What does this phrase mean? Is this a subtle way of by-passing the conscious brain, influencing the unconscious and eventually getting to the truth?

I'm asking this question because I'm studying the book Utilisation des énergies secrètes (utilisation of secret energies) written by Bernard Georges Condé, and one of the 7 key points that must be understood before going further is "Chaque soupçon possède une parcelle de verité" which can be translated as "In every hint there is a grain of truth" or as "in every inkling there is a bit of truth." This seems a difficult point to grasp and I'm asking if anyone could explain.

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blubird two

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Blubird could you please elaborate on this topic, what are you asking?

(18 Jul '11, 15:27) Wade Casaldi

Could you give us some context? Like the paragraph it's in or how they explain it? Thanks.

(18 Jul '11, 21:47) Fairy Princess

It doesn't give any explanation at all?

(20 Jul '11, 00:22) Fairy Princess

Here you explain it a little more. http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/11033/what-are-subtle-energies-and-how-can-we-put-them-to-good-use

(10 Aug '11, 14:50) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess-thanks for the attention, very true

(11 Aug '11, 03:58) blubird two
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I think if we just open our eyes and ears we'll see that there is truth in everything and everyone, even in the most subtle of hints...we just have to be open to receiving it ( and if we're not open to it,it could be staring us in the face and we'd never see it and it would just pass us by) :)


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this answer opens a few doors for me ...thanks

(19 Jul '11, 04:16) blubird two

You're very welcome :)

(20 Jul '11, 16:01) Michaela

You can look upon it this way.

The hint is an energy interaction.

When your consciousness encounters energy (manifest or un-manifest) depending on your alignment with it you experience an "acknowledgement" of its existence.

If your alignment is subtle, then you describe it as a "hint".

But why?

Because, perhaps, your true self is aware of the bigger picture and relationship between your consciousness and this "energy", and that acknowledgement of that relationship between you and this energy translates to your perspective as a certain confidence in this "energy".

This confidence that this energy was "meant for you" is natural in it's sureness, and you allow yourself to align your consciousness more and more in harmony with this "hint" gently letting this "hint" to flower into an inspiration, an idea, an awareness, a thought, a poem, a conversation, a story, a song etc......

Perhaps this is the moment when one begins to venture beyond the impenetrable boundaries of preconception.

Where one dares to listen to the "hints" from within without knee-jerk dismissal.

To venture into an un-substantiated point of reference and to stand within that with confidence.

The "hint" is "truth" because it exists.

Not because it is "True" as we understand Truth.

By our measure of "Truth" the energy that which has been grasped as a "hint" may be completely nonsensical.

However it is real, because it is energy with an expression of motion, or desire towards becoming something.

And because it exists as potential, it is real, and because it is real, its reality or potentiality to be real is its Truth.

And, you, by aligning with it, can volunteer to make it real.

We are more accustomed to picking up the energy foundation (signature) of events, emotions, and objects that already exist and readily identify them to be "real" (because they already exist) and therefore "Truthful"

We don't realize that we interact with the energy signature of un-manifest potential in the same way as we interact with the "already" manifest potential.

This is why we question and doubt things that don't yet exist.

But everything that exists now (man made) didn't exist at some time in the past.

How did it occur to someone when they had no reference point against which they could verify its "Truthfulness" before venturing forth with more energy and intention?

They did it by daring to trust the "hints" that occurred within their mind.


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The Traveller

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I just noticed that there is a bounty on this question and I'm afraid that this will create the impression that this is what motivated me to answer this question. So if you don't mind please disregard my answer as a candidate when making your selection. I have already enjoyed the bountiful generosity from a question that was posted by Michael.

(20 Jul '11, 20:18) The Traveller

what if you discover that at the higher level everything is told and nothing can be hide. so the hint is something you know at a higher level. so know you know that stuff hiden is not really hiden does it change something on the way you will make choice in this life?

(20 Jul '11, 20:45) white tiger

@Traveller...you have a unique ability for coming at things from a very different but interesting perspective. I think you're definitely in touch with something or someone beyond this physical realm. "The "hint" is "truth" because it exists"... so to some extent everything is truth? :)

(21 Jul '11, 18:57) Michaela

Wow! Thanks for your comments, and Michaela, thanks for your words. I wonder if there is some connection somewhere, but realistically I think it is the "I AM" presence that is within each and every one of us that is everywhere just like the space that surrounds us is the same space that stretches in every direction towards infinity or towards becoming "All that is". Besides, I only answer the questions that trigger an inner conversation and usually it's a struggle to find the words to capture the idea that is swirling in my mind, so I delete many of my answers, leaving the interesting ones.

