Can ESP be developed within you if you don't have it?

Do you have it from birth if you have it or does it develop later on in years?

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Thank all of you for anwering my questions and please continue to leave answers even after the bounty is over if it is allow. Thanks again an you all have an nice day!

(14 Oct '09, 19:06) flowingwater

I have paranormal ability I could sense the or her/his past by touching it, but it never up when I need it's just a like a weather.I want to develop it, but I dont know how????

(05 Oct '11, 21:17) rey codes

Great question!

(20 Aug '12, 08:32) Nikulas
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Developing ESP through meditation is an effective way of developing this ability. Jose Silva has developed his Ultra Mind System through which he claims that you can develop some ESP ability in as little as 12 to 20 hours (or a couple of days). You can check it out at his website, The SilvaUltraMind System. Again, I hope this is helpful to you in a practical way that you can try out right away.


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I know about the silver mind ultra system and the lack of money has always been an hindous to me. But now I am learning to think postive and say and think I have it so that I can manifest it into reality. This is very good thanks for your answer. Have an great day!

(14 Oct '09, 19:00) flowingwater

You have a wonderful day, too!

(14 Oct '09, 19:58) John

Yes, Jose Silva and now his daughters have proven over and over again that you can develope your ESP whether it lays dominate or you don't have it. It can be developed. But I personally believe that we are all born with it that it lays more dominate in others and more well develped in some. Probably because of open mindness and being well use through out the blood lines of some therefore it is more active in some than in others. Some gifts may not be wanted or to develope it. Free will of choice. Thanks all of you for your answers and they were all good answers. All of you have an nice day!

(16 Oct '09, 19:27) flowingwater
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I agree we all have it, it is a natural part of our being. On a soul level we already know everything we just have to listen and open to the possibility. We all have gut feelings or hunches or lucky guesses. Its not luck. Trust those feelings. The more you are willing to trust yourself and your feelings the more your skill or skills will emerge. There are four basic catagories - (the 4 Claires)

Clairvoyance - seeing visions, flashes or snapshots of things in your head or color flashes.

Clairaudience - audio/hearing your name called (no one there), hearing the phone ring (when its not), hearing a voice or having thoughts in your head. I channel this way - its like taking dictation.

Clairsentience - feeling or sensing though touch or even smell. This is the skill of psychometry. Empathy is in this catagory. Knowing what another is feeling. This one is most tied into emotions. Getting feelings about things or just knowing mostly in your stomach area (gut feeling) or in the heart area.

Claircognizance - sometimes associated with prophecy. Cognizance is knowing. Claircognizance is knowing without knowing how you know. The answer just pops into your head. Or the outcome/result is apparent to you without supporting facts.

We all have gifts and often don't realize we have them. Psychic ability is very rooted in emotion. Like a woman, if you judge it, it will hide its self. If you don't trust it, it will quit telling you. If you doubt it, it will not be forth coming. You must tell your guides/Angels or guardians that you wish to hear them more clearly, that you are ready to listen and trust and then follow through. Tell yourself you will use your gifts wisely and compassionatly and keep a record of your successes however small.


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Linda Harris

Some of these names I have not heard of what they do I have heard of. Thanks for your answer.

(13 Oct '09, 17:37) flowingwater

There are two more "clairs". Clairgustance and clairalience. (seriously, look them up)

(14 Oct '09, 06:50) John

ok thanks John.

(16 Oct '09, 18:31) flowingwater

Thanks for your answer Linda Harris I appreciate it. Have an nice day Linda!

(16 Oct '09, 18:54) flowingwater
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Yes, it can absolutely be developed. It just takes time, practice and dedication, that's all.

You can liken it to learning to play a piano. You wouldn't expect to be able to play a famous classical piano concerto in a large concert hall backed by an orchestra in front of a huge audience listening carefully to your every note without many years of training - yet there are many folks who think developing their inner gifts should be something that happens instantly overnight.

