This question sits in my mind all of the time, waiting :

When I ask, "Who Am I?" who is asking and about whom? What is 'I'?

I often ask, "Am I dreaming right now?" but who's dreaming? and who's asking?

(The words 'sensation' and 'experience' populate my attempts to fathom this question on being.)

All subjective responses aside (I know only I can answer this for myself and that there is no logical answer), please assist this quest to understand the truth of 'who and/or what is "I"?'

asked 02 Dec '10, 09:05

Hu%20Ra's gravatar image

Hu Ra

well i don't ask if i am dreaming i know that i am dreaming. experience and enjoy.

(05 Aug '11, 02:19) white tiger

all this talk is of a circular nature. when we get lost in a belief system that suggests we can somehow identify with life, this kind of thing results. there is a complete 180 degree turn to make. consider that this might be the truth: Life exists. You do not exist in any possibility, separate from life. Can you find any evidence of you? Can you find this 'you' that the thought of you has been assuming is somewhere? Life does not need 'you' to be as it is. Even the most personal-feeling or sounding thoughts are not evidence of this 'you'. Don't take my word for it. Don't take anyone's word for it. Look. Consider how this might be true.


answered 04 Dec '10, 12:57

jane2's gravatar image


jane a circle as 360 degree to see only 180 degree does not mean that the other 180 degree does not exist. why chose to see only 180 degree? experience and enjoy.

(05 Aug '11, 02:24) white tiger

I is...part of all that there is. An important part.



answered 02 Dec '10, 09:23

Monty%20Riviera's gravatar image

Monty Riviera

Thank You for your brevity Graham! :) Only a part? and is all: everything possible, everything relatable or everything within my present "viewing window" (or something else entirely)?

(03 Dec '10, 02:01) Hu Ra

Just everything.The creator is all that there is.Everything is made from Him.Were part of Him.Hes in us,were in Him. Were part of our viewing window...and every other viewing window. Were indivisible from God/Source. You cant see a join!

(03 Dec '10, 09:40) Monty Riviera

all individual but all link to gettter in the golden light. experience and enjoy.

(05 Aug '11, 02:28) white tiger
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I understand what you're asking. For me, I is the individuated spark that represents me. It includes my physical body as well as the package of memory/emotions...........For the longest time I used to feel the pain of others until one day it dawned on me that they were separate from me and I didn't have to experience my brothers cuts or pain. It was such a relief to say the least. Now I am able to feel compassion without undergoing what the rest of us are suffering from. So that's my I.

Thank you, namaste


answered 02 Dec '10, 11:58

daniele's gravatar image


Thank You, Daniele, for owning your I:) Your response reminds me of "I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life, and the giver of Life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death." from Liber AL It feels, to me, like you moved from empathy to sympathy (or is it the other way around:)? Namaste!

(03 Dec '10, 02:09) Hu Ra

I used to feel the pain of others too, I thought I was suppose to as a kid.....weird how tht happens. But then in the bible it mentions we are to carry our brothers burdens. Maybe we were more close to Godly behavior when we are young, but I found when we are older that type of caring is not helpful for anyone.

(03 Dec '10, 17:15) Back2Basics

it is help full to the person that gets healed from it. experience and enjoy.

(05 Aug '11, 02:27) white tiger
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Who's asking? The world is asking. Who is dreaming? The world is dreaming.

I am the universe, that includes you, daniele, and everybody else. These individual body-mind instances are my tentacles.

I am asking. I am dreaming.

I am, whose eyes are reading this text now, am the awake universe. Good morning to me!


answered 02 Dec '10, 13:14

zvolkov's gravatar image


HaHaHaHa! Good Morning! To Me! :D

(03 Dec '10, 02:10) Hu Ra

I is whatever you chose to be at any given moment in your own mind. I Am this or I Am that all day long. Not to be confused with the I that is pure source energy.



answered 03 Dec '10, 04:00

Brian's gravatar image


Interesting, reminds me of a paradigm shifting exercise. Thank You for responding Brian. Do you differentiate between i & I like self & Self? (like 'i all day long' and 'pure Source energy') Or are they one and the same thing, to you, with only surface dissociation?

(03 Dec '10, 06:07) Hu Ra

The first I is coming from the third dimmension, seperating reality consciousness, and the second I reflects the Oneness of higher dimmensions of consciousness. Either way you slice it, I Am That I Am, One and Always. Source and all the I's are One.

(03 Dec '10, 10:26) Brian

"Who am I ?" - When I can truly answer that, I think I will be no longer seeking because I will Be the full realization of the answer and will no longer need to search.

I have a feeling that mere words will not be able to answer this one because I think it is an experience that is indescribable in terms of the human language.

Mere glimpses let us know we're moving in the right direction to the full realization. However, until we experience it for ourselves we'll continue to keep asking and looking even though we know no-one else can really give us the answer.


answered 03 Dec '10, 02:03

Michaela's gravatar image


When you can truly answer that, please post it here for the benefit of all beings everywhere! ;) I appreciate your acknowledgment of the synchronistic nature of expansion clues! More and more see them every day. So, maybe full realization of I involves the surrender that occurs with cessation of seeking. Does full realization require absolute knowledge or can it just be letting go of attachment?

