We all have our own individual belief systems and what we hold as fundamentally true depends upon our beliefs. Soon the world population will reach the 7 billion mark and so there will be a potential of 7 billion truths, more or less different.

Is there any single truth that is universally accepted? not to my knowledge. My question is this: how many truths are there, 7 billion or zero?

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blubird two

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You don't have to press [enter] after each line. Also, your questions contain some grammatical oddities, like spaces before punctuation. Are you posting from a cell phone?

(21 Jul '11, 21:08) Vesuvius

Remember, the site commands a worldwide audience. It would do us well to put on the best face we can.

(22 Jul '11, 18:30) Vesuvius

"The truth is there's not one path. The truth is, there's not only one right path. The truth is, all paths can be made to the right path. The truth is that every individual has a different path. And that different path that every individual is launching incrementally - and ammending constantly - that true path is known by Source and is guided by Source if you will pay attention to the way you feel." Abraham-Hicks oct 10 2013

(21 Apr '15, 01:41) jaz

... in the following videos Robert Scheinfeld gives a practical way of finding your truth using modern language


(02 Jun '15, 04:07) jaz

7 billion or zero truths ? how about just one


(05 Jun '19, 04:03) jaz

ONE Truth but many perspectives and delusional ways of seeing truth.

(04 Aug '19, 11:52) arpgme
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I think for each of us there are countless, everchanging truths in any given moment on this physical plateau .As we grow and expand and change our minds consistently our truth changes accordingly, but it is always relative to where we are at on our journey.

However, I also think there is only one absolute Truth that never changes because it is the pure essence of who we are and who we will always be...and that my friend is Love.


answered 21 Jul '11, 18:50

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An absolute truth never harms and to be a truth, it has to be true for all :)

(13 Oct '21, 13:42) ele

How about one?

We Are.

Or in the words of Descartes, "I think, therefore I am."


answered 21 Jul '11, 21:11

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That statement is in fact the root of the ego...'thinking' cannot be equated with 'Being'. Jean-Paul Sartre blew apart this statement 300 yrs later when he realized that the awareness or consciousness that says "I Am" is in a different dimension to the consciousness that thinks. When you are 'aware' that you're thinking, that 'awareness' is not a part of the thought process :)

(23 Jul '11, 17:30) Michaela

@Michaela: Fair enough. I guess I found two truths; the personal one that everyone talks about here, and the eternal one.

(23 Jul '11, 21:09) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius - yes agreed, in other words "i am", all the rest is pure fabrication

(26 Feb '13, 02:50) ru bis

yes @ru bis all the rest is pure fabrication ... an invention, a lie, an illusion :)

(15 Jun '15, 00:31) jaz
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Look deeply into your eyes in a mirror and realize that:

I Exist Now

When you think about it, that's the one truth that's undeniable and indisputable and which doesn't require any form of belief. Most other things are open to individual interpretation and hence belief; belief in the form of individual opinions, assertions and delusions.

And from there, from that place of knowing, belief or insanity we attempt communication with others, who have their own form of opinions, assertions and gods; be they of a spiritual or materialistic nature. And right there is where all of the confusion, ugliness and mess begin...


answered 22 Jul '11, 02:25

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I was adding some comments about truth on my last answer and I realized after posting the comment that I could expand on it further here because the question is specific about Truth.

I believe that it is easier to see truth for what it is without all the cultural and personal expectations dressing it up to be something much more than its raw simplicity as energy.

Truth is the ultimate expression of the Law of Attraction.

It is the perfect reflection of itself into a medium that is interpreted by our six senses, the sixth being consciousness.

So you encounter energy and you make an assessment if the energetic imprint that it awakens within your consciousness matches the taste, smell, touch, sound, sight, or analytical response.

Depending on how perfect the match is you begin to assess the experience as being "Truthful"

So we are actually talking about "alignment" when we are looking at Truth.

The greater the alignment between the energy and its counterpart, "REALITY", the more truthful our experience of it becomes.

We tend to think Truth is a measure of something being good or bad, or the other culprit of "Absolute Truth" implying that the assessment of this truth has reached its pinnacle and now cannot be disputed by any other point of reference.

The problem is that such a statement has more to do with possession of authority over the domain of "truth" of the subject at hand.

I think the Truth within an experience (it can be an idea) has to do with the perspective of the individual and the alignment or more correctly, the ability of the individual to align with the data until it's truthful.

Here's an odd experiment that illustrates this better.

Let’s say that there is a bright yellow ball that is suspended on a string and it is being observed by 3 individuals, all of whom are wearing glasses that are tinted.

The first individual wears green tinted glasses and insists that the ball is blue.

The second wears blue tinted glasses and insists that the ball is green.

The third wears red tinted glasses and insists that the ball is orange.

All of these statements are Truthful from those individual perspectives.

Then the ambassador from the "absolute truth" camp comes along and says "I have no glasses on and I can see that the ball is yellow and this is the absolute truth".

Now here is the problem.

The human experience IS the tinted glass, and a large part of that tint is one's belief system.

Our consciousness is the tint.

It is with our consciousness that we are trying to explain and understand the "Truth"

We are trying to get to the "Truth" by thinking about it.

As long as we are thinking about it we are looking at energy reflection through tinted glasses.

And we will forever be perplexed as to why the others don't comprehend the "Truth" that is so obvious to ourselves.

Within thought there is an instant alignment of energy that is in harmony with that thought.

When this alignment translates into an experience (even if it is an experience only within your consciousness) in that moment, it becomes its own truth.

