What is the source of evil? A 2007 Gallup poll estimated that around 70% of Americans believe in the devil and hell. Is the devil real or just a personification of evil?

I realize there are those who do not believe evil even exists, but for those of you who do, does temptation come from within or are we tempted by an external evil being?

What are the implications of both regarding our personal responsibility and culpability?

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I know I'm one of those who "do not believe evil even exists" but my evil side couldn't resist popping a quick answer in here anyway ;)

From The Master Key System Part 16...

.26. Good and evil therefore are not entities, they are simply words which we use to indicate the result of our actions, and these actions are in turn predetermined by the character of our thought.

.27. If our thought is constructive and harmonious we manifest good; if it is destructive and discordant we manifest evil.

Also, I would suggest that temptation is simply a euphemism for not wanting to stick to the rules (usually religious ones) that someone else has convinced you that you should be sticking to.

The word temptation is problematic in my view because it implies a part of one's beliefs and desires is at odds with another part of one's beliefs and desires.

Stick to the rules if you feel like sticking to them, and don't stick to them if you don't feel like it - but there's no need to punish yourself by trying to do both. :)


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Do you agree with the Master Key System's definition of evil or disagree with it? I personally find it a pretty good working definition of what most people consider evil.

(14 Nov '09, 18:57) Vesuvius

I completely agree with it.

(14 Nov '09, 21:39) Stingray

Yes, the devil, the serpent, the angel of light who he use to be but he was defeated in heaven. But since God created evil he done what he was design to do so man would have an choice to choose from.

There is an REAL DEVIL that you can see with your natural eyes at times just like angels. For he was once in heaven and was an beautiful and handsome angels but he wanted to take over heaven and so he was thrown out of heaven down to earth where us human were going to be.

There have been people who have seen him. His demons Jesus christ cast out of this man it was so many they were called legions and he cast them into the swine which the demons ask to be cast into. Also the demons ask Jesus son of God what do you want with us it is not time and he quiet them for he did not want them to tell who he really was to the humans he was talking to.

The bible talks of demons, devils, and having an meeting with the sons of God. I just don't understand how people can believe in God (maybe) and don't believe in the rest of it.

Yes, there is the knowledge of evil from within each of us from Adam and Eve eating of the tree of knowledge which had the knowledge of both good and evil that how Eve was trick into eating of the fruit of wanting to be like an god which the old serpent trick her and said God will not kill you he just don't want you to be like an god like him and so she was temped and she did eat and gave it to Adam.

So, yes we have to fight different kinds of temptations but if you don't dwell on them than they want be as temping. It like Eve could eat of all of the fruits of the trees but one and that is how she got temped not by the look or taste of the fruit but by the idea of being like an god. Now of course if she only knew her and Adam would not have eaten.

There are demons that get in humans beings the reason they act so evil. They don't care about the human body and they will try to destroy you for they don't love you Jesus does. Many can inhabit your physical body the bible tells us so.

I have talk to people here in the United States and in foreign countries that have seen these demons expel out. I ask one lady what did it look like and she said the one she saw looked like an frog and I did not believe her and went an read my bible and it was in there.

If you can believe in angels than why is it such an stretch to believe in demons. If you believe in heaven why don't you believe there is an hell. I have read about near death experiences where some people died for an little while and went to hell. They say it is really real and terriable.

It is all back to each one of us and our own personal choices we make in life and who we decide to believe in. We know that we are spiritual beings and that God created us or for some (something else an higher being, the universe or who ever) but as for me it is God who created us for we did not create our selves. It is our own discovery journey we are own and we will find out God is real and therefore all the other is real as well.

There is an book of life and more books that are written for Enoch who was taken away by God talked with God given him the power by something he ate talk 90 books to be written by others who he had choosen. That are hidden out there for those to find and read.

