Why does the full moon affect us and to what extent? In what way does it affect our moods, thoughts and behaviour? Does it affect some people more than others?

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Pink Diamond

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Good question Rani! One of my girlfriends said her ex husband was affected negatively by a full moon.

(05 Dec '09, 23:42) shazsays

thanks i think. i know the answer to my questons now. so thanks.

(28 Nov '11, 00:48) megan
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I was born at an exact full moon and, when I was younger, some of the Sun-Moon oppositions used to make me feel like my head was exploding (yes, really).

I've noticed though that as I've become happier and more aligned in my life, that effect has vanished almost completely - I barely notice the moon cycle at all now. I think this comes down to these kinds of things being background effects.

Despite having some experience in Astrology, I'm not personally a believer that the planets really do affect us directly. I think the relationship between us and the planets is the same relationship as a train and a train timetable...there is a third-party influence at work.

However, the one planet that I do think has a direct effect on us (because of its proximity) is the moon.

Stand at the coastline someday and take a look at a raging high tide. Watch the enormous power inherent in those huge crashing waves. Consider how, over time, they have the power to mold - even destroy - outcrops of solid rock. Those tides are an effect of the moon.

Now consider that our bodies can be as much as 75% water and then tell me the moon doesn't affect us directly. :)


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the soils have tides rise with the full moon too!

(18 Dec '10, 09:47) Hu Re

"However, the one planet that I do think has a direct effect on us (because of its proximity) is the moon."

I couldn't agree more - absolutely..

I'm looking forward to viewing the Supermoon on June 23rd. It's supposed to be the biggest & brightest this year & perhaps more powerful.. Who knows what the "effect" will be..

(22 Jun '13, 00:30) ele

Please know, this is not at all a scientific response, just an observation. But I worked in the security field for many years as a supervisor. I not only noticed more unruly and odd behavior from the people we were hired to "watch" but from the security staff itself. Once I noticed the trend, I kept observing and it was always true. Why? I have no explanation! I mentioned this to my father, a police officer, and he confirmed that he believed it was true as well, as did my paramedic sister, who mentioned that the rescue calls would often be of a more unusual nature during the full moons. (I've enjoyed reading the more scientific answers)


answered 08 Dec '09, 22:00

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LeeAnn 1

very interesting indeed, I like it better than the so called "science":) namaste

(24 Sep '10, 08:05) daniele

The moon has the following scientifically proven influences on your life.

  1. The rise and fall of the tide. Affects you if you want to go out to sea. The effect of the moon on water can be measured. If your body is 75% water (which is a crock, its not 75% water. You are made of solid matter, not a liquid bag), the effect of the moon on your body is approximately 0.000001% shift, which essentially means nothing.

  2. Generations of woman have evolved to menstruate based on a lunar cycle. This is probably due to farming cycles. The moon itself doesn't play a part, but the cycle of planting and resting may have caused this behavior to linger.

  3. Reflected light of the sun causes animals to look at the moon in wonder. Some people do too.


answered 07 Dec '09, 06:28

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Andrew Keith

Matter is mostly empty space so I guess we are "empty bags" (wink wink)

(20 Dec '10, 16:39) jim 10

I know that scientifically, this has not been proven...but! When you talk to people like nurses at the Emergency Room, teachers of young children, doctors who deliver babies (some of them!), policemen, bartenders,-they see it get crazy at the Full Moon and connect the craziness with the Moon's cycle.

As usual, I have a story about this...

My Dad was a factory foreman for a large manufacturing corporation. He never really paid attention to the Full Moon, until one day, he noticed that he had handed out a lot of disciplinary write-ups in just one shift. It happened on the Full Moon. The next month, he found eleven workers hiding out in the bathroom, playing craps.Full moon again! At first he didn't believe it, but he saw a pattern, and began to dread the Full Moon! He was a very logical, scientific man, and he tried very hard to explain this phenomenon some other way. Some months were better than others, but the "pink slips" always seemed to fly on the day of the Full Moon. He used to joke that it was like his men got PMS on the Full Moon!

The only other unexplainable reality is the length of the average menstrual cycle- 28 days, the same as the length of the Moon's cycle.

Folklore or Fact? I lean towards fact- we are mostly made up of water, as Stingray said.

Blessings, Jai.


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Yes the moon effects you in a greater or lesser degree. A paper cut will hurt 10x worse on a new moon or a full moon I have forgot which one it is. You will hurt your self more and become angrier easily.

I will tell you a story about when we were planting a garden and we got started late in the evening around 3 pm maybe and than we planted on through the dark and we could see real good too and completed the planting of the garden. Now honestly later on it seem that the vegatables just jump they were growing so fast. I knew the sun had a lot to do with the growing of vegetables and fruits but I saw with my own eyes the power of the moon and its effect on the growth of these vegetables. I was just totally amazed by how fast they were growing and so very healthy too.

The moon effects us too I believe it effects our emotions more. Like traffic jams I believe on the full moon time people are easily to be made angrier than usual.

I don't know how much water is in us (they say 75%) but there is enough to yes the mood effects it. I am sure someone out there has done a study on it. Especially many years ago. I am sure all phases of the moon has sometime to do with the humans that live here on this earth for the sun effects you too and you receive vitiamin D from the sun.


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Moon is attributable to our astral bodies (emotions). 4 main phases of the moon = 4 elements. For example full moon equals fire, and during that time medical operations are not advisable. They would be so during new moon phase, because it is related to water. And water = calmness.


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Well thanks for that advice I will remember that. I use to remember as a child that people would make dentist appointments to get a tooth pull according to the almanac.

(09 Dec '09, 06:16) flowingwater

I've also read it at some doctor's site.

(09 Dec '09, 13:22) Asklepios

i was born on a full moon, from a mother who was born on a full moon. i met my first love on a full moon (she was also born on a full moon) i lost her on a full moon. i was enlightened on a full moon. i saw darkness from closeness on a full moon.


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i sometimes think of the moon as having been what earth once was,
yet completed her impregnation by mind and spirit way long ago,
and as her waning sacrafice, she gave us water and the best of her round,
so when she shines as tonight, i find it hard not to take my eyes off of her,


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Hello Pink Diamond

In my experience it is a question of a variation of flow of energy, from the new moon to the full moon energies are rising and any gardener that works with the moon cycles knows that plants push better upwards during these periods and inversely during the waning moon roots dig deeper ... in the spring we can feel sap flowing freely upwards especially in silver birch trees ... personally i usually feel more energetic during periods of full moon ... it's all to do with the magnetic pull of planets that are closest to us ... it's not surprising that "magick" rituals are performed especially at the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere when the axial tilt of the earth is most inclined towards the sun and its magnetic influence is at its strongest ... :)


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blubird two

" it's not surprising that "magick" rituals are performed especially at the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere when the axial tilt of the earth is most inclined towards the sun and its magnetic influence is at its strongest ... :)"

I always celebrate the Summer Solstice (also known as midsummer or Feast of St John the Baptist Day) as well as Midsummer's Eve. (6-21-2013)

I'm sure glad your countrymen stopped this barbaric ritual..


(22 Jun '13, 00:33) ele

What if someone said that the Moon was a spaceship from an alien species? As crazy as this sounds can you prove it false? NO, what I am saying is, can YOU prove it false? I do not think that just because everyone is told differently that it makes it true. Does it? Moon Spaceship



answered 20 Dec '10, 20:12

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jim 10

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