Albert Einstein was flunking math in school. His teachers talked seriously with Einstein's parents, and encouraged them to get him tutored.

Instead, they chose to do something that changed History.

They bought Albert a violin, and provided him with lessons.

What no one knew at the time was that one needs the right brain to help make sense of the lovely patterns and intricacies of mathematics. When Einstein began learning music, it helped him make use of his right brain, developing it enough that he started to make progress rapidly in math.

Einstein wrote of how he used to play his violin as he puzzled out intricate theoretical math and physics equations. He also wrote extensively about classical music, fascinated at the perfection of symphonies and other great works, especially Mozart.

At first consideration, one would think that mathematics is dominantly a left-brain function. What do you suppose the right brain does to help the left with such functions?

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I've randomly received this question when I clicked on the question mark at the right hand side of the screen. Sweetie I like this and will give it a dedication of thought to later answer it, your Wade.... :-D

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Left brain is analytical and right brain is creative. When one uses the right brain one is more lible to be in the present moment. The synchronicity between the two brains is what makes amazing things happen. When the left and right hemispheres are in harmony or are synchronised learning ability is greatly enhanced.

To all you parents out there with children that are strugling with maths or language abilities at school music is a great creative way to improve not only school work but life in general.


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I guess it is like saying, why do most of us write with our right hand instead of our left hand, so basically, one cannot do what the other can do, therefore, we need both right, and left brain hemisphere to complement each other for greater result.


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