Personal preference aside, is there anything at all "wrong" with deliberately or negligently hurting other people? I have noticed that the universe shows no regard for "morality". Aggressors are not punished and are often rewarded over non-aggressors, both by society and by nature itself. They often don't even carry that much guilt. Are moral-ethical codes simply a matter of personal preference? Is the choice to be an aggressor "legitimate"? Is it stupid to feel guilty for hurting another? In nature we have lions who go around murdering and eating other animals, or in some cases just murdering and letting the corpse rot. Male lions will sometimes kill the offspring of another male and then proceed to mate with the mothers of the cubs they just murdered. Human societies are not better, I won't even bother to give examples. Is morality just a leash which some human beings put upon other human beings to try and control them? Are psychopaths really mentally ill, or are they just operating under a different "frame" than non-psychopaths? Are moral-ethical codes simply limiting beliefs?

Note that I'm not simply talking about being impulsive and acting out of anger, though that is part of it. There are people who simply don't have the rule in their head that says doing things X way is not acceptable. Are these people actually, in a sense, more evolved than those that do have such rules?

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No, there are no universal rules with a reward/ punishment frame.

There is just how you feel about things.

(24 Nov '13, 21:39) Nikulas

Does that mean empathy (especially relative to negative emotions) is essentially a burden?

(24 Nov '13, 21:46) flowsurfer

he wonders then where the 'golden rule' comes from, probably from a light spot in the darkness

(25 Nov '13, 05:03) fred

The reason I ask is because, if we are all empowered through spiritual laws, isn't the victim always to blame and in fact not even a victim? Aren't cubans attracting abuse from the communist party? Yet if we are not... don't we live in a world that is by nature cruel and indifferent, and attachment to "morality", empathy, a sort of mental illness?

(25 Nov '13, 08:34) flowsurfer

Yes it is wrong.

(28 Nov '13, 13:52) Dollar Bill
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If you like being hurt, there is nothing wrong with hurting other people. The Universe does not judge your actions, it just feeds them back to you as your reality.

You are a smart, educated person. I can tell from your writing.

The Universe is divinely indifferent. It only knows giving you back what you ask for.And you get a huge amount of sympathy, feedback and suggestions here on IQ by dwelling on questions like this. So apparently you like this and ask more questions about Gloom, Despair and Agony.

Somehow I feel that you have more, much more to give than this.

@flowsurfer despite your protestations, you know this. You have a good grasp of how it all works. You know that you are getting back what you put out. You know how to get better if you wanted to.

Could it be that you like this despair? It would seem so. If you do, and please understand that I don't judge because I really don't care, immerse yourself in it.

But please, don't kick yourself in the (hangtag) and then come crying about it here. You know better than that also.

You know that I know that you know. We are a knowledgeable pair, you and I.


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No Brainer

I was going to ignore this because I thought it was too personal and didn't fit the question. But, this is actually kind of relevant. "You know that you are getting back what you put out. You know how to get better if you wanted to." The fact is that I don't. I really, really don't know that. I have intellectually the concept, it is in my head, but I don't actually know it. I do not actually believe it, even though I want and try to believe it.

(25 Nov '13, 09:42) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer I'm sure you are happiest person with very strong control on your emotion and thoughts. You have reached to a higher level where you can just see the world just as a screen in front of your eyes. And this attitude made you to question all the stuff you are questioning. I urge you to help the beginner by not saying that you won't believe some kind of spiritual proven methods example Bashar.

(25 Nov '13, 21:07) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD I don't know how to reply to some of the things you say.

(25 Nov '13, 21:17) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer I want you to strongly "respect" the appreciation you receive for your questions and answers. Because not to feel depreciated on the other side by appreciating you :) Thankyou.

(25 Nov '13, 22:07) PERFECT GOOD

@flowsurfer "I want you" replace with "I request you". Sorry for being so arrogant.

(26 Nov '13, 00:06) PERFECT GOOD

@flowsurfer I am trying to help. My suggestion is that a lot of the questions that you ask are passionately describing unhappy, unpleasant situations. The passion you put into this may be maintaining these sad situations.

I can tell from your language and grammar that you are an intelligent and educated man. You do have a gift for writing.

Abraham suggests tell a different story. I suggest that is you focus on this, it may be a powerful answer to some of the things that are plaguing you.

(26 Nov '13, 12:42) No Brainer
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"Everyone will have to give account ... for every empty word they have spoken." (Mathew 12:36) How much more so for the HURT you give to somebody! When you hurt somebody, you are inviting somebody to do the same to you.

You can prove this. Hang 5 iron balls parallel to each other yet touching to each other. Give one hit to the second ball using the first. Hit will be travel to the 5th and will return to the original giver in same force! Its pure science and pure spirituality. Forgiveness is a myth. (Romans 14:12) God will not interfere with his own law set in place in the nature!


answered 25 Nov '13, 04:39

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T D Joseph

Nice analogy TD, nice one.

(25 Nov '13, 10:29) Monty Riviera

I don't think the universe assigns value to our actions in that way. I think the universe groups people up according to vibes they are giving off. So people who feel a strong sense of lack and that they can only get what they need by taking it from others might get arranged with people who feel a strong sense that the world is dangerous and people are always trying to steal things from them. And voila, a car theft is born.

