If reality creation allows you to manifest anything you believe in, then why did you choose a life that appears to impose limits on that creative process?

For example, you were born into a life where your parents placed limits on you. And when you grew up, you had to work to make money to buy food (I assume you haven't figured out yet how to materialize it out of thin air).

Did you choose these limitations for yourself?

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I can think of a simple answer for why a being with power would limit his power. We call it "playing a game". When playing chess, you have the power to take the adversary's king and throw it out the window; but you limit that power so you can play the game of chess. When you draw, you need lines in order for there to be anything other than a blank page.

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Building on the theme in Wade's insightful answer...here is a snippet from Ken MacLean's Dialogues book where he is having a discussion with The Guys (a non-physical group very similar to Abraham)

Every time you guys get excited I get a blast of awesome energy and feeling. It just seems hard for me to understand why anyone would give that up to experience here. Focused or not, it seems you guys are experiencing far more powerfully than I.

We are experiencing source energy without resistance. That is very powerful indeed, and is an ability that all beings in native state have. However, you experience more powerfully on an emotional range that is not available to us.

By that we mean, the intensity of your focus strengthens your experience in a way not possible in non-physical (unless we experience through you, which we do all the time, because it is so much fun).

We do not experience the ‘bad’ along with the good.

In physical bodies, the bad makes the good much more powerful. It is the contrasting of the ‘bad’ with the ‘good’ that makes this the leading edge of thought.


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To experience life as an spiritual beings living in an human body in this physical world. All of these emotions, feelings, and experience we can experience is and can be magnificient to behold by any spiritual being.

To feel the power and exhilaration of being in love and making love. The love of being a parent and the ultimate responsibility of being a parent and watching your children grow into man or womanhood. To feel the joy us humans can feel at any given moment. To enjoy playing in the rain. To enjoy so many beautiful things to see and do here on this earth.

The experience of it all it is the experience and what an power and wonderful experience it can really be if we choose to see the beauty in life!


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This I have a few answers for actually.

It was just being talked about in my church of the coming rapture and in the blink of an eye how the deserving will be taken and the undeserving left behind. I know most Christians can't wait for that day to return but it hit me in a very different way. I thought if these people are going to be left behind to a hell on earth life then as long as any are suffering I want to stay behind and maybe help ease this suffering and give guidance peace and comfort that is so strongly needed at this time.

When I had read your question I felt like for an awakened being to come down into this world of suffering, lack, fear and limitation among other negatives is an act of compassion for the rest of humanity. So I believe we chose to come as a service of compassion.

Now for why we all return to this world awakened and unawakened I have a different answer and this story starts in heaven. Imagine for a moment you are a great king and anything you want is instantly brought to you, you never have to lift a finger. At first having every wish granted is great but after a while it can feel like a prison the moment you think something you have it. You have no idea what it feels like to be in competition or cooperation to achieve anything being there is nothing to achieve, nothing to win. You need no one to help you with anything so the word help, appreciate or compassion have no meaning to you. You have no need or want and haven't any idea what need or want is so desire means nothing as well. Also there is no such thing as progress or learning or even trying to better yourself and the feeling you get from achieving and awakening is not to be found here. As a matter of fact nothing to do with motion of any kind exist to you, you don't know what travel is because there is no place to travel because that would have to be desired as a destination and in the world of the absolute you are already there everywhere there is no to and fro. So you can not even experience what it is to be or feel alive because you are only consciousness without desire.

One day you get a desire and say I want something different! How can you have something different this is all there is it is the absolute? Anything you want is instantly yours but of course you have no desire so you have nothing. But something keeps saying noooo I want something different!!! I want to know myself! How can you know yourself you would have to not be yourself to know yourself! And so to know our selves we came into the world of illusion from the absolute, a world where we could know what desire is because there is so much "different" from us to be desired! But not only this we have to work for it and experience the trail of not having it and the joy of achieving it! Wow what is this joy and appreciation this is quite different from where I came from! We get to experience all the experiences of earth and in this process find ourselves as we awaken to compassion and gratitude, all the things that are impossible in the world of the absolute. Because all of these things require duality to experience is why we experience these in this world. So we come here like people like to go to movies to experience the thrills and chills the laughs and the crying and everything in between and when it is over they come back out saying wow what a movie that was, I believe we will be doing the same with life and that is why we came to this limitation, because in the duality is the ability to find our true nature of who we really are.


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i will answer this question,You say why did you choose a life that limits your power of creation.Why do you assume that you have limits? Are you not equal to every one else?Do you not have free will like every one else?Are you not able to grow like every one else? You see the real limits imposse on you by other people are their ill advised choice that do not respect you.If they would respect them self they would respect you also.But since they do not respect them self and other for them the power play is what they seek, and they have forgot the real power is from their own free will so they run after the illusion of power since they do not know what real power is about.They run after money to fill their bank account to feel powerfull and proud and this money is only a quantity of material that will pass away.Money as value only because we accord it value to play this monopoly game in this world.Take monopoly money and go pay someone with it,He will not accept it and say that it as no monetary value.You see in this world we have free will to create anny thing we like.And to accord value to annything we please. But even if someone is the richess on the planet. once he die and go back up and he look back on is life.And see all the opportunity that he missed to help people around him And to have a good life with people he love and that love him at the place of filling up a bank account that does not serve him once he moves out of this world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayW4c9aZXyw

So what will it be? What will be your choice in this life time? What do you value the most? Will you not use the time imparted to you wisely? What do you want this world to be? If you look back on your life will their be anny thing that you will not want to change? well right now is the time to think about it when making your choice. Your choice affect you and other around you.

You will find obstacle in your life it is part of this interacting game of life. But if they where no obstacle,no challenge ,no progress,no new things.You would probably find this experience pretty boring. Limits are made to help people to protect them or to challenge people so that they overcome those limits and learn from the experience.

The more choice you have the more powerfull you are.And on free will choice we have no limits.

So let there be light, Be the light that you can be ,experience and enjoy.


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