It is the fulfillment of the energy into experience.

And so if you truly believe that life is hell, every time you can verify this in your own experience it becomes YOUR truth.

Once it is "Truth", how can you make it disappear?

The only thing you can do is catch yourself in the moment of building your own wall of "Truth"

The Wall of Truth that eventually imprisons most of us.

So in embracing Truth, we un-intentionally adopt a narrower and narrower perspective of "This is how things should be", after all this is the Truth.

It is more liberating to see Truth for what it really is.

Energy Reflection.




answered 22 Jul '11, 04:43

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The Traveller

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I read the other responses after posting my answer and I feel a compulsion to do some damage control here. My comments of "Absolute Truth" have nothing to do with the other answers esp. from Michaela and Eddie. It has to do with examining Truth as energy and alignment and the consequences of eliminating all other variations of energy expansion by anchoring one's perspective within an absolute. Apologies ahead of time, just in case there is a miss-understanding. :>

(22 Jul '11, 05:07) The Traveller

No apologies needed :)

(22 Jul '11, 13:41) Michaela

from all this can we conclude that truth is unlimited and is simply energy in motion ?

(22 Jul '11, 14:04) blubird two

I think that is a beautiful statement blubird.

(22 Jul '11, 14:27) The Traveller

the truth is always absolute it is only the freedom of choice from the i am that experiance the truth differentely.the one that as remove the veil of the mind know all this just like your colour glasses the i am that see the yellow ball know it is yellow and he knows that other people still have glasses on does he needs to fight with other people to make them understand no he does not and it would be a waste of time because every i am came here to experiance what they want they all have free will.

(22 Jul '11, 22:09) white tiger

@TT nice to see you back missed your insight

(25 Jul '11, 14:35) ursixx
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Nothing is “true”, per say, but whatever you choose to believe will be proven to you by LOA. It’s just like the Assassin’s... Creed(lol): “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.” That’s basically the secret to reality! There is no Truth (or rather, not in the way humans may view it- a truth that invalidates other potential “truths”), only what we decide is true for us- and each has the choice for themself. Now I believe there’s a Whole version of us, beyond time that contains the entirety of our experience, and that could be said to be our Godself, and it knows All to be true and resists nothing (creation is really attraction, and ‘God’ creates All by attracting/allowing All). If something isn’t in your personal experience, you can shift your beliefs to align with infinite potentialities (potential realities)— it’s not that they don’t exist, you just aren’t personally experiencing them because either you have limiting beliefs or you haven’t built any momentum on the subject! Just like on a tv or radio, everything is playing, but you’re only seeing what you’re tuned to/what channel you’re on. Anything you can imagine Is. Everything is true/real somewhere/somewhen.


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well there are both. the truth is only from a personal point of view. i see this even in my channeling . it is all teh way we see things. that is my point of veiw, in teh seth material they talk about a great many veiws. liseten here.

love n light



answered 21 Jul '11, 16:51

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TReb Bor yit-NE

love n light ,, di u listen to that >?

(22 Jul '11, 12:12) TReb Bor yit-NE

great,,, i hope it helped u ,, love n light

(22 Jul '11, 14:48) TReb Bor yit-NE

alt text

Have you ever noticed that great spiritual leaders of any faith seem to all be of the same faith??? This seems to tell me that as we approach God, as we get closer and closer to being like God, that the truth also approaches one singularity. Michaela says that this one truth is love. I agree. The absolute way to communicate through the Mind of God is with compassionate love- agape. If you wear the armor of God, which is compassion and love, then you can communicate in any way, in any language, in any speed, without any effort. The truth, then, is like a scientific formula. As love increases to infinity, so millions of individual truths decrease to a singularity.

Blessings, Jaianniah

In other words LOVE crosses the gap between any language and bridges all understanding. (Wade)

Image from http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQHwgTgFvTacPwrO4Nc4e_x4Tb6czmltqYl_izUFBt2NBAyOHkpMg


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Wade Casaldi

beingness does equate with one of the definitions of truth,
however, it may make more sense to look at each life as one of the many individualities in existence,
it is the spirit side of each that emanates from the same source for all
so, neither 7 billion nor zero.


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you want the truth here it is: i am. i have free will. i decided to experiance this world. what ever happens is depending on the choice i make. also other people choice might affect me or my decision because we are all living together and all connected together. do i have to comply or agree with every one decision? no i do not have to. do i need to live in harmony with other yes i do. why i need to live in harmony with other people? to make this life better for my self and other. does it mean i have to accept other people ways? not neccecarely i can respect them but first respect my own way. belief is what i experiance and know to be true. does it mean that belief going the other way are not true? it depends on what you experiance and what you understand from it. so experiance and enjoy.


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white tiger

Only our ego cares what is true.

Everything else id just playing with form.


answered 22 Jul '11, 18:10

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One Truth: We are all Creators because we are made in the image and likeness of The Creator/Source/God.

Many worlds/realities created from that basic Truth.


answered 04 Jun '15, 17:38

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There are as many truths as there are belief systems, truth being based on belief...and beliefs are constantly evolving...


answered 23 Jul '11, 03:51

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blubird two

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5 billion reasons? as 2 billion of the population dont get iodine in their diet so are unable to think for themselves.

we dont have free will as we have not experienced everything so cannot know all the angles

just enjoy life as thats all you will ever have and that can be taken away from you at any time. dont believe the word of another human because you cannot possibly know if they have it right.


answered 26 Jul '11, 22:28

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Dave 1

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