But I often, when I think of questions like this, think of something Abraham has said, which, paraphrased, is that "happy people don't hurt people". I think that is true. People who are connected to their own flow of source energy do not go around stealing things or raping people or murdering anyone, not because those things are wrong, but because when you're happy and feeling pretty good, it would just not occur to you that you need to take sex by force, or take money by force, or kill someone.

I'd guess that a lot of "wrong" behavior comes out of feelings of lack, and not knowing how else to get what you want besides taking it by force from another person. I suppose it's true that the "victim" in these cases is vibrating something that matched them up with the "criminal", but I think it's not that useful to use that as a way to assign blame. For one thing, while many spiritual teachers speak of very lofty ideal situations, in the real world, many humans have grown up absorbing the vibrations of their culture without understanding what's happening. It doesn't feel good (to me) to look at that and say, well, it's that person's fault for growing up being told to be afraid of getting mugged, because look at him now, getting mugged all the time!

And I don't think that (for instance) the mugger is absolved of responsibility just because he and the victim were vibrationally matched up or anything, just that they were, literally, a vibrational match; but most humans don't know that's what's happening, and so don't know if there's anything they can do about it. And so I think the blame game is really something to get away from in general. For me, it helps to think of Law of Attraction as a neutral force exactly like gravity, or the speed of light in a vacuum. It just IS. It isn't God rationing out goodness and badness, it's just an organizing principle of the universe.

For instance, people who think that sex is both scarce and owed to them but being withheld will probably manifest a lot of "evidence" of that. Whereas someone who feels more neutral or cheerful about sex and who thinks things like "Sex is really nice and I like having it and I like the people I have it with" will manifest lots of evidence to support that, too. So I don't really think it's about blame, or wrongness, it's just about your perceived reality largely supporting your beliefs.


answered 25 Nov '13, 14:58

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definitely would not be blaming the victim. Though there are always lessons to be learnt in any situation.

(30 Nov '13, 08:33) Inner Beauty

Yes it is wrong to hurt people either deliberately or negligently. There are so many codes in nature to be broken to understand the reality "why the lion killing the offspring of another male etc"., If you are hurted inside you want people to be hurted. If you are happy you want other to be happy.

I don't know how people around are operated and by whom. But I'm sure of one thing we all fear of suspense in our life.

Although I'm happy to know many answer from around saying "Yes".

Thank you. Perfect Good.


answered 25 Nov '13, 03:28

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"Is it wrong to hurt other people?"


It's not wrong.. but it is "mean" a simple book called "stranger in a strange land" had the best descriptions of negativity that I know off.. in the book at a certain point they were at a zoo.. and a big monkey went up and hit a little monkey and stole his banana.. so the smaller monkey cried then went up to a even smaller monkey and did the same thing.. and you get the idea right?

It keeps going down the chain? That's what we humans do.. someone punched us/hurt us.. so we hurt someone else.. or maybe were lacking food or shelter or love.. when we are.. WE LASH OUT.. you want to know what fix's/cures all ill's..? love does.. and eventually even those who are the biggest ones that REFUSE to accept love into their hearts.. one day they will! (that or the negativity will kill them) and that's a release too.. .dying :)

"Are psychopaths really mentally ill, or are they just operating under a different "frame" than non-psychopaths?"

They are operating from a lack of love..

Let me ask you.. if ADAM LANZA was raised in a loving home, where he was allowed to be himself.. he was nutured, loved unconditionally, supported, respected.. do you think he would have done what he did?

Fill in the blank of ADAM LANZA.. with Jeffrey dahmer or hitler.. name your so-called "bad man" the answer is 99% of the time going to be NO.. love will cure all ill's..

The reason why people NEED to act out at all is.. because they were not loved.. or because they will act as a REFLECTION of how well the world is doing a job of loving itself..

I hate to say in a hippie way.. "love, love, love" but that's just the TRUTH.. love is the answer.. even john lennon/Beatles knew that..


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@themaster you have started with negativity and ended with positivity. There is perfect balance in your answer.

(29 Nov '13, 22:37) PERFECT GOOD

This can be a real sticky question...When you bring religions into it, there is a set of instructions that some people subscribe to, but when you go deeper into the nature of man the answer is not so simple. I think first you have to define the word "Wrong." Is the wrong something that you yourself were subjected to and then relive over and over by replaying the act against other people, or is the "wrong" a punishment that you are afraid of happening to yourself after years of intentionally hurting other people. And then what are the "wrongs", that you ask of. Is it physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, is it telling someone a lie that might keep a high opinion of yourself in their estimation, or is the "Wrong" sometimes just a failure to keep promises.



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to answer your question is it wrong to hurt other people. know this the person who hurt someone else as hurt him self even more, he just does not know it yet. why he does not know it because he is lost in darkness, and praise him self. if he would be in the light of truth he would be ashamed of him self. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

until he solve is own inner division he remain in bondage to is own sin. and cannot do what is right for him self and other, he should have remember, who is with out sin to cast the first stone? repent and sin no more.

there is light in a person of light and it shines on the whole world if not it is dark.

be merciful to those who commit error and are blind and cannot see it and learn from their error to not commit it again. remember those words. blessed are the merciful they will be shown mercy. after all who is perfect in this world, who is blameless, who never made a error against him self or another? Who is with out sin to cast the first stone? who will not have regret when there is time no more? who will stand blameless at peace with a pure heart before the light of truth? for any one that have understand what I said you now know how narrow the door is.

Let there be light , be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 30 Nov '13, 10:26

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white tiger

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