If you are looking for a long-term, steady and stable approach to developing your ESP (or psychic-gifts or whatever you wish to call it), I can recommend a non-profit organization called The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. They send you weekly lessons to read and practice over many years and, over a number of years, your inner gifts develop to their full potential.


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John Drake

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Thanks for the information. Thanks for the way you explain it I understand it better now. I could study piano for years and I wouldn't be any good at it to even the point of average. So, I see you need to have an little gift to get you started and keep you at least as good as average. very good answer.

(07 Oct '09, 06:54) flowingwater

I consulted a psychic/paranormal investigator regarding an experience i had with the ghost of a little girl. He told me that the girl was trying to communicate with me because i have ESP. I wanted to know why the 'girl' appeared to me and what she wanted. According to him it takes practice or a little fine tuning to harness this ability. He also said it can be inherited from parents.


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Thanks were you able to fine tune it?

(07 Oct '09, 06:57) flowingwater

To fine tune the ability i have is not something i truly focus on. Although that incident or experience i had with that little girl has taught me that not all ghosts scare people. They also show gratitude to us by helping us in times of trouble. I'd always pray silently whenever i feel the presence of ghosts around me. They could be lost souls seeking help from us or simply asking for prayers. But according to the psychic, most often they have unfinished business here on earth. The girl actually appeared to me to warn me of my son's health.

(10 Oct '09, 10:53) Celine

Regarding ESP...Let me use again my experience with the Ghsot of the girl. The psychic told me that the girl was also trying to communicate with my son (to warn him of an illness) because my son has ESP which he inherited from me. And true enough my son had been showing signs of this ability at the age of four.

(10 Oct '09, 11:33) Celine
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Hi Barry,I believe we all have it, and are born with it. People may think that they haven't got it. It just isn't tuned in yet. In listening and being aware of our environment and surroundings on all levels of our being. You can help to fine tune it.To start get yourself 3 different journals/note books/diaries. In the 1st one write down ? you may have and date it. The 2nd one keep it as a dream journal and record what you dream about, the feeling, keep it brief, date it. The 3rd one keep for your observations, meaning if something stands out for during your waking moment then note it,it can be a feeling/a sensing or knowing.. don't try to make any sense of it in the moment you receive it just note it, date it. Do this for starters for a month. At the end of the month look back at your 3 journals. And read them through you will start to see that there are some things that are reoccurring and slowly the messages or answers to your ?'s will start to unfold. With ESP the messages usually are subtle and floaty. However it is advisable to keep journals for a lot longer and to discipline yourself in keeping track of the above. After awhile you will start discovering that you are getting a whole lot more then just basic ESP development.You will then get the feeling of what it is like in receiving and sending ?'s out into the Universal Consciousness, and happily in getting to know yourself on a deeper level.Once you start to develop it,the journey just gets easier not only that you will start to benefit on all levels of your being, and lots of wonderful new energies will be drawn to help you even more so. (-:


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Thanks (-: To the original asker ...hope it is of help?

(08 Oct '09, 02:16) N20

I wonder, if you have these abilities ... for example, that you can see things that are not seen to most of people ... for example that you see ghosts, aren't you affraid of them? Can they hurt you? Can you get mad in your head?


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If your abilities are obtainted in a correct way, there will be no hurt or fear. And you will hold dominion over any astral entity.

(11 Oct '09, 12:01) Asklepios

Hello, Developing ESP in improper way may be very dangerous. It can lead to fatal problems that can't be cured by classical medicine (I'm currently experiencing a problem due to my recklessness). However there is completely safe, trusty and greatly benefical way to obtain this sorts of power (altough occult "powers" are only the side effects of spiritual development):

Initiation into Hermetics (Franz Bardon)

You can get it here:


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what would be an improper way. Since most people may not know whether they have esp or not.

(13 Oct '09, 17:39) flowingwater

I should begin by saying that the very existence of ESP has been disputed and scientific experiments have failed to prove conclusively whether is exists or not. For someone who claims they have ESP, that's beside the point. They "know" they have it. Some experiments have leaned towards proving it exists (link). Others lean toward proving it's non-existence. Noteworthy is the Harvard research (link) done in 2008. However, even in the Harvard study, researchers point out that ultimately you can't really prove something doesn't exist ("you cannot confirm the null hypothesis").

