Just a thought... They said Einstein only used 15% of his brain. Is a fully utilized brain power can be compared to the fiction Superman or other superheroes?

asked 13 Jan '11, 05:00

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Angelfire 1

angelfire, of the cerebellum i presume, for we as human kind need not more but less cerebrum dominance

(31 Jul '12, 14:48) fred

The "Humans only use 5% of their brain" idea is a myth.


answered 13 Jan '11, 05:13

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edited 13 Jan '11, 05:34

also http://www.snopes.com/science/stats/10percent.asp

(13 Jan '11, 13:32) ursixx

Now I know, thanks for that info :)

(13 Jan '11, 14:04) Angelfire 1

I was going to answer the question but first i read the above link.

We live and learn! I did honestly believe that we DID only use a fraction of our brain power.

I learn something every day from this site.



answered 13 Jan '11, 08:22

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Monty Riviera

if einstein used only 5% of his brain in his life .If human being can use 100% full capacity of brain he could change tha world


answered 31 Jul '12, 06:57

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Harris Mohd

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