Since everything is energy can we make some sort of special glasses we can wear that would make visible the electromagnetic spectrum and connection to source?

For example, if we put on these glasses we would be able to see all the radio waves.

and we would be able to see the energy of a person, the quality of their energy and see how connected they are, enlightened, etc.

then we know they would more likely be a reliable source or business partner, etc...

this guy can already see it:

but what if we can see it, organize it and make it meaningful, thus make decisions based on it?

Based on the super conscious being infinite, these glasses already exist, we just need to get the thought and put in into inspired action.

Will anyone financially support this?

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since we see from where we are at, it is not special glasses or more help needed from the outside, rather begin seeing from your heart and learn from what is inside you.

(29 Apr '11, 10:38) fred

You already see this energy.

All forms of energy that your senses experience are reflection of the spiritual world in three dimensions. Much of it is electromagnetic radiation, such as the light and heat emitted from the sun. Some of it you experience in the form of solid, liquid and gaseous objects; these are the same kind of energy, just manifested in a different form.

There are devices available that allow us to see areas of the electromagnetic spectrum that we ordinarily cannot see. Night vision googles are one example.

alt text

In this picture, you can make out the landscape around you, even though there isn't enough ambient light to see it without the goggles. You cannot see color, but you can still see shapes.

But what if you couldn't see color at all?

Below are two pictures of a traffic light. My brother has red-green color-blindness. The picture on the right is what he sees:

alt text

How would you explain to my brother what the color green or the color red is like? It is not the same problem that a person who experiences the spiritual world has when he tries to explain what the spiritual world is like to us physical folks?

The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao -- Tao Te Ching.

What about 3D photography? The image below is a stereogram. It is a three dimensional image. To view the image in three dimensions, cross your eyes until four images appear, then allow the images to converge to a set of three, focusing on the centre image. You will see the lily in three dimensions, like a 3d movie.

alt text

OK, that was easy enough, but what about this one?

alt text

Now it's getting harder, isn't it? Look carefully, with eyes crossed in just the right way, and you will see a three-dimensional bullseye within the noise.

As you can see, there can be order within something that looks completely random.

Here is my point.

Think of the three-dimensional qualities of these photographs as a metaphor for someone trying to peer into the spiritual world. Can you get a sense of this? The person who sees the forest at 10,000 feet can see things that the person on the forest floor cannot see.


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Impressing, thank you, namaste

(16 Sep '10, 06:35) daniele

Great answer Vesuvius

(16 Sep '10, 11:03) Michaela

@Vesuvius: Thank you for such a great answer. I do "see" you point.

(16 Sep '10, 16:20) Back2Basics
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Well nothing is impossible in this world.. if you look around you, actually everything around you was thought to be impossible at some point in time before until someone changed it. Tvs, radios, internet, etc, even simple items like chairs and tables.

But I would like to think that the frequency on which that humans radiate and the frequency on which the electromagnetic spectrum radiates are very different. Plus if I am not not wrong being able to see certain spectrums of light directly might be harmful to us, and if the invention is not used properly it may end up harming more people as people may just tend to stereotype people according to the type of energy that is being radiated from them.


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@kakaboo: wouldn't a stereotype like that be a "true" stereotype... and much better than the stereo types we give right now.

(16 Sep '10, 16:22) Back2Basics

how would you define 'true'? Even if we could see the 'true' color of energy radiating from each person, who would actually be the one to set the basis on which they are labelled? maybe to one 'red' might mean bad, but to another it might mean something else..

(17 Sep '10, 01:53) kakaboo

@kakaboo: well we could put physical behavior and color into a computer for a sample of 1,000,000 people and see what colors relate to what behavior, personality, or specific event related situations. For example, 91% of people with the orange energy during eating have better physical health and we can lower their insurnce rates...

(18 Sep '10, 23:03) Back2Basics
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Read the "The lightening of empowerment" great book on this very thing.


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we each have the potential to think, send, and receive thoughts other than those of the physical,
you look to your heart to turn on the switch,
it may be slow at first, so don't be too hard on yourself,
it is better this way than wearing someone elses glasses


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If we were able to see into the spiritual world, I do not think we would see anything because there is nothing there for us to see. The idea is not to "see into the spiritual world" but rather to create out of it. We do this through our thoughts and visualization. We tell 'Source' what we want to see or experience and that is what usually manifests. My question to you is: what do you want see?


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@Drham: I want to see the spiritual in the physical...=)

(18 Sep '10, 22:31) Back2Basics

You are seeing it everyday

(20 Sep '10, 23:14) Drham

well i would tell you that you don't need to invent anny thing just drop the veil of the mind and experiance you will see things to the level that you are tune in!as for would it be greath to see those all the time it would complicate your life because no one else see it! so you would have to lower what you see to be in this world!


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white tiger

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