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Very interesting video interview with Michael Brown author of "The Presence Process" about how we feel about our family reflects to us our true relationship with ourselves and God.

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Thanks for posting - very interesting and a lot to think about. I've ordered the book on the strength of it.

(10 Jun '12, 06:04) English Rose

@English Rose-hi.Within the book is a ten week programme on integrating these emotional charges helping us to become more present.Im almost through it.Best thing I've ever done:)

(10 Jun '12, 11:38) Satori

@Satori - have got the book, am about 2/3 of the way through and planning to start the programme next week. It sounds like it might be quite a rough ride? Was the breathing difficult to master? I tried it last night and it made me feel quite dizzy - just wondering about it? Any comments much appreciated - although Michael Brown probably wouldn't encourage me to question you too much!

(25 Jun '12, 07:10) English Rose

@English Rose-Good for you.keep referring to the "navigation" section  during the process for explanations on why things might be happening.Some dizziness would be normal starting a breath work routine like this due to high oxygenation of the blood.As he says the main thing is that the breathing stay connected, not how fast you breath.Start of a pace that's comfortable for you.Good luck:)

(25 Jun '12, 07:51) Satori

@Satori - thank you very much.

(25 Jun '12, 08:24) English Rose
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Hi Satori, Thanks for the link yes it was very interesting and I think should be seen by all who have issues with family. It can only help. I will recomend this to friends and family.


answered 11 Jun '12, 06:03

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Paulina 1

The Presence Process, Edition 2 can be downloaded

(30 Jan '13, 11:51) don
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