, everything in your home has an effect on you, from the smallest ornament to the largest design structure."

(05 Nov '15, 02:49) jaz

I have incorporated the ideas of feng shui into my surroundings everyplace I have lived since the 90's. I agree with Stingray in that some of the ideas are based on superstition. I would suggest getting a few good books on the subject, trying some of the arrangements and seeing what works best for you, or you and your family. If surroundings at home are harmonious, attractive and balanced, we will more often feel harmonious, positive and balanced, and that is why I feel feng shui works well for many.

I have not heard of the art being practiced on one's person rather than our spaces at work or at home, sorry.


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LeeAnn 1

Thanks LeeAnn.Would you kindly suggest the names of some books?

(01 Jun '11, 10:18) Zee

The two books I have here which were really helpful are "Simple Feng Shui" by Shawne Mitchell and "The Essential Book of Feng Shui" by Gill Hale. Best wishes!

(01 Jun '11, 20:45) LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn - "if surroundings at home are harmonious, attractive and balanced, we will more often feel harmonious, positive and balanced, and that is why i feel feng shui works" ... well said my friend, that is exactly feng shui, and believe me these energies being felt are real :)

(06 Feb '12, 10:36) blubird two
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