How important is the truth if truth threatens to destroy everything one has worked towards. Is it okay to unload one's guilt on the person one has wronged by owning up to past mistakes? Or is it selfish? The truth will show me in very poor light.

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Nothings important. Only what you think is important.

When you live life in lies, you wish to find the truth. When you find the truth, you won't mind living in lies.

(02 Mar '13, 19:00) CalonLan
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To quote @Fred :

Random thoughts about cages we build,
look inward at or on what the guilt is for or over;
who is to judge your impulsiveness;
has there been a lesson learned, am I different now (for it);
why is forgiveness so elusive,
isn't it OK to love yourself again.
change the thought forms; away from dependence, onto self advancement and when strong enough service.

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@ursixx and @Fred

Simple yet Powerfull Words to contemplate,thank you ♥♥

(02 Mar '13, 19:57) Starlight

How do you sleep at night? Why did you feel you had to lie in the first place? You have heard the truth will set you free. What you put out, you will receive.


answered 02 Mar '13, 22:41

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