....and when we point these things out....they cast us out? Why does my family not believe me when I am telling the truth?

As I grow and learn and find my joy in soberity and my life....my family dynamics have changed. Fingers are now pointed at me for being wrong....outspoken...forward.

I live a honest life. I tell the truth...no sugar coating.

My mother's pathalogical lies has spun it's evil web and even when people can see it right in front of them...they choose not to say anything to her or confront her on it.

I don't understand that?! And yet when I do....I am crazy and need medication.

asked 21 Aug '11, 21:07

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edited 21 Aug '11, 21:24

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Dear Erin,

You are a pioneer!! You are brave and courageous! You have a beautiful soul, that knew when to quit!

What you have done is destroyed the denial system that exists in your sick and dysfunctional family.

I have 30+ years of sobriety. I have seen this happen to newly sober people over and over...their families think that you have been kidnapped by a Cult (called AA or NA LOL!) and now they are thinking that you will try to convert every last one of them! They are terrified of your new truth and power!

Get away- get out! Spend AS MUCH TIME AS YOU CAN AT MEETINGS....

Ask everyone you meet to help support you. Make new friends, sober, happy, now normal friends!

Whatever you do, Do Not Give Up! You are changing your family's history that has been accepting dysfunction for generations! You are also changing your future, too- for good. Now, anything is possible that is good and happy and meaningful!

Please hang in there for me! Trust God and pray. Work your program, and remember to take it only one day at a time!

Many, many blessings, a new friend,



answered 21 Aug '11, 22:38

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Thank you for the words of encouragement. My family wants to throw money at me and make me leave town and leave my son, my moon and stars, for them to raise. As easy as it would be to leave, I am sticking it out, for there is a purpose for me being here and after all the lies are said and the damage is done, I will be here, strong in my beliefs and strong in the way of honesty and truth. Sometimes the right path is dark and full of curves, but there is a light and I am going right towards it, and it doesn't hurt to have a flashlight on the way!!!
Thank you :)

(22 Aug '11, 15:01) Erin2

This makes me so proud of you...What they are doing is horrible and inexcusable and WRONG! You are doing it right! Just do not give in or up...not ever...for the disease will still be there if you go back, and it will only be much worse....your mother sounds like an utter hell-raiser, to make you think that she hates you...her and my mom could start a club, they're so alike...you can email me privately at my name at yahoo if you need me...love,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Aug '11, 16:02) Jaianniah

every one as free will this you must accept. and you are not responsible for other people choice. as for the truth some people does not want to ear it it is their free will and not your problem. be happy in your life make wise choice. experience and enjoy.


answered 22 Aug '11, 01:43

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white tiger

Good question Erin, i very much like the way you say that our families "seem" to become people we know them not to be... in other words you have deepened your insight. We all need a skin to protect ourselves...always telling the "truth" is scraping the skin and painful to others when they are not ready to accept it... and "truth" is after all a subjective concept, our "truths" are based on our own beliefs.


answered 22 Aug '11, 04:00

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blubird two

Dear Erin,

You are responsible only for yourself and as long as you know in your heart that you are right it matters not what others say or think. In your new soberity and joy for life find it in your heart somehow to forgive those that upset you and move on. Do not be baited with their coments but be the stronger person and walk away instead of telling it like it is.

I know this isn't always easy but for your own goodwill it would be best for when others realise that they can't upset you anymore they loose interest in doing so. It takes time to get to this point but it will happen if you persist with not responding when feeling hurt by others remarks.

Wishing you love and happy days ahead.


answered 22 Aug '11, 23:23

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Paulina 1

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