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A whole new world has been opened to me. What’s going on inside me and how should I proceed?

so this week my uncle was diagnosed with incurable cancer after he beat it once before now its in muscle tissue in his pectorals, my dads undergoing shock therapy, and i think my brother is as gifted if not more as me but they labeled him schizophrenic and he believes it. I finally have started to see energy, auras, here sounds... and all the while get harassed at work by coughs and conscious thought haha.... fun.

But no really im so happy im finally realizing potential i never thought i had... realizing im not crazy... at all just... miss/un-guided. i hope to begin unlocking my ability... controlling myself and ridding myself of desires i know are going to be hard to rid myself of.

The other day an old man in the liquor store told me he and i were old not like my friend who was with me.... i just turned 21... thought that was strange ^_^. (how long have i been blind to my consciousness?? have i been here before?)

..some of my friends recently started not looking me in the eye .... coughing at me and stuff i kinda wonder what happened... am i controlling there thoughts or something of that nature (prying where i should be or am way to visible with my prying)... if i am how can i control this i don't want to control my friends.

im excited/scared/happy to learn and train myself anyone with anything to help me on the way i would much appreciate.

(sorry i know this is alot but im just... so well i cant wait to find out everything i can)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

i also wanted to add if anyone knows why i wake up at like 3 in the morning all the time sweaty and like everything is moving around like I'm experiencing energy in massive amounts or something... don't know how to explain it.

(03 Jul '11, 07:41) journeymen

also lose balance when this happens

(03 Jul '11, 07:41) journeymen

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(03 Jul '11, 09:00) Barry Allen ♦♦
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After 3 years of gathering and living the New Age/Mataphysical society I finally got to a point, well, I got institutalized, put in the wacko-shack.

It was 4 months after I got out and am experiencing a lot of feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth. I guess I always had them through my life but only now am begining to gather the energy and transform it into what I prefer -- an abundant and full of peace experience of life.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you will be put in touch with your greatest fears and physical reality will reflect that back to you for the reason to check if you really changed or not.

I don't know what to tell you.

Have fun.

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answered 03 Jul '11, 12:00

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I've been in hospitals on 4 separate occasions growing up... i never understood the things going on around me until just recently... never saw the "coincidences" so to speak that are in EVERYONES life they just don't pay attention. I'm glad there's a community FULL of people that have the kind of abilities we were meant to have and i cant wait to experience my own self and fix all my flaws i know theres a lot of them.

(03 Jul '11, 14:21) journeymen

Sorry to hear you've been going through such a hard time, wildlife. Nice to see you again on IQ though.

(03 Jul '11, 18:43) Stingray

Some of these sound like symptoms that you should get checked. I certainly don't want to burst your bubble, but some of those sound like a visit to the doctor might be a good idea.

About the coughing of the other employees, have you talked to anybody about that? Is there another person who sees that? You could be paranoyed. Did you get teased in school? I know that I used to get teased and picked on mercilessly! Sometimes when I see people whispering, I think they are talking about me, and sometimes when I hear people laugh, I think they are laughing at me. I usually can talk myeslf out of it because it's not reasonable. EFT really helps with negative emotions, memories, stress, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, limiting beliefs, and obsessive thoughts. I suggest you learn EFT and tap on the emotions around the coughing at you stuff as well as any childhood trauma.

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answered 03 Jul '11, 14:11

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Fairy Princess

i don't think throwing pills and therapy is really going to help it out... i understand where a lot of the thoughts are and YES there are people 3 of them in fact at my work that are helping me and know what I'm talking about and know people do it. I do agree I'm paranoid but its partially because i don't understand a lot of the energies or other things i feel. I find it odd that you think i should see a doctor when there's a huge amount of evidence on this site alone that supports the things I'm going through. I think in finding myself, and fixing my own emotions/discovering things

(03 Jul '11, 14:17) journeymen

I will be able to make the changes i need to push the negativity away and make strong happy energies.

(03 Jul '11, 14:17) journeymen

I don't doubt you. I don't know you and am not there. I would feel irresponsible if I didn't suggest a dr. as some sound very much like symptoms. I didn't say to take pills or do therapy. I am more talking about a scan of the brain to make sure you don't have a growth in your head that is causing these symptoms. Did you see the movie Phenomenon? I did offer you some suggestions that will help you whether you are paranoid or not. It will help you to be happy even if people are coughing at you. EFT is the best thing since sliced bread. I recommend it for just about everything, so start there.

(03 Jul '11, 14:46) Fairy Princess

On the other hand, if there is a tumor in your brain, and you change the way you think and feel and become all over healthy, the tumor would be gone anyway, right?

(03 Jul '11, 14:47) Fairy Princess

I've had different ct scans within the past year(after a car accident) or so unless it was a very recent development of a tumor which i don't think it is because i can recall a lot of these symptoms just unknowing of what i was able to do i thank you for your concern and might have it done because there's always that possibility huh.

(03 Jul '11, 16:17) journeymen

Don't forget about EFT for the emotional part. It will help with the way you feel about how you are treated at work. It is free to learn and you can do it anywhere.

(03 Jul '11, 17:53) Fairy Princess
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well if people don't look you in the eye is because they have something to hide. and that is not your problem. probably they have talk bad about you or they did something wrong and they do not want you to know(some time even bad though about you). know this lier and people that are not sincere have hard time looking people in the eyes. it is said the eye are the mirroir of the soul. there exist some book to learn the body language.what do you think cop and profiler do when they ask you question or look at you through a glass miroir.

anny way you will learn with time and observation. you came here to experiance this world so enjoy.

there is a tv serie call the listener. he ear sometime people though. look at how people act and what they are thinking it can help you out to understand how it is. well good luck.

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answered 05 Jul '11, 04:16

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white tiger

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