As a pattern seen frequently in nature, does the Fibonacci sequence reveal anything about how reality is created and how people dealing with reality creation can be more harmonious with the forces and vibrations of the universe?

The Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.) seems to appear almost everywhere in nature; and phi (the golden ratio or golden section)--the ratio between two consecutive Fibonacci numbers-- is frequently found in art and architecture, particularly that of the Greeks. Did they know something we may be missing? Is there some benefit to gain by creating our reality in a way that is harmonious and in sync with the patterns already operative in nature?

If metaphysics "examines the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, fact and value" (The Free Dictionary), then there would seem to be reason to consider how the Fibonacci sequence could be applied to metaphysical exploration of more effective, harmonious ways to involve ourselves in reality creation. How might we make use of the Fibonacci sequence in reality creation? What could you do personally to use it?

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I'll list a bit more of the Fibonacci series so I can give you my answer.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144...

The main thing I have been playing around with for the past year is the application of Fibonacci to habit-creating and habit-breaking.

I noticed that most psychologists seem to be in agreement that it takes 21 days to set up a new habit...21 is a Fibonacci number.

Other people say it takes about a month to set up a new habit...34 is a Fibonacci number.

Abraham say it takes 3 days to escape the grip of an addiction and then it becomes a lot easier to deal with...3 is a Fibonacci number.

I've been working with the assumption that at each Fibonacci number (in days), the setting-up or the tearing-down of a habit becomes easier.

For example, let's say you want to set up the habit of cycling everyday.

  • Day 1 will be difficult
  • Day 2 will be difficult, but maybe slightly less so.
  • Day 3 will be difficult, but slightly less so than day 2.
  • Now there's a breakthrough and you will now coast a bit to day 5
  • If you can make to day 8, it becomes even easier
  • Now you've got another week to day 13 before it becomes even easier
  • By day 21, you've almost got a new habit
  • If you can make it to day 34, I suspect it's a habit for life

...and so on.

Does it work?

Well, to take the cycling example, I now cycle 10 miles a day without even thinking about it. I started several months ago from cycling rarely and then started applying this method.

Possibly, it's all autosuggestion...but who knows? ;)


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I'm enjoying your contributions to Inward Quest, Stingray. A lot of great insights, and a very helpful answer here, especially with the application to the troublesome area of breaking/setting up habits. Thank you.

(19 Oct '09, 20:06) John

anytime anything is repeat over and over good or bad habit than it becomes ingrain into our consciousness. I agree with you about the habits.

(19 Oct '09, 20:35) flowingwater

Thank you, John - you're welcome.

(19 Oct '09, 21:45) Stingray

I also like your thinking and input Stingray. You, John and Vesuvius all have an interesting take on things! :>)

(20 Oct '09, 02:36) Rebecca

Thank you Rebecca - yes, it is the differing viewpoints that make for some interesting, creative insights...much like this group in general.

(20 Oct '09, 06:17) Stingray
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OK I am not a maths wizard but I am an artist as well as a gardener and nature lover. Planting looks more balanced and natural set in groups of odd numbers and The Golden Triangle is one of the first rules you learn in art as related to proportion. The function of two aids physical balance - all forms have some quantity of pairs of legs and eyes and ears for example.

I think the Greeks understood the benefit of balance visually - at least they are always credited with that. As for the Fibonacci sequence in our reality creation I think we use it instinctively anyway, as we are so used to seeing these ratios. Or should I be speaking for myself??



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Yeah, I'd like to hear you speaking for yourself. In fact I've modified my question (last sentence) in your honor. Do you, can you, use the golden mean in your photography? Regards!

(19 Oct '09, 20:03) John

One is taught the golden section in art classes. For myself, I like to learn the rules so that, if I choose to play with them and break them, I can do so knowingly by design rather than by accident. Really I find composition an instinctive part of creating artwork, and it is pretty evident when it is off.

(20 Oct '09, 01:05) Rebecca

The Golden Section/Golden Mean is taught as a basic principle in art. We know there's something wrong if it is 'off' and it can be used to effect. I believe in learning rules so you can CHOOSE to break them and that goes or art too. and and see architecture and painting in the latter, as well as the rest.

