Were you responsible for creating the conditions of this world you live in? Or is it our collective beliefs, or the beliefs of a supreme consciousness that created this world?

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Beliefs create the inner world. not the outside world. beliefs are personal, the universe doesn't understand/respect/react according to personalities or individual interests. it only respects and reacts according to the laws of action and reaction, cause and effect, and free choice. beliefs are important to us because they help us make choices. that's all. beliefs in themselves are worthless, what really matters is the choice we take based on those beliefs. that's what the universe understands. I'm only responsible for my choices, and how they affect the choices of others. and that's how others look at it .. they don't care about my beliefs, they only care about my choices and how my choices would affect their own choices. that's why we are told not to kill, steal or hurt others, for example. that's the core principle behind what we call ''morality'' and that's why we have laws and court rooms, and jails. reward and punishment. if the ''system'' is not doing what it should do, then it must be changed. when the there is too much corruption in the system, it must be terminated. and a new one created. that's how life works. and that's what happens, with or without our approval. if we - as a race - were too connected to the system, then we - as a race - will be terminated with it. that's what we call, Extinction. Life doesn't have mercy. Life doesn't understand that we are the sons of God, the most important creatures in the universe. to life, we are life simply forms of life. here to express, join, and experience life. the only thing that life cares about .. is itself. as a whole. when cells got cancer, we kill it, so the rest of the body can survive. we are now facing the same fate. and it all starts and ends with a simple choice. that's what life is all about. choices, not beliefs.


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Adel, can you post a similar answer to my "Are morals and values necessary to create a free and stable society" question?

(14 Nov '09, 18:16) Vesuvius

God an All powerful supreme spiritual being created this world!

No our beliefs did not create this world. We did not create our selves. Now God is inside each of us as he breathe the breathe of life into man and he bacame an living soul. We were create by someone name and all powerful and loving called God some may call him by another name but as for me I call him God our heavenly father.


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It is our collective conciousness that created this world. We are all non-physical beings who come from the same collective non-physical conciousness.

So, the creation of the world was through the beliefs of that collective conciousness.


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