A friend of mine has done 12 sessions and feels like they have really helped her. She has sought and paid alot of money for various "tools" and therapies over the last decade I have known her. She seems to think the EEG was what she needed all along.

By her account she says it helps to remove all the negative thoughts that have built up and almost reprograms the brain...like shocks it into a reset. I have been depressed on and off majority of my life. I see the greatness in others yet see nothing within myself. I know I am a survivor but I'm tired of just surviving! I want to LIVE the second half of my life.

I know that I have much more to be thankful for than many people..yet knowing that only makes me feel more sad. I feel as I have wasted so much of my life. I have been in a major funk for a LONG time and all my happy vibes, positive thoughts and mantras have not seemed to help me. I feel lost like I'm off course yet I have had no real course.

I found a site for EquiSync and as a read it definitely sounds great...sounds like it is the answer to all my issues...but then I read other people's experiences and I have to wonder. I know that negativity does manifest in physical changes and I know I have been rut for so long that all areas of my life are affected...question is HOW can I fix them and get them on the positive flow?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

EquiSync may be helpful to you but, just to clarify, it is not neurofeedback. It's an entrainment program - using sound frequency to pull the brain into a meditative state. In my experience, a lot of people like these programs, a few have bad results. Neurofeedback is different - it gives the brain feedback on what it's doing that the brain then uses like a training program.

Disclaimer is that I'm a neurofeedback trainer, and have been for eight years. I've seen good results both personally and with my clients, with depression, anxiety, sleep issues, attentional problems. Since it's the brain, there's a wide variety of areas in which it can be helpful.


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Catherine Boyer MA LCSW

Hi Catherine yes I know they are different modalities...I was just making ref to the EEG and the EquiSync to find out if anyone has tried either & what they experienced. I probably should have been more specific-Im a newbie to this site LOL.

Wow since this is your profession maybe you have someone to refer me to in NJ area? The one I did contact is on maternity leave & said she didnt know of any "adult" therpaist--thought that was rather weird. I would love to com more with you about this.

(27 Feb '12, 08:48) glamazon

again new to this site...just figured out how to contact you via your link...so also sent you a message there. hope to hear from you in very near future. have a fab day!

(27 Feb '12, 09:10) glamazon

@Catherine Boyer MA LCSW - it should be especially useful here on IQ to have the point of view of an expert psychotherapist :)

(28 Feb '12, 06:12) blubird two

Thanks for the welcome, bluebird two.

(28 Feb '12, 07:34) Catherine Boyer MA LCSW
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Hello glamazon, well i must admit EEG neurofeedback therapy is all very new to me so i found some info


and it seems to me that it really is on the frontier boundary of neuroscience ... it claims to offer solutions to a whole range of possibilities including how to improve performances to how to reduce or eliminate health problems ... very well worth investigating

have a great day


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blubird two

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yes I know what the premise of EEG is...I would like to know if anyone on this site has tried IT or the EquiSync CDs? I'd like feedback from those whom have tried it or know of others that have tried it. TIA~

(26 Feb '12, 18:07) glamazon

@glamazon - welcome to inward quest :)

(27 Feb '12, 00:53) blubird two

thank you luv...I will get the hang of this site eventually haha. I love that everyone is so willing to share and so encouraging. Thanks for welcoming me and giving your input blubird two =)

(27 Feb '12, 08:49) glamazon

I still dont understand the numbers and "points" thing LOL

(27 Feb '12, 08:51) glamazon
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I used a little biofeedback machine once at physical therapy. I came up with some theories about possible uses for the thing. The PT office closed and the guy who used it moved away, so I wasn't able to talk to him about my idea, nor was I able to find out exactly what it was, as nobody remaining knew about it.


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Fairy Princess

Hi FP...are you talking about biofeedback for physical pain? there are various machines for that...but Im referring specifically to neuro feedback...almost like a re programing of the pathways in the brain<- it also is a muscle and I feel like mine is kinda stuck in a negative cycle that I myself have been unable to reboot. Im hoping to find a therapist by me and try it out. I just happened to come across the EquiSync system online and was curious about it as well.

(27 Feb '12, 09:15) glamazon
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