That said, I found it interesting that in an experiment by Carl Sargent (University of Cambridge), he found that subjects who were hypnotized did more than twice as well in experiments as the control group. Sargent believes that "ESP is associated with a relaxed state of mind and a freer, more atavistic level of consciousness". "Atavistic" means "relating to the reappearance of a characteristic in an organism after several generations of absence, usually caused by the chance recombination of genes." In other words, in Sargent's interpretation of his experiments, ESP could be associated with a level of consciousness that was characteristic in some earlier generation of our species when the mind was more relaxed and free. So to answer your question, perhaps ESP is an inherent ability in all of us that has been suppressed over time, and may be developed by working on a more relaxed, freer, more open state of mind. This could be worked on through hypnosis (as in Sargent's study) or through meditation techniques.

It's my sincere belief that the human mind is capable of far more than the average person makes use of. Developing our mind's potential should be as high a priority (or higher) than the other activities and endeavors we focus on from day to day.

Hope that helps, unknown(yahoo) :-)


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Thanks for your answer John have an great day!

(14 Oct '09, 02:54) flowingwater

I gave you your check mark. Why do you think you are so far ahead of me. I answer many questions but I get few check marks. But I don't care I answer as best I can shooting straight from the heart. I believe I am going to stop answering questions for I have too many O's to most of my answers I am just going to comment and give checks and read the answers to the questions. Have an great day John!

(14 Oct '09, 19:05) flowingwater

I have had some "spsychic" talents. I am good at guessing and stuff. My son thinks he has some too. I have recently been looking into this whole thing, and what I have come up with based on my studies so far: The Bible says that there is nothing new under the sun, but there are new inventions all the time, so the ideas must be thought of already by God, and are out there for us to reach out and grab. However, As above so below, as below so above, as within so without, as without so within, therefore, all the ideas are also in us ready to reach in and grab one. To follow along that line, my thoughts are within me, and without me and within you, because as without so within. Some people call it the matrix. I think it is the omnipresence of God. Anyway, we can pick up other people's thoughts because they are all a part of this matrix that is witout and within all of us. Tesla did some electrical studies and found that the transmitter and the receiver needed to be on same frequency, and invented the radio, so maybe we just need to be on the same frequency. We have to tune into that person, or we just have to learn to read the matrix. So, I guess my answer is we are all born with it available to us, just some of us tune it in, some tune it out, and some just don't even notice. We just need to learn to tune it in and reach in and grab whatever we want from the matrix. Jesus said to his desciples that they had seen him do great things, and that they would do greater things. Peter walked on water as long as he believed.


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Fairy Princess

Flowing, I have given this a lot of thought.
Ways to get more Psychic. Hang around Psychics. Good things happen when you around the Masters Start doing psychic readings. Ask the universe to grant this gift.

Watch out for... Psychics think they are real spiritual; They often aren't Use white light for psychic protection. Maybe you don't wont to wake up with the dead around. Don't pay more than $20.00 for classes Or books. Learn to turn it on and turn it off. Don't forget psychics are just personalities like yourself.

The others answered most of the rest of what you need. Good Luck and Blessings


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Yes we all have inborn ESP ability, and we do have it from birth. We are all spiritual being in a physical body, and everything that we know to do is of a spiritual nature, before it becomes a part of the physical.

Some of us have the natural ability to use this ESP gift in a very special, extensive and unique way that are different to other people’s ability, but we all have the same ability. The problem is some of us do not know that we have this ability, and some of us do not know how to use this ability that we have. While others know that they have this ability, but they are not sure how to use it, so they seek help from others on how to use it, and how to develop it. There are also some people that are aware of their ESP ability, and are embarrassed to talk about it openly.

I have had many ESP experience, and I tell you the visions were clear, and real as the Sun-light in the day time! Hope this helps.


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abhishek mishra

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