(20 Oct '09, 01:15) Rebecca

Also refers to music " ... Also, many works of Chopin, mainly Etudes (studies) and Nocturnes, are formally based on the golden ratio. This results in the biggest climax of both musical expression and technical difficulty after about 2/3 of the piece" ...

(20 Oct '09, 01:16) Rebecca
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Ok, this is all new ground to me. But after doing some quick studying I would say that everything is connection to the one source which is God and that we all are connected to him. Ribonacci could see patterns no one else could see. Lets say he was able to see to the core of things and how they were made up which means how everything and everyone is inner combine and connect to the one source who created it which was God. I would say we need to take better care of mother earth since we are so inner connect with it and need its natural resources like water, air, soil, and trees, plants and fruit trees for without this we would surely die. This was just merely my thoughts. The following is information that may be helpful to you:

In practicality Fibonacci’s numbers are used in the run time analysis of Euclid’s algorithm determining he greatest common divisor of two integers. It was also used by Yuri Matiyasevich to solve Hilbert’s tenth problem. The numbers are also used in a formula about diagonals Pascal’s triangle. He said that every positive integer can be written uniquely in a way as the sum of one or more distinct Fibonacci numbers and inn that way the sum does not include any two consecutive numbers, which is called Zeckendorf’s theorem. A sum of Fibonacci numbers that satisfies these ideas is a Zeckendorf representation. They are also used for tuning of musical interments in art to determine the size of formal elements

The numbers are also commonly found in nature. They have been found in the patterns of leaves, grass and flowers, and branching in bushes and trees. Fibonacci numbers can also be found in the arrangement of tines on a pine cone, in raspberry seeds and other natural areas. Commonly Fibonacci numbers are seen in fractal Fuchsian groups and Kleinian groups, and in the solutions to reaction diffusion differential equations. Genes too and enzymes often show Fibonacci patterns.

Known in his day and recognized as a genius, he was able to see patterns that escaped most others, and only in the modern age of computers are his numbers and patterns able to be utilized anywhere near what he envisioned them to be used for.

In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles, to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos. These inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances. They are also symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole.

At the center of a circle or a sphere is always an infinitesimal point. The point needs no dimension, yet embraces all dimension. Transcendence of the illusions of time and space result in the point of here and now, our most primal light of consciousness. The proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" is being validated by the ever-increasing literature on so-called "near-death experiences". If our essence is truly spiritual omnipresence, then perhaps the "point" of our being "here" is to recognize the oneness we share, validating all "individuals" as equally precious and sacred aspects of that one.


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Thanks for all the information. Since the Fibonacci sequence is found so many places in creation, do you think we can use is somehow in our own creation of our own reality?

(20 Oct '09, 06:10) John

We are already using it for we are apart of the whole which is God. Now what we need to learn to do is how to take care of the natural mother earth around and us so we can continue to progress as human beings/spiritual beings. As for as in our own reality who we really are is so much apart of our own reality; we are electrical energy of magnificent magnitude. Yes we can use it in our on creation of our own reality. John you are so very smart what is it you are really looking for?

(20 Oct '09, 19:14) flowingwater

You are so welcome for the information John.

(20 Oct '09, 19:15) flowingwater

What is it I am really looking for? Hmmm...that's a big question. I guess I'm looking for fulfillment in my life, which is what I've found as long as I'm on my journey, learning all I can as I move along. It's also important to me that I desire for each person, the best life can bring them, and that I receive the best life can bring me, too. Of course, I see the importance of my own actions in bringing "the best" into my life and others' lives.

(20 Oct '09, 23:37) John

Don't forget to take time and enjoy the smell of the flowers along the way on your journey. Their is joy in life and you seem to have found it. Just make sure you stay prayed up so your spirituality can guard your intellectual thirst for knowledge for all knowledge is not good knowledge. Be careful and stay prayed up. Have an nice day. Which I know you will.

(21 Oct '09, 03:54) flowingwater

It is good you want to help others as well! John

(21 Oct '09, 03:55) flowingwater
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