(21 Jul '11, 20:07) The Traveller

Hi White Tiger. I agree with your comment. I do feel that the "hint" is a hint because the greater self is pointing us or gently nudging us towards it. So to the person who realizes this, it does change the way they make choices. And Michaela, the "everything is truth" perspective does make sense to me. It is a narrow observation in that "everything is its own truth" or a better idea is that "everything is its own self-fulfilling prophesy" and this is the context of "truth" that is implied. But the frightening thing is that "Truth" as we know it is actually the exact same energy construct.

(22 Jul '11, 03:33) The Traveller

@white tiger,thanks for your comment

(22 Jul '11, 04:59) blubird two

@the traveller useful comments thanks

(22 Jul '11, 05:02) blubird two

Thank you for your feedback blubird. You ask interesting questions. I enjoyed the journey of answering it.

(22 Jul '11, 05:23) The Traveller

@The Traveller I love the phrase "we interact with the energy signature of the un-manifest potential" ... :)

(09 May '14, 03:26) jaz

sure we don't usually consciously realize that we interact with energy signatures, however we can learn to become conscious of them through certain practices; channeling, dowsing, radionics, virtual and remote viewing for example

(09 May '14, 03:59) jaz
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For me it means that you need to pay attention what is around you. Most things we want in our life don't come straight forward, you need to recognize opportunity and be open.

There is this joke (short version) big flood. man is standing on the roof and waiting god to come and save him. boat goes by-he refuses the help, because god is suppose to save him, helicopter goes by-same story etc. he drowns. in the heaven he asks god: i've been good, why didn't you save me. I did sent you a boat, helicopter etc...


answered 20 Jul '11, 20:12

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Yes you sure know how to shorten a joke, I told the long version here, I am not sure I got it right either. We are both something like the original at least we expressed our points! lol http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/13579/what-is-the-best-spiritual-joke-you-ever-heard-lets-celebrate-spring-and-ligh/13585#13585

(22 Jul '11, 16:36) Wade Casaldi

Ha, sorry, Wade. I really did not know you have already used this joke:) This is, for some reason, only joke i can remember to tell (and its not actually funny). I am awful joke teller. But, I do think it illustrates pretty well the topic and how easy it is not to pay attention. And the more knowledgeable we get (spirituality) the more we question situations that come our. Life sure was easier...lol

(22 Jul '11, 19:17) HeaElu

I am still not sure I understand this question but the very definition of a hint is giving a tinny part of what is true.

That is why you say I'll give you a hint in the first place.

Oh yes I see now, yes this is why jokes are funny to many but hurt those that fit the joke.

It is an egotistical judgment against others, so while it may be seen as poking fun at friends, it really causes damage beneath.


answered 18 Jul '11, 20:11

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Wade Casaldi

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well some do that i cannot say that i did not see somepeople doing that it is not judgement only observation.

(20 Jul '11, 02:22) white tiger

well blue bird i do not believe i experiance. i believe only in things i know true from experiance. so belief does not stop me from experiancing or limiting my self.

(22 Jul '11, 03:14) white tiger

i have free will and i can do what i want with it.

(22 Jul '11, 03:15) white tiger
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well cop looks for hint and find the murderer. so yes they find truths for the person that does not know he would see it and never understand annything. i will give you example: someone does not sleep for over 32 hours and does that often and is always on the party. so can you give me the reason he is always up like that? someone that does not know will never notice it or understand it. i will give you the answer if you don't find it.


answered 18 Jul '11, 23:20

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white tiger

its easy they use drugs that is why they do not sleep for 32 hours. but if you do not know you would not know that.

(19 Jul '11, 23:02) white tiger

never said that you used drugs blue birds. i said people that stay up for 32 hours often and that are always on the party use drugs. and someone that does not know that some drugs do that would never know that those person use drugs. they would probably say they are in shape i do not know how they do it.

(20 Jul '11, 20:41) white tiger

anny way hints and truth can be experiance so enjoy having a better picture of the absolute truth.

(28 Jul '11, 05:09) white tiger
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Only what matters to your ego.


answered 22 Jul '11, 18:20

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yes, i believe truth manifests itself everywhere and in everything.


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blubird two

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Of course, I can think of many incidents, whereby this has happened example: I get a big kick out of the fact that the weather man says that it is going to Rain, and as it turns out the Sun comes out, and it Rains a day after!


answered 01 Aug '11, 23:27

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