Ask God personally whatever you want to know whether it is about demons, devil or evil and he will tell you or reviel it to you somehow through his many means of getting you your answer than it is up to you to believe or not. There goes that free will again. It is your life and your choice of whether you believe or not and rather your name will be written in the book of life.


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If you believe in reality-creation, and you believe that there is such a thing as evil (or at least the idea that it is possible to harm others with your actions), then you must also believe that those who do things that harm choose those things as part of their reality-creation. You don't need the devil for that, nor can you absolve yourself of responsibility for such actions by blaming them on the devil.

If you believe that everyone is totally, personally responsible for what happens to them, you don't need the devil for that either. Nor do you need evil, since everyone does it to themselves. I guess that's what they mean when they say evil does not exist. In this model I suppose you're not responsible for any wrongdoing since, if a person is harmed, then they must have brought it on themselves.

In the models of reality that include angels and devils, all you are responsible for is resisting the influence of the bad spirits, and embracing the influence of the good ones. Personally, I prefer people who can think for themselves. The very notion that we are waging a battle between the two different spirit worlds in our minds just seems illogical to me, and if such a battle exists, it seems like the ones who can think for themselves would be more likely to resist such influences.

In the end, the occasional madness that grips us can be explained by the way our brain is structured. When the reptilian brain has us in its grasp with anger, it can be hard to think clearly, as that part of the brain (which is largely responsible for our survival mechanisms) can override the more rational parts of our brain. You can think of that as the influence of the devil if you wish.


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What is the source of evil? .. this is a trick question. evil is a judjment on a thought or set of beliefs or actions, the devil just a personification of evil. this personification can be anyone. in general, the other is always the devil. of cource, by ''the other'' I mean the one who shares opposite beliefs, opinions and thoughts. in ancient times, the devil was simply the enemy. while Gods ( the good guys ) were the Kings and rules of each kingdom. Angels, were the sons and doughters of these kings/Gods. but because they are only forms of thoughts or thought forms, they were later transformed into separated beings outside this world. in heaven or hell. that doesn't mean they do not exist. they do, and they have more effect than what exists in the outer/material world. because they directly affect our actions and choices. while everything that exists outside, is being filtered and judged first. but Gods and Angels are above conscious judjment. that what makes them dangerous. they rise and act in the subconscious. the one responsible of directing our conscious behaviour. whebever we find an opposite form of thought that would threaten the existence or action of these beings/thoughts .. we call them .. Devils. Evil ones. The Enemy. and simply fight to stop them or even eliminate them by all means necessary. yes, we are that crazy ! :) .. so, what is the source of evil? .. no, not an evil mind.but the so called good mind. (( good is the real source of evil )). did you see the movie called ''unbreakable'' ? .. good and evil exit, once one of them existed. once evil rises, good rises. and once good rises, evil rises as well. so, in religious terms .. don't blame the devil ( Evil ) .. God ( Good ) created him !


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I have carefully read all of the above explanations and the debate will probably go on until the end of time...But I have found it necessary to put in my two cents on this topic. Why? Because I LIVED with EVIL...I have DEALT WITH EVIL...And it is NOT some kind of mental aberration...It is NOT a "result of bad thoughts and choices" solely! EVIL is REAL and it exists. Satan would be absolutely delighted with these lovely intellectual explanations for His work! He is laughing his head off at your trust in your safety and your non-belief...This is how he can do what he does...he hides inside rationality. He adores hearing about the malfunctions of the brain. Then he can go about his business, safe from the fear that YOU will SEE HIM, and cast either Him or his pals back into the abyss where they belong.

Sorry for the rant. I was badly abused by Satan-Worshipers, and Trust Me, I SAW EVIL INCARNATE. My childhood, as a movie, would be rated X. Since I experienced Evil fist-hand, and have seen with my own eyes demons cast out of people, I just had to post my opinion.

The world needs to know the truth. This rationality of thinking does nothing to actually solve the results of evil. We need to battle it where we find it.

Blessings, Jai


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