(03 Dec '10, 02:59) Hu Ra

I think you've hit on a keyword 'surrender'. I don't think full realization requires any knowledge and that's where we often get frustrated. We read more books, ask more questions in an attempt to 'understand' it. I don't think the intellectual mind can fully understand it and hence, has a hard time verbalizing it. I think most of us get glimpses in those brief moments when we are in awe and words are beyond us. Those who can 'surrender' and 'let go attachment' are heading in the right direction :)

(03 Dec '10, 12:34) Michaela

smile. experience and enjoy.

(05 Aug '11, 02:31) white tiger

Thanks white tiger :)

(05 Aug '11, 21:15) Michaela
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I am the I, you are the I, and everyone else is the same I. I am asking the same questions that you are asking, and are getting the same answers that you are getting. Therefore, the I is really you and I together as one whole unit. There is no separation between the two, it is the same energy in constant flow all of the time, the I!


answered 03 Dec '10, 08:35

Inactive%20User's gravatar image

Inactive User ♦♦

not all the same i because if that was so i would change alot of stuff. experience and enjoy.

(05 Aug '11, 02:33) white tiger

You could still change I form, to be another I form, but it would remain I.

(12 Aug '11, 06:27) Inactive User ♦♦

we are our monad, here to gain more knowledge of its self consciousness.
i'd say it is our mind asking the questions


answered 03 Dec '10, 11:21

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The25th verse of the Tao Te Ching

There is a mystery,
Beneath abstraction,
Silent, depthless,
Alone, unchanging,
Ubiquitous and liquid,
The mother of nature.
It has no name, but I call it "the Way";
It has no limit, but I call it "limitless".

Being limitless, it flows away forever;
Flowing away forever, it returns to my self:
The Way is limitless,
So nature is limitless,
So the world is limitless,
And so I am limitless.

For I am abstracted from the world,
The world from nature,
Nature from the Way,
And the Way from what is beneath abstraction.

sums it up well


answered 05 Dec '10, 07:25

ursixx's gravatar image


Wonderful responses, Thank You everyone!

I'd like to take a crack at answering this, now, after all of these enlightening discussions.

I AM is THE. I appear separate but actually express the Monad at play with it's self.

i can seek I all i want but i is just I covered up with i. So any seeking i does will always miss I since I was here all along.

My question, perhaps, ought to have been expressed as : "How can i know I?"

And now it seems my answer could resemble: "i can experience I by total surrender of i to I". (i give up!;)

Wow! Thank you for your enlightening help, team!

Please keep the answers and discussion coming, i feel like i'm getting somewhere ;)


answered 03 Dec '10, 20:48

Hu%20Ra's gravatar image

Hu Ra

if you do not know your i. meditate and learn to know your self. experience and enjoy.

(05 Aug '11, 02:36) white tiger

i am aware that what i do today is creating or recreating my life of tomorrow.


answered 05 Aug '11, 03:27

blubird%20two's gravatar image

blubird two

I am the accumulation of memories and the feelings attached to those memories. I respond to now because of how I responded to events in the past. If I go back and change the negative feelings that are tied to my memories, it will change how I respond to events now and how I respond to events now will affect how I respond in the future. How I percieve the world is dependant upon my past experiences and how I responded to them and how I feel about them. I have been doing some EFT work where I have gone back to painful memories and released the negative emotion surrounding the events. That means that the future I will have now will be different than the one I would have had if I held on to the negative emotions surrounding the memories. I still have many memories to go, but with every memory I change my feelings about, I change my future as well.

Edit 8/4/11 Bruce Lipton explains it here.


answered 06 Mar '11, 19:48

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Fairy Princess

edited 04 Aug '11, 19:18

(12 Mar '11, 01:13) Fairy Princess

You sure said 'I' a lot. Remember the question?

(10 Apr '11, 22:44) Hu Ra

That was the question, no?

(10 Apr '11, 23:45) Fairy Princess

Did you watch the video?

(11 Apr '11, 03:01) Fairy Princess

The I's could by you too.

(12 Apr '11, 14:08) Fairy Princess
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Great question. I recently made a new post on my blog with the title ' Who Am I?' Here's the main part of the post:

I AM. I BE. Eternal. Infinite Spirit/Energy. The Source of All that IS and individualised into this physical body for a period of time. I AM all that is Within and Without, Above and Below, All I See, I AM in everything and I AM everything. I AM The very essence of Life which is Love, The Leading Edge of Infinite Expansion. I AM the moment, the action, the cause and effect, the NOW. I AM constantly evolving and expressing in form. I AM the driving force hidden within the Universe. I AM unlimited infinite Power. I AM that I AM.

Here's the link if you want to have a look at it


answered 04 Aug '11, 22:12

AboveBelow's gravatar image


I Am the same, as I have always, BEING ONE. Love and Light


answered 04 Aug '11, 23:16

Roy's gravatar image


i am aware i have free will i exist out of the physical body i am light. i am that i am. experience and enjoy.


answered 05 Aug '11, 02:12